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Press to continue. Web Evaluation. How do you know this website is the right one?. Rules:. Answer 1. Answer 2.

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Web evaluation

Press to continue.

Web Evaluation

How do you know this website is the right one?



Answer 1

Answer 2

When asked the question, you either choose Answer 1, or Answer 2. If you get it right, you will see a screen that says Correct! But if you get it wrong, you will see this. That means you got it wrong. So lets get started!


Question 1:

Where do you find the Author of the website, and his/or her’s information?

On the Top

At the bottom

In the middle

Question 2

Question 4

Question 5

Question 3

Correct! Please go on to the next page.

Wrong, please try again.

Question 1

Question 4

Question 2

Question 5

Question 3

How do you know that the website isn t a joke

How do you know that the website isn’t a joke?

It is the subject that you are looking for

and it is realistic,

not something


will come out of a comic.

Its advertisement.

It is teaching

You something that is

Physically impossible.

Where is the best place to find the author s information
Where is the best place to find the author’s information?

In an advertisement.

On a popular website

Like Google,

Wikipedia, or


Going to a website

That might have

A virus.

If a website asks you to give a donation what do you do
If a website asks you to give a donation, what do you do?

Give your

Information and

Say I might


Ask your parents,

Make sure it is not

An advertisement.

Steal your parent’s

Credit card and

Donate as much

As you can.

A virus alert has just popped upon your computer and it says that a special service will be able to fix it. Do you download it?

Ask your parents

If it is your virus


Yes, and give them

All of your


Correct thank you for playing hope you learned some tips
Correct!Thank You for Playing Hope you learned some tips