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AN INTEGRATED ENGLISH COURSE. Gao Yufen English Department R-406 [email protected] 84724483. Unit 14 . Text 1 Father Forgets. Teaching Points. I. Pre-reading discussion and presentation II. Introduction III. Text Explanations IV. Questions V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features

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unit 14

Unit 14

Text 1 Father Forgets

teaching points
Teaching Points
  • I. Pre-reading discussion and presentation
  • II. Introduction
  • III. Text Explanations
  • IV. Questions
  • V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features
  • VI. Discussion about Text II
i pre reading discussion
I. Pre-reading discussion
  • 1. What kind of father do you have?
  • 2. How do you think a father should treat his son or a mother, her daughter?
ii introduction
II. Introduction
  • About the author
  • Background Information
iii text explanations
III. Text Explanations

Paragraph 1:

This is the introductory part of the passage:

an affectionate father filled with remorse

comes to his son who is in sound sleep and

is ready to make a confession.

language work
Language work

1. crumple ~ to (cause to) become wrinkled; to fall apart; to collapse

  • The side of the car had crumpled where it had been hit.
  • The Nazi regime finally crumpled.
2. stifling ~ very hot or stuffy almost to the point of being suffocating; causing a feeling of stultification, repression, or suffocation

She can hardly breathe in this stifling hot weather.

The scholarly correctness of our age can be stifling. (Annalyn Swan) 我们这个时代学者的正确性令人感到窒息。(安纳莱恩·斯旺)

stifle v. ~ to cause difficulty in breathing properly; to repress; to keep in or hold back

The fire stifled the firemen.

It was a most unimaginative presentation and I had to stifle a yawn.

3. remorse ~ a strong feeling of guilt and regret about something one has done

The man showed no remorse for his crime.

Remorse preyed upon her mind when she heard the death of her ex-husband.

paragraphs 2 8 analysis
Paragraphs 2-8 Analysis

In this part of the text, the father recalls his harsh and inappropriate behaviors towards his son.

language work14
Language work

4. gulp ~ to swallow greedily or rapidly in large amounts; to choke back by or as if by swallowing

  • to gulp down a cup of tea;
  • to gulp down a sob;
  • to gulp back tears

5. snap ~

(1) to speak abruptly or sharply

  • "You are late again!" he snapped at the boy.

(2) to close the jaws quickly; to bite

  • The big dog snapped at her ankles.

(3) to break suddenly off or in two

  • A branch snapped off the tree in the wind.
6. tempestuous

(1) of, relating to, resembling a tempest; stormy tempestuous gales

(2) ( of emotions) very strong and passionate

For decades, the Hollywood couple\'s tempestuous relationship made the headlines.

Word derivation: tempestuously ad., tempestuousness n.

7. sickening ~ causing or liable to cause a feeling of disgust or nausea

a sickening stench of blood

The child hit the ground with a sickening thud.

sicken v. ~ to (make somebody) feel disgusted or appalled

We sickened at the thought of having to beg for peace.

Cruelty sickened everyone present.

paragraphs 9 15 analysis
Paragraphs 9-15 Analysis

The father has made a resolution to be a real daddy.

language work18
Language work

8. reprimand ~ to speak angrily or seriously ( to somebody who is thought to have done something wrong)

  • Little Harry was reprimanded by the headmistress for playing truant.
  • Her attempts to reprimand him were quickly shouted down.

Note: The text is abundant with words or phrases of similar meaning, e. g. , scold, take somebody to task, find fault.

9. atonement ~ repayment or reparation for an injury or wrong

True guilt is characterized by a readiness to make atonement for having done wrong.

atone v.~ to make amends or reparation for an injury or wrong

The father felt he had to atone for what he had done to his son.

10. resolve n. ~ a strong decision or determination

The argument increased her resolve to break up with him.

resolve v. ~ to make a decision formally or with determination

After a day of argument we resolved on/against visiting the frontier.

11. weary ~ very tired, especially after working hard for a long time

You must be weary after the long, bumpy fight.

be/get/grow weary of = feel bored with

Rose had gone out with the same people to the same clubs for years and she had just grown weary of it.

weary v. ~ to (cause to) be tired or bored

Children weary me with their constant inquiries and demands.

The children never seem to weary of asking questions.

iv questions
IV. Questions
  • 1. Why was the father filled with remorse?
  • 2. How would you describe the father?
  • 3. What made the father repent?
  • 4. What diction helps create the image of a harsh father?
v structural analysis and rhetorical features
V. Structural analysis and Rhetorical features
  • rhetorical question
  • irony: "all these were my rewards to you for being a boy" to show his regret.