the presentation of self in everyday life erving goffmann
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The presentation of self in everyday life Erving Goffmann

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The presentation of self in everyday life Erving Goffmann - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The presentation of self in everyday life Erving Goffmann.

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”when an individual enters the presence of others, they commonly seek to acquire information about him or to bring into play information about him already possessed. They will be interested in his general socio-economic status, his conception of self, his attitude towards them, his competance, his trustworthiness, ect.”

the expressiveness of the individual involve two radically sign activities
The expressiveness of the individualinvolvetworadically sign activities
  • The expressionthathe gives (involves verbal symbols or theirsubstitubes (communication in the traditionalway)
  • The expressionthathe gives of (a wide range of action thatotherscantreat as symtomatic of the actor). This is more theatrical, becauseyouaresetting the scene. ”whatexpression do youthinkyouare given

In everydaylife the firstimpressionareimportant.

  • Gettingoff on the right foot.
  • An individualeffectivelyprojects a definition of the situation whenheenters the presence of others. (whenthisgoeswrong, and you have wronglydefined the situation youmayfeelashamed)
  • Society is organized on the principlethatanyindividualwho possesses certain social characteristics has a moral right to expectthatotherswillvalue and treathim in a appropriateway
belief in the part one is playing
Belief in the part one is playing
  • At oneextremewe find the performer, which is sincerelyconvincedthat the impression of reality whichhe stages is the real reality
  • Anotherextreme is a performer which is not taken in by his own rutine and have noultimateconcern with the beliefs of his audience. (selfinterest or personalgain)
  • A cynicalindividualmaydelude his audience for whatheconseders to betheirowngood.
  • Is the expressiveequipment of a standard kind intentionallyotunwittinglyemployed by the individualduring his performance.
  • The setting (furniture, decorand otherbackground items)
  • Personal front (insignia of office or rank, clothing, sex,age, speech patterns, facialexpressions, bodily gestures ect.) this is alsoknown as vehicles for conveyingsigns.
  • Social front (coherenceamongsetting, appearance and manner, what situation areyou in -work, social lifeect)
dramatic realization
Dramatic Realization
  • How can you dramatize your work, so you look like one who is knowing what he is doing:
  • Programming and comment at the same time?
  • To show people that you are good at your job, you have to dramatize so people with their own eyes can see what you are doing.
  • A performance is socialized, moulded and modified to fitinto the understanding and expectations of the society in which it is presented.
  • A laird and his family live normallyveryplain, but whenthey have gueststheywill have servants and serve 5 ot 6 meals to keep up the Idealization of, how an laird is living.
  • Girls play ”stupid” so their boyfriends cantellthemthings and seem more cleverthan the girls

(normally in Amerika)


We put specific magazines at our tabels to tell our guests what we are reading.

  • We will only show our work when it is finished, so it will be the endproduct that will be jugded.
  • Be aware how critically important your physical appearance may be to an employer.