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Web Search and Evaluation How to find a web site How to know it is useful World Wide Web Not the Internet Hyperlinks Text Graphics Sound Video Who builds the WWW? ANYONE with access and interest URL Example - http://asu.edu/directory Uniform Resource Locator

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Web search and evaluation l.jpg

Web Search and Evaluation

How to find a web site

How to know it is useful

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World wide web l.jpg
World Wide Web

  • Not the Internet

  • Hyperlinks

  • Text

  • Graphics

  • Sound

  • Video

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Who builds the www l.jpg
Who builds the WWW?

ANYONE with access and interest

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Slide4 l.jpg

Example - http://asu.edu/directory

  • Uniform Resource Locator

    • URL is like a card catalog

    • Naming scheme for resources

  • URL has 4 components

    • Protocol [http://]

    • Domain name [asu]

    • Domain designator [edu]

    • Suffix(es) [directory]

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Url practice 1 l.jpg





URL Practice 1

  • Find the components for this URL [a = protocol, b = domain name, c = domain designator, d = suffix(es)]

http://www.microsoft.com/ windows/ie/default.html

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Url practice 2 l.jpg




URL Practice 2

  • This is the URL for your web site at ASU. [a = protocol, b = domain name, c = domain designator, d = suffix(es)]




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Domain designator l.jpg

Common names








.cn (China)

.de (Germany)

.jp (Japan)

.uk (United Kingdom)

New names




Domain Designator

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Common url errors l.jpg
Common URL Errors

  • 5 Common errors when typing URLs

    • Leaving out a component

    • Incorrect domain designator

    • Punctuation errors

    • Missing punctuation

    • Misspelling words

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Finding information l.jpg
Finding Information

  • Search Engines

    • Google, AltaVista

    • Meta Search Engines

      • Metacrawler, Dog Pile

  • Subject Directories

    • Yahoo, LookSmart

  • Specialized Databases

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Which search engine l.jpg
Which Search Engine?

  • Each engine returns different results

  • Different approaches for finding and storing pages

  • Check at least two search engines

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Research questions l.jpg


Where do echinoderms, or sea urchins, live?


Research Questions

  • Define your question

    • Find unique key words

    • Find phrases

    • Be prepared to find new words and phrases

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Search techniques l.jpg
Search Techniques

  • Word Searches

    • Use specific key words

    • Not common words: the, an, a

    • Example: echinoderm

  • Phrase Searches

    • Phrases in quotes

    • Example: “sea urchin”

  • Advanced search feature

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Search operators l.jpg
Search Operators

  • Symbols can be useful

    • Term is required ( + )

      • Hair +red

    • Term is not wanted ( - )

      • Rock -music

    • Wildcard for missing letters ( * )

      • Vege*

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Boolean searches l.jpg
Boolean Searches

  • Boolean Searches

    • Use operator words

    • AND, OR, and NOT operators

      • Jamaica AND geography

      • French OR francaise

      • sailboats NOT yachts

    • NEAR operator

      • browser NEAR performance

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Reliability validity l.jpg
Reliability & Validity

  • Reliability

    • Can you get that same information again?

    • Is the information current?

    • Are there links to other pages, do other pages link to this information?

  • Validity

    • Is the information about your topic?

    • Does the domain designator make sense for the topic?

    • Is the author credible?

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Evaluate information l.jpg
Evaluate Information

  • Critically evaluate web sources

  • Assessment criteria

    • University of California Berkeley evaluation form

  • Spend enough time

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Activity l.jpg

  • Scavenger Hunt

    • Use search techniques

  • Web Evaluation

    • Use evaluation guidelines

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Google search l.jpg

Search phrase in “quotes”

Number of “hits”

Web site to research


Google Search

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Evaluation example 1 l.jpg
Evaluation Example 1

  • 1. Look at the URL before you go to the page

    • Personal page or site

    • Type of domain

    • Appropriate for content

    • Published by entity that makes sense (corresponds to name of site)


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Evaluation example 2 l.jpg
Evaluation Example 2

  • 2. Scan the edges of the page

    • Author

    • Date

    • Credentials

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Evaluation example 3 l.jpg
Evaluation Example 3

  • 3. Indicators of quality

    • Well documented

    • Complete

    • Links

    • Other viewpoints or bias

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Evaluation example 4 l.jpg
Evaluation Example 4

  • 4. What do others say?

    • Links to page

    • Rated in directory

    • Author in Google?

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Evaluation example 5 l.jpg
Evaluation Example 5

  • 5. Does it all add up?

    • Why is this page on web?

    • Was it meant to be humorous or ironic?

  • Bottom Line – as good as or better than other resources?

    • YES

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Website l.jpg


Visit this site for the web evaluation checklist and additional information about search engines and web searching techniques

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