Chapter 5
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Chapter 5. Outdoor Power Equipment Devices. Mechanical Drive Systems • Mechanical Switches • Implements and Attachments • OPE Maintenance • Storage.

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Outdoor Power Equipment Devices

Mechanical Drive Systems • Mechanical Switches • Implements and Attachments • OPE Maintenance • Storage

A hydrostatic drive is a power transmission device that uses pressurized fluid to provide power to equipment without direct contact between driving and driven components.

A disc drive is a power transmission device that uses a friction disc to make contact between driving and driven components.

A V belt is a continuous reinforced rubberized belt used to connect pulleys in order to transfer rotation.

Pulleys are used to transfer power among the components in equipment through the use of a drive belt.

The most commonly used safety interlock switches are operator presence control switches and ignition switches.

A PTO switch is used to control a PTO function on a lawn and garden tractor. It is typically located on the control panel of OPE.

A variety of implements and attachments can be used with OPE.

The most common implement for OPE is the single- or multiple-blade rotary mower deck.

Snow throwers can be attached to a larger piece of OPE such as a lawn and garden tractor.

A water hose or pressure washer can be used to remove unwanted materials from OPE, allowing visual access to most moving components.

Many small engine problems can be avoided by following a regular maintenance schedule, which reduces the costs associated with part replacement and repairs.

When replacing a flexible belt, it is helpful to sketch the belt routing diagram on a sheet of paper prior to removing the existing belt.

The maintenance of a disc drive system usually involves unbolting several components and installing a new disc followed by an adjustment procedure.

Mower deck maintenance consists of flexible belt adjustment and alignment, flexible belt replacement, and cutting blade sharpening or replacement.

To properly maintain a snow thrower, it is critical that the recommendations of the OEM are followed with precision.

Common engine storage procedures include adding fuel stabilizer to a tank that contains fuel, sealing the fuel tank, changing or adding new engine oil, and covering the engine with a plastic sheet.

Storage requirements, which are specified in the OEM-provided owner’s/operator’s manual, may vary among each different piece of OPE.

If a battery remains installed in equipment during long-term storage, regular charging (about once a month) of the battery is recommended.

The most common types of OPE that require seasonal storage include rotary lawn mowers, snow throwers, string trimmers, lawn edgers, and pressure washers.

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