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Types of maps
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Types of Maps. Mary Bisheh & Kristi Fleming Murchison Middle School Fall 2012. Two Main Types of Maps. Physical Political. Physical Maps. Physical maps – show the natural features or landforms of an area . Ex. mountains , deserts, rivers, seas, oceans, and plateaus.

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Types of Maps

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Types of maps

Types of Maps

Mary Bisheh & Kristi Fleming

Murchison Middle School

Fall 2012

Two main types of maps

Two Main Types of Maps

  • Physical

  • Political

Physical maps

Physical Maps

  • Physical maps – show the natural features or landforms of an area. Ex. mountains, deserts, rivers, seas, oceans, and plateaus.

Another physical map

Another Physical Map

Political maps

Political Maps

  • Political maps - show man-made features of the world. Ex. countries, cities, roads, airports, etc.

Another political map

Another Political Map:

Natural border

Natural Border

Natural Border – a border created by physical features like a river or mountains.

Political border

Political Border

Political Border – a man made border that does not necessarily have a natural separation.

Check for understanding

Check for understanding

Using your worksheet determine what kind of maps or borders are being shown.

Types of Maps: Put either Ph (physical map) or Po(Political Map) based on what we’ve discussed

Types of maps


Types of maps


Types of maps


Types of maps


Types of maps




Put either P for political border or N for natural border.

1 border between north south korea

1. Border between North/ South Korea

2 border between northern and southern africa

2. Border between Northern and Southern Africa

3 border between the u s and canada

3. Border between the U.S. and Canada

4 great wall of china

4. Great Wall of China

5 border between european and asia

5. Border between European and Asia

A quick note about longitude latitude

A quick note about longitude/latitude

Border rivers of texas

Border Rivers of Texas

There are three Texas rivers that are special because the help up the SHAPE of Texas by forming part of our BORDER.

Red River

Sabine River

These rivers are known as the BORDER RIVERS of Texas.

Rio Grande

Mapping texas

Mapping Texas

  • Today you will be mapping a political and physical map of Texas using the additional map handout

  • By the end of class you need to know:

    • Three border rivers

    • 4 bordering U.S. states

    • 4 bordering Mexican states

  • You will need your colored pencils as well

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