2013 Annual AWAG Conference
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Adapting to Change: Knowing your Organization and - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2013 Annual AWAG Conference. Adapting to Change: Knowing your Organization and Your Customer Organizational Management. Sherri Funk, BBA, MSHRM, MAEd, MTE, TEFL sherrifunk@aol.com. CYA… ssets – Knowing your documentation Requirements

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Adapting to Change: Knowing your Organization and

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2013 Annual AWAG Conference


to Change:

Knowing your



Your Customer

Organizational Management

Sherri Funk, BBA, MSHRM, MAEd, MTE, TEFL


CYA…ssets –

Knowing your documentation


Marketing and Publicity –

Why it’s so important

Knowing Your Customer –

Adapting to Change

Characteristics of a Good Leader…







A Good Leader will…

  • Create an Inspiring Vision and Lead by Example

  • Empower, Inspire, and Energize People

  • Build and Lead a Team

CYA…ssets –

Knowing your


requirements –

Know your organization!

Every Position,

every person:

  • Should review their Job Descriptions, After Action Reports (AAR’s), and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

    • Know what needs to be documented, and do it. Follow up with an end of the year binder cleaning to get set for the new year

    • Update the SOP’s and AAR’s every year

Overall compliance for military

Private Organizations (PO) falls under

Army Reg 210-22

AE Reg 210-22

Air Force Instruction 34-223

AR 210-22, AE R 210-22

These regulations establish policy, procedures, and responsibilities for operating private organizations (PO’s), including PO fundraising activities, on Army Garrisons.

A PO is a self-sustaining, non-federal entity established and operated on DOD installations by written consent of the installation commander or higher authority.

Approval is granted for two (2) years. The Installation Commander may withdraw the

approval to operate at any time.

Following the Rules:

Following the Rules:

  • Submit a request letter “Approval to Operate as a PO”

  • Submit valid Constitution and Bylaws

  • Submit Biennial Revalidation Request with the following:

    • Letter requesting the revalidation

    • Two copies of the Constitution and Bylaws, approved by the majority of the membership

    • List of current officers

    • List of current members and SOFA status

    • Banking information

    • Copy of current year’s audit

    • Copy of Insurance and Bonding

    • Letter in compliance with HN laws

    • Copy of previous grant of validation

    • Summary of key activities and Fundraisers conducted in the previous two years.

Following the Rules for


  • Checklist:

  • Is the requester an approved PO?

  • Is the charitable cause defined in the PO’s Constitution?

  • Has a committee been appointed to supervise the event?

  • Has a disinterested person who holds no office within the PO been appointed to inspect the records at the conclusion of the event and submit a written report?

  • Does the request to conduct a fundraiser include the following:

    • Name of PO

    • Purpose of the fundraiser

    • Name, contact information of persons supervising the event

    • Date, time, location of event

    • Procedures for the control of funds

    • Approval for use of facilities

    • Approved Risk Assessment

    • Copy of PO’s Constitution and Bylaws

Following the Rules for

Fundraising - Raffles:

Add to the preceding list:

6. Dates of the sale of tickets, beginning and ending

7. List of Prizes with the cost of each

8. Statement that the requesting PO has enough money to pay for the merchandise and cash prizes

9. Place where the prizes will be displayed before the drawing, if applicable

Air Force Instruction


Installation commanders provide limited supervision over private organizations (PO’s). Their control lies in the power to authorize and withdraw authorization for these organizations to operate on the installation. They ensure compliance with the requirements of this instruction, but do not control or dictate internal activities or structure of PO’s.





OPR: Ms. Cathy Edmonds


Commercial: 210-652-7027

DSN 487-7027

Why is Marketing

and Publicity



is the


Getting your information, your mission, your activities, your purpose out to your “customer” is the key to your organizations success.

  • Make sure your communications are correct, clear, concise, and relevant

  • Proofread everything that goes out for the organization

  • Until you can be certain of the quality of information and communication that gets sent out, be the final approval on all material

  • Have one logo and theme – which everyone uses

  • Have the Marketing and Publicity person be the belly-button for all advertising…this will help with image and consistency

  • Have and use official organization e-mail and snail-mail addresses…again, continuity for future people filling that position

Develop a standard

Publicity distribution list…


Actually have people assigned to do parts of the distribution list, instead of relying on one person to do it all.

Knowing your

Why is this important?

Know your “customer" and

tailor your mission.

Enjoy your work!

By looking at what your organization’s mission is, and knowing who your “customer” is and what their needs are – you can tailor your activities to meet those needs.

Identifying and planning for the objectives will help keep everyone on track to make the goals possible!

Enjoy your work!

Less is better!

Re-budget and re-think

the possibilities.

We’re here to have fun and fund possibilities, not work our butts off for nothing.

Look at your plans,

and work the plans.

Make your plans realistic and relevant to your customers needs and wants.

Sit down in the summer with your

Executive Board,

and come up with a needs assessment.

Then develop a plan to meet those needs.

Meeting the needs of everyone!

2013 Annual AWAG Conference


to Change:

Knowing your



Your Customer

Organizational Management

Sherri Funk, BBA, MSHRM, MAEd, MTE, TEFL


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