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Protozoa and roundworms
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Protozoa and Roundworms. By: Shelby Sias & Amber Rios. Enteric Protozoa:. Roundworms:. Causes and Indicators of Enteric Protozoa & Roundworms in water:. Causes.

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Protozoa and Roundworms

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Protozoa and roundworms

Protozoa and Roundworms

By: Shelby Sias & Amber Rios

Enteric protozoa

Enteric Protozoa:



Protozoa and roundworms

Causes and Indicatorsof Enteric Protozoa & Roundworms in water:


  • Protozoa and roundworms can get into the water system and become harmful to humans. Once the protozoa or roundworm is in your system it becomes harmful to you can cause certain types of diseases.Protozoa are often found in groundwater that has being influenced by surface water sources.


  • The protozoa or roundworms form cysts, a protective wall these organisms form around themselves when in unfavorable surroundings. Once inside the body of a warm-blooded animal or human where the conditions are more favorable, the cyst abandons the protective wall and lives in the animal or humans blood stream.

Protozoa and roundworms

Specific Effects on Humans, Long and Short term

Long term effects

  • Malaria is a disease usually caused by a mosquito bite but sometimes it is cause by harmful water intake

  • Sleeping sickness is a disease caused by a tsetse fly but if the fly dies in the water and you drink the water you are at a high chance of getting it

Short term effects

  • Cryptosporidium is a major cause of severe diarrhea in children.

  • Giardiasis is usually linked to unfiltered surface water that has not been disinfected sufficiently.

Protozoa and roundworms

Where Protozoa and roundworms are most effect in this environment

Specific effects on the environment long term and short term

Specific Effects on the Environment, Long term and Short term

Long term effects

  • Polluted waters often have a rich and characteristic protozoan fauna. The relative abundance and diversity of protozoa are used as indicators of organic and toxic pollution.

  • Any change in our environment which threatens the life of a balanced community of protozoa threatens also the continuity of a clean water supply for humans.

Short term effects

  • Humans can get a disease from the water which have protozoa or roundworms in it and be sick for a period of time

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