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Mandatory Grant Applications/Submission 2013/2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mandatory Grant Applications/Submission 2013/2014. What is Skills Development all about. It ’ s about: Planning for empowerment Training for success Embracing the HR vision of South Africa Addressing skills needs Developing a productive industry Measuring success

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What is skills development all about
What is Skills Development all about

  • It’s about:

    • Planning for empowerment

    • Training for success

    • Embracing the HR vision of South Africa

    • Addressing skills needs

    • Developing a productive industry

    • Measuring success

    • Becoming the best in the business

    • Creating workplace opportunities

What s in it for me
What’s in it for me?

  • It’s an opportunity:

    • To access funds to assist with training

    • Drive skills development

    • Train and develop your staff

    • Provide input into national Skills

      planning strategy

    • To participate in the country’s drive

      to address skills needs and


    • Access grants for employee development

Purpose of the wsp atr

  • The purpose of the WSP/ATR/PTR is to:

    • Obtain involvement from stakeholders

    • Identify interventions to address skills needs

    • Develop skills plans

    • Obtain employer and employee commitment

    • Collect planning information for government and development agencies

    • Assist in allocation of Government funding

Purpose of the wsp atr1

  • The purpose of the WSP/ATR/PTR is to:

    • Uncover untapped talents and skills.

    • Measure the impact of skills

      development on:

      • Economy,

      • Efficiency

      • Effectiveness

Purpose of the wsp atr2
Purpose of the WSP / ATR

  • The Purpose of the WSP/ATR/PTR for the FP&M SETA / Sector is to:

    • Provide important information of the sector on:

      • The geographic profile;

      • The demographic profile;

      • The current and predicted skills needs and gaps

      • Current skills development practices

      • Further intervention required.

Purpose of the wsp atr pivotal
Purpose of the WSP / ATR & Pivotal

  • The Purpose of the WSP/ATR and Pivotal for the FP&M SETA / Sector is to:

    • To utilize information provided to:

      • Inform the SETA of the entity's/ employees' skills development needs

      • Enable the SETA to render support;

      • Inform and enhance Sector Skills Planning research initiatives.

Completing your reports
Completing your Reports

  • All sections of the WSP/ ATR and Pivotal to be completed in full

    • Include PIVOTAL programmes worksheets

    • ATR must reflect all training conducted

    • During April 2012 to March 2013

    • Conducted Internally, or

    • Conducted Externally

    • The WSP must reflect all planned training

    • internally or externally

    • During April 2013 to March 2014

Completing your reports1
Completing your Reports

  • The WSP/ATR must be duly authorised and signed off by:

    • The Internal Training Committee / Skills Development Committee including recognised labour representative

      • Firms employing 50 or more employees; or

    • The Owner / Chief Executive and

      designated employee representative

      • Firms employing less than 50 employees;

      • CFO/HR is to sign off to confirm that all information submitted on WSP/ATR is correct.

Process for submission of wsp atr
Process for Submission of WSP/ATR

  • Deadline for submissions:

    • on/or before 30 June 2013:

  • WSP /ATRs to be submitted electronically/ hand delivery/courier or post

  • Requests for extension:

    • Anticipated delays – by 31 May 2013 –

      • subject to approval by Board

  • Discretionary grants will be advertised

    • in a separate funding window and

    • entities will be informed of the closing date, categories and criteria.

Pivotal reporting
Pivotal Reporting

  • The definition of PIVOTAL programmes :

    • "PIVOTAL Programmes" means professional, vocational, technical and academic learning programmes that result in occupational qualifications and may include a knowledge component that is normally delivered at a further education and training college or a university as well as structured learning in an accredited training centre of an approved workplace".

Pivotal reporting2
Pivotal Reporting

  • Types of PIVOTAL programmes

    • Learnerships & apprenticeships

    • Internships & work experience related to

      diploma / certificate / vocational programmes

      offered at FETs, HETs and other accredited


      - Credit bearing and NQF aligned skills programmes that may cover either the theoretical, practical or workplace component of a full qualification.

Pivotal reporting3
Pivotal Reporting

  • Examples of PIVOTAL Programmes:

    • professional placements,

    • work integrated learning,

    • apprenticeships,

    • learnerships,

    • internships,

    • skills programmes and

    • work experience placements.

Pivotal reporting4
Pivotal Reporting

  • Pivotal Training Plan (to be submitted with WSP for 2013/14)

    • Planned beneficiaries to be registered on PIVOTAL programmes

    • Included in WSP/ATR template for medium and large firms

  • Pivotal ATR (to be submitted in 2014/15 for the period 2013/14)

Submission of banking details
Submission of Banking Details

  • Public entities are required to verify all grant beneficiaries’ banking details prior to payment of grants.

  • Verification of Banking Details:

    • New regulation call for a Bank Letter,

      • (current – not older than 3 months),

      • signed off and stamped by a bank

        signatory confirming the banking

        details of the entity.

  • Submission of banking details1
    Submission of Banking Details

    • The letter from the bank to reflect the following information:

      • Name of Account Holder

      • SDL Number (all applicable)

      • Name of Bank

      • Name of Branch

      • Branch Number (MUST HAVE 6 DIGITS)

      • Account Number

      • Type of Account

      • Bank Address


    • SIC Codes

      • Standard Industrial Classification Codesare attached to the 2013-2014 template

    • NQF levels

    • Types of Learning

    • OFO V13

      • Organisational Framework for Occupations Version 2013 attached to the 2013-14 template

      • Full version available on websites)

    2011 2012 atrs verification
    2011-2012 ATRs’ Verification

    • Purpose:

      • is to evaluate and monitor the training that was implemented

    • Proof:

      • copies of invoices paid towards training or

      • certificates/statements of results or

      • attendance registers

    Thank you any questions

    THANK YOU: Any Questions?