Mrs teresa settle norris 8 th grade hcms
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Language Arts is an Ocean PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Teresa Settle Norris 8 th Grade * HCMS. Language Arts is an Ocean. Begin by sharing a little with me about yourself. Complete the Student Information Form. Who are these two handsome men with Mrs. Teresa?. Meet the teacher…. What High School

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Language Arts is an Ocean

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Mrs. Teresa

Settle Norris

8th Grade * HCMS

Language Artsis anOcean

  • Begin by sharing a little with me about yourself.

  • Complete the Student Information Form

  • Who are these two handsome men with Mrs. Teresa?

Meet the teacher…

  • What High School

    did she get both the English and Journalism Awards?

    * What does an “Outstanding Philosophy Minor” study?

  • How many newspapers did Mrs. Teresa work for?

    * When did she go back into teaching? What happened in Houston County to make her go back into teaching?

  • What Business College did she teach at?

Who's Your LIFE-SAVER in Language Arts?

  • Who is Sam Walton and what did he say?

  • (What does he have in common with Mrs. Teresa?

Love what you do!!!

  • I

  • LOVE


  • ARTS!!!

  • (and that’s what I do!!!)‏

You must do your part!

  • Believe in yourself.

  • Make a commitment to do your best.

  • Work. Think. Organize.

  • Apply what we do in your everyday life!!!

What is Language Arts?






  • Writing

  • Organizing

  • Reading

  • Thinking

  • & Much More!

Let’s look at the school webpage (write it in your planner).

Get out FP 1 – Procedures & Responsibilities for 8th grade

HIGHLIGHT things you may have trouble remembering in a certain color. Use that color from now on for information like that.

Yellow Folders:

Review Discipline Policy

Continue Procedures

Returning from an absence / Today's Catch


Now Let's TAKE NOTES...


Top - 8th grade rules

Bottom – Mrs. Teresa's Class Rules

Left side – Colored ILLUSTRATIONS...

Welcome to my world!

Cooperative Learning / Groups of 4

Today's Catch

Workbook location

Paper Return location


Books to share / Books to leave alone!

Supplies (ask first...)‏

Isolation Desk

“My Space”

What happens at 212 degrees?

Respond to the following statements.(Number from 1-5.)‏

1. I like to read most of the time.

I like to read most of the time.

2.I know the difference between a complete sentence and a sentence fragment.

3. I consider myself to be a fairly organized person.

4. I believe reading and writing are important lifelong skills.

5. I consider myself to be a fairly good speller.

What is the PURPOSE of a study guide?If you knew what was going to be on a test, and you were given adequate time, is there ANY reason you can think of why you would fail it?

Let's Look at FP 2 – Unit 1 Study Guide

Now let’s get to know you…

Take a MARKER.


Take FIVE (5) minutes.

DRAW a minimum of THREE pictures to depict YOU… You may also write words, but do NOT write your name on your paper!

When finished, wait for further instructions.


19 Units

S.P.I.’s – TCAP

Weekly Homework

Writing Assessment

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