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Progressivism Study Guide PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Progressivism Study Guide. What movement aims to improve society, government, and the well-being of people?. Progressivism. Under what process are citizens able to vote for laws passed by the legislature? . Referendum.

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Progressivism Study Guide

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Progressivism Study Guide

  • What movement aims to improve society, government, and the well-being of people?

  • Progressivism

  • Under what process are citizens able to vote for laws passed by the legislature?

  • Referendum

  • During a __________________, voters vote to nominate individuals for upcoming elections.

  • Direct Primary

  • What process can be used to remove a politician from office before the next election?

  • Recall

  • What right did Women fight for (and eventually gain) in the late 1800s-early 1900s? (What is the specific term?

  • Suffrage

  • What is the term for journalists who alerted the public about wrongdoing in society, politics, or business?

  • Muckraker

  • What process can be used by citizens to pass law through obtaining enough signatures from voters?

  • Initiative

  • What did the 19th Amendment do?

  • Women can vote

  • What court case made regulating abortion illegal during the first trimester of a pregnancy?

  • Roe v. Wade

  • What progressive movement protects natural resources?

  • Conservationism

  • What organization was led by Carrie Chapmen Catt and worked to get women the right to vote?

  • National American Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA)

  • What law aims to level the playing field and make up for years of discrimination?

  • Affirmative Action

  • What theory advocates for the political, economic, and social equality of women and men?

  • Feminism

  • What organization that was established by Betty Friedan aims to allow women to fully participate in American Society?

  • National Organization for Women (NOW

  • What were the goals of progressivism?

  • To bring change and positive change in society

  • What were the major causes of Progressivism?

  • Problems related to Industrialization and Urbanization

  • What were the goals of the National Consumer’s League?

  • Improve working conditions and equality in factories

  • What laws were the result of the Jungle?

  • Meat Inspection Act and Pure Drug and Food Act

  • What was the meeting where women formally demanded a right to vote?

  • Seneca Falls Convention

  • What law caused Hoover Dam to be built?

  • National Reclamation Act

  • What were the major reform groups of the Progressive Era that we studied?

  • Settlement Houses, Social Gospel, Women’s Christian Temperence Union, Muckrakers, National Consumers League, NAWSA, NWP, Etc.

  • What social movement provided services to the poor in cities?

  • Settlement House

  • What was the Equal Rights Amendment?

  • A proposed amendment that attempted to prohibit gender discrimination. It was not ratified.

  • What group thought that alcohol was the cause of society’s problems?

  • Women’s Christian Temperance Union

  • What document called for women’s right to vote?

  • Declaration of Sentiments

  • What law allows for more incidents of violence to be reported and punished than before?

  • Violence against Women Act

  • How did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 benefit women?

  • It gave feminists a legal tool to fight discrimination

  • Know the reform movement that each of the following people was associated with:

Theodore Roosevelt


Susan B. Anthony

Women’s Suffrage

Jacob Riis


Upton Sinclair

Business and Industry

Alice Paul

Women’s Suffrage

Carrie Chapman Catt

Women’s Suffrage

WEB Du Bois


John Muir


Booker T. Washington


Jane Addams


Ida Tarbell

Business and Industry

Gifford Pinchot


Carlos Montezuma


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