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Ask the White tail deer. Katie D Kadin M. Gressa B. Introduction. Name of animal: white tail deer Scientific Name of animal : odocoileus svirginianus Vertebrate or Invertebrate : vertebrate Class of animal: mammal Other names of animal:virgina deer.

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Ask the White tail deer

Katie D

Kadin M

Gressa B

  • Name of animal: white tail deer
  • Scientific Name of animal: odocoileus svirginianus
  • Vertebrate or Invertebrate: vertebrate
  • Class of animal: mammal
  • Other names of animal:virgina deer
do you really have a white tail what are other physical features to describe you
Do you really have a white tail, what are other physical features to describe you?

My tail is white but not all of it. Only the bottom of my tail is white. It is one foot long. I have a red coat in the spring and summer and a grey coat in the winter and fall. I am 3 ½ feet tall and I can weigh 150-300 pounds. I am 6 ½ feet long. I have strong legs so I can leap 9 feet high. I use my coat for camouflage. I have big brown eyes.

do you really live on every continent
Do you really live on every continent?

Yes, I really do live on every continent. I am found on North America, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. I live in forests, meadows , and I like to live near tall trees. I don’t usually make homes, I travel all over. I am very native to New York.

Are you a carnivore or a herbivore, what specific things do you eat, who are your predators, and is there a special way you eat?

I am a herbivore which means I only eat plants like grass, shrubs, green leaves, farm crops, beechnuts, apples, cherries, grapes, other fruits, corn, soybeans, milo and rye, bark, buds, and twigs. My predators are Timber wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, and even house dogs. We, white tailed deer eat quickly so we don’t get eaten by predators. We have 4 chambers in our stomach so when we eat food it goes through the 1st chamber to help digest food. Than we cough it up , rechew it and let go through the rest of the chambers.

Are humans a threat to you and how do you protect yourself , is there a specific time when many deer die?

Yes, humans are a threat to me. They hunt me for my meat and sadly sometimes for no reason. People and dogs are my main predators. We white tail deer protect ourselves by showing our tail to warn the other deer. In winter most deer cannot survive it. 70% of the deer that die are babies. Winters are very sad for deer.

are your babies red or brown and are they born alive
Are your babies red or brown and are they born alive?

My babies are born alive. They are red with white spots. Most of them die before they are 2 years old, because of harsh weather in the winter. I don’t have more than 3 babies at a time. When they get bigger they change colors because of seasons. When they are born they are 7 pounds each. They usually drink my milk. When they are around 1 I go and hide them for 2 years. They will liv to be over 10 years old. And yes I know they are cute!

what is so special about white tailed deer
What is so special about white tailed deer?

Well, the first deer was found in Asia. There are fifteen million of us in U.S.A. Male deer are called bucks. You can get lime disease by eating us if we were bitten by a tick. Any animal with antlers is part of the deer family.


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