Language arts 2h
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Welcome Sophomores!. Language Arts 2H. Ms. Jackson / Room 963 Take a seat anywhere today. Tomorrow, there will be assigned seating. Summer Reading Assignment. Due: Wednesday 8 /22/12

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Language Arts 2H

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Welcome Sophomores!

Language Arts 2H

Ms. Jackson / Room 963

Take a seat anywhere today.

Tomorrow, there will be assigned seating.

Summer Reading Assignment

  • Due: Wednesday 8 /22/12

  • You must have read The Good Earth and completed the Anticipation Guide and four out of five of the options.

  • Worth: 100 pgs

  • Tomorrow we will discuss the rubric and we will review the criteria for this assignment.

  • There will be a test on The Good Earth in approx 2-3 weeks. Exact date TBA.

Bring The Good Earth Materials everyday!

Bring Friday -20pts

  • Bring your own address

  • Bring a forever stamp

  • Bring an envelope

Whale of a Tale!!!

  • I am a vegetarian.

  • I do yoga 3 times a week.

  • My husband is in a punk rock band.

  • I worked for The Simpsons television show


Ms. Jackson



Course Texts

Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes

The Good Earth, Pearl S. Buck (Summer reading)

Antigone, Sophocles

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare

Night,Elie Wiesel

Outside Reading / Silent Reading / Book Reports / Book TalksSee F.A.Q. handout!

500 pages / quarter

1 book / quarter must be from Ms. J’s book list

1 book report / quarter

Book talks each quarter

Silent Reading in class Tuesday and Thursday

Bring SSR book daily!

First book due Tuesday August 21st!

Language Arts Notebook / Journals

  • Must bring Language Arts Notebook Everyday!

  • Obtain a spiral bound notebook with 150 or more pages.

  • Worth 200 pts

  • Journals are Monday / Wednesdays / Fridays!

  • Assigned Topics

  • 5 pts/day

  • Lose points when you do not bring to class or do not write ½ pg or more

  • You must makeup missing agendas and journal entries.

Weekly Grammar hmwk

Write Agenda Daily in your Language arts notebook!

Daily Grammar Review

Roots / Prefixes / Suffixes

Approx 10 roots / week

Flash cards due Wed.-20 pts

Quiz on Friday-20 pts

Test every 3-4 weeks-100pts

Supply Check Monday 20 pts

  • Textbook

  • Language Arts notebook / Journal (150 pgs minimum)

  • Binder, pen, pencils, erasers, highlighters, and notebook paper.

  • Highlighter

  • 1-2 Dry erase markers and eraser

  • Dictionary, electronic dictionary, or dictionary app.

Be a responsible gum chewer

  • Throw it in the waste basket-NOT UNDER YOUR DESK OR ON THE FLOOR-Keep Centennial Clean Please 

  • Refrain from smacking or bubbles

Cell Phone / Electronic Device Policy

  • 1st offence-Warning and confiscate the item.

  • The teacher will check in the phone into the front office where you will not be able to pick up the item until after school.

  • Only use your phones when granted permission by Ms. Jackson!

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity.

  • Students need to cite all information that is not one’s own idea. Please use MLA format to give other’s ideas credit in your own writing.

  • Students must complete all work individually, unless noted otherwise by the instructor.

  • All written work is expected to be one’s own work. Do not copy and paste words and ideas from other students, the Internet, etc.

  • No electronic devices are allowed during a testing period.

  • Students who are academically dishonest will not receive credit for the assignment and will be reported to the appropriate administrator.

  • See Ms. Jackson for further information.

“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.” -Sophocles


Be where you are expected to be.

Maintain a safe environment

Observe school rules

Attendance counts

No food, drink, p.d.a

No personal grooming

Be a responsible gum chewer

Be respectful

Classroom Expectations

Allow Ms. Jackson to teach!



Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Papers / Projects:

  • 1 Day Late= Minus 1 letter grades

  • 2 Days late=-2 letter grades

  • 3 Days Late=o%

All other work and homework is -2 points a day!

"My dog deleted it."

Check Your Grades…


It’s your responsibility to check your missing assignments and grades online!!!

Class website

  • Go to Centennial’s Website

  • Click Teacher pages

  • Click class homepage or Language Arts 2H assignments and due dates 2012/2013

  • Check it often!!!

Positive Consequences

  • Praise (Verbal, written, or call home)

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • You Choose your destiny

  • Good Grades

  • A Happy Teacher= A Happy Class!

Negative Consequences

  • A Verbal Warning

  • A Write-up / parent note or phone call

  • Detention

  • Referral to office

  • * Serious offenses will result in immediate detention or referral.

Bring Friday -20pts

  • Bring your own address

  • Bring a forever stamp

  • Bring an envelope

Concerns, Questions, comments?

I am here to help you!!!

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Course Outline Quiz Friday!!!

See this PowerPoint on our class website!

  • Have your parents sign your course outline, video permission slip, and photo release

    DUE no later than Friday 20pts each

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