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Progressivism. The Struggle Against Discrimination. M.I. The Progressive Movement helped pave the way for civil rights. Progressivism Presents Contradictions. Most Prog. Were white Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPS) who were indifferent to or hostile to minorities

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The Struggle Against Discrimination

M i the progressive movement helped pave the way for civil rights

M.I. The Progressive Movement helped pave the way for civil rights

Progressivism presents contradictions
Progressivism Presents Contradictions

  • Most Prog. Were white Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPS) who were indifferent to or hostile to minorities

  • Everyone should follow middle class values

Social reform or social control
Social Reform or Social Control

  • Americanization – would make immigrants more loyal and moral

  • Assimilation – learn the language, dress, food and customs

  • Most Europeans drank- prejudice helped fuel the temperance mvmt.

Racism limits the goals of progressivism
Racism Limits the Goals of Progressivism

  • Many prejudiced

  • Some people more fit than others to be leaders in society

  • Theory – dark-skinned people had less intelligence than whites

  • Used these theories to justify the passage of laws to keep African-Amer. from voting

Plessy v ferguson
Plessy v. Ferguson

  • By 1910 segregation was the norm

  • 1914 – federal govt offices segregated

African americans demand reform
African Americans Demand Reform

  • Booker T Washington – told blacks to move slowly towards racial progress

  • Have patience. Win respect and eventually get full voting and citizenship rights

  • Founded Tuskeegee Institute – trades

  • Atlanta Compromise – Asked only that whites be fair – not give anything away

African americans form the niagara movement
African Americans form the Niagara Movement

  • Summer 1905 – leading African Amer. Met at Niagara Falls (Canadian side)

  • Niagara Movement – no to gradual progress

  • No teaching of only trade skills

  • Talented tenth should be taught history, literature and philosophy so that they could think for themselves

  • Never very strong – needed a powerful leader

Riots lead to formation of naacp
Riots Lead to Formation of NAACP

  • Summer 1908 – white mob attempted to lynch 2 African Amer in jail – Springfield, IL

  • The people had been moved

  • Mob attacked black residents – killed 2 – burned 40 homes

  • The riots showed that African Amer. needed help to secure their rights

  • 1909 – NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


  • Goals – to help African-Amer be “physically free from peonage, mentally free from ignorance, politically free from disfranchisement and socially free from insult.”

  • Included blacks and whites

  • Ida B. Wells – published in her newspaper the horrors of lynching

  • Used the courts to challenge unfair laws

African americans form the urban league
African Americans form the Urban League

  • African-Amer. Migrating from rural to urban areas

  • Needed help finding jobs

  • Relief agencies across America formed the Urban League – focused on poor workers

  • Helped with jobs, education and getting kids books and clothes

Reducing prejudice and protecting rights
Reducing Prejudice and Protecting Rights

  • Other groups were discriminated against too.

  • Catholic parishes - helped

The anti defamation league aids jews
The Anti-Defamation League Aids Jews

  • 1843 – B’nai B’rith – provided religious education and helped Jewish families

  • Anti-Defamation League – 1913 – to defend Jews against physical and verbal attacks and false statements

  • Anti-Semitism

Mexican americans organize
Mexican Americans Organize

  • In AZ – Partido Liberal Mexicano (PLM)

  • Offered many of the same services as the Urban League

  • Mutualistas – groups that made loans and provided legal assistance – insurance

  • Many forced to sign unfair labor contracts – like sharecroppers – 1911 Supreme Ct struck down law

Native americans take action
Native Americans Take Action

  • Dawes Act – 1887 – divided reservations into plots for individuals to farm

  • Lands not given to individuals could be sold to public

  • By 1932 – 2/3 of land owned in 1887 now belonged to whites

  • Society of American Indians – 1911 – Carlos Montezuma

Asian americans fight unfair laws
Asian Americans Fight Unfair Laws

  • 1913 – CA law – only US citizens could own land

  • Japanese immigrants could not become citizens – had to sell land – many put it in their childrens name

  • Born here = citizen