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Effective business presentations
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Effective Business Presentations Richard W. Moore GBUS 600 Objectives Describe common types of business presentations. Analyze what makes effective presentations. Describe how to plan a presentation. Informative Presentations Objective: to inform Tell them what you are going to say

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Effective Business Presentations

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Effective business presentations l.jpg

Effective Business Presentations

Richard W. Moore

GBUS 600

Objectives l.jpg


  • Describe common types of business presentations.

  • Analyze what makes effective presentations.

  • Describe how to plan a presentation.

Informative presentations l.jpg

Informative Presentations

  • Objective: to inform

Tell them what you are going to say

Say it

Tell them what you said

Informative presentation outline l.jpg

Informative Presentation Outline


  • Arouse interest

  • Introduce your three points


  • Organized logically

  • Explain each point with memorable anecdote or fact

    III Summary

  • Summarize key points with a twist. (.i.e. look to the future)

Setting the tone l.jpg

Setting the Tone

  • First message:

    • I’m comfortable

    • I’m knowledgeable

    • I’m positive and energetic

Arousing interest l.jpg

Arousing Interest

  • Startle

  • Shaggy dog story

  • Demonstrate

  • Audience participation

Persuasive presentations l.jpg

Persuasive Presentations

Persuasive outline l.jpg

Persuasive Outline

IArouse Interest

II Describe or explain action or product

  • Personalize benefits

  • Give evidence of benefits

    IIIProve and visualize

  • Get audience to see themselves taking action

  • Convince them they can do it

    IVMove to action

  • Be specific and immediate

Tips on panel presentations l.jpg

Tips on Panel Presentations

  • Have an MC provide introductions, overview and continuity

  • Have continuity in AV

  • Assign roles based on strengths

  • Plan seating, standing, moving

  • When not presenting get off stage

  • Panels require extra practice

  • Minimize hand-off time

What makes effective delivery l.jpg

What Makes Effective Delivery?

Word choice l.jpg

Word Choice

  • Choose memorable words and phrases

    • Repeat key words and phases

    • Watch the connotation of words in different contexts

Pronunciation l.jpg


  • Be more formal

  • Be more precise

Inflection l.jpg


  • Exaggerate slightly to express emotions

Volume l.jpg


  • Speak to the person in the back of the room

  • Vary volume to hold audiences attention

  • Vary volume to emphasize key points

Rate of delivery l.jpg

Rate of Delivery

  • Vary rate to hold attention

  • Slow down to emphasize key points

Gestures and posture l.jpg

Gestures and Posture


  • Let hands go

  • Reinforce key points with gesture

  • Move around

  • Stay close to audience

Good posture l.jpg

Good Posture

Gestures and posture21 l.jpg

Gestures and Posture

Do Not!

  • Look back at the screen

  • Hide behind podium or use podium death grip

  • Pace, rock, shuffle

  • Put hands in pockets

  • Hold things in you hands

Bad posture l.jpg

Bad Posture

Eye contact l.jpg

Eye Contact

  • Use eye contact to keep the audience involved

  • Make and break contact with individuals

  • Look all the way right and left

  • Don’t look back at screen.

Read the audience l.jpg

Read the Audience

  • Stay in touch with feedback on your performance

  • Respond to what you see in the audience

Power point l.jpg

Power Point

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

You are the star not your power point slides l.jpg

You are the star, Not your Power Point slides

Keep it simple like this slide l.jpg

Keep It Simple(Like this slide)

Avoid clutter that does not add value l.jpg

Avoid Clutter That Does Not add Value

  • Clutter is extra things you don’t need.

    • Unnecessary formation

      • Too many levels of information

  • Clip art that doesn’t add value

  • Long sentences and bullet points that go on and on and don’t add value by providing new information but just take up a lot of space and are hard to read on the screen. See what I mean?

6 x 6 rule l.jpg

6 X 6 Rule

  • 6 Lines

  • 6 Words

  • Per slide

Make it easy to read l.jpg

Make It Easy To Read

  • Font

  • Contrast

  • Clutter

Focus on visuals over words l.jpg

Focus on Visuals Over Words

  • Especially in technical Presentations

  • Use graphs, tables, charts

  • One idea to a display

  • Consider design

One stop abc analysis process l.jpg

One-Stop ABC Analysis Process

  • Step 1: Traditional line item budget

  • Step 2: Distribute all costs to responsibility centers

  • Step 3: Process map

  • Step 4: For each responsibility center measure cost drivers by activity

  • Step 5: Use cost driver to allocate costs to activities calculate cost per unite of service

Slide35 l.jpg

One-Stop ABC Analysis Process

Avoid eras l.jpg

Avoid Eras

Planning a presentation l.jpg

Planning a Presentation

  • Identify objective

  • Analyze audience

    • Characteristics and interests

    • Context of presentation

  • Plan presentation

    • Outline

    • Plan attention getter

    • Plan visual aids

Planning a presentation38 l.jpg

Planning a Presentation

  • Practice

    • Cut to length

    • Practice with visual aids

    • In panel practice hand-offs

  • Arrive early

    • Get the set up you want

    • Test visual aids

Power point can not substitute for clear thinking and complete writing check out tufte l.jpg

Power Point can not substitute for clear thinking and complete writing.Check out Tufte

Final thought l.jpg

Final thought

"There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave."

-- Dale Carnegie

Your thoughts and questions l.jpg

Your thoughts and questions

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