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Language Arts 2H. Ms. Jackson / Room 963 Take a seat anywhere today. Tomorrow, there will be assigned seating. Welcome Sophomores!. Common Core. This year’s instruction and learning will look different this year as we transition to the new Common Core Standards.

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Language Arts 2H

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Language Arts 2H

  • Ms. Jackson / Room 963

  • Take a seat anywhere today.

  • Tomorrow, there will be assigned seating.

Welcome Sophomores!

Common Core

  • This year’s instruction and learning will look different this year as we transition to the new Common Core Standards.

  • Be prepared for more writing, non-fiction expository texts, and 21st century skills.

Bring Friday -20pts

  • Bring your own address

  • Bring a forever stamp

  • Bring an envelope.

  • We will write a letter to ourselves on Friday.

  • You have until Monday to turn in the envelope and stamp for full credit.

Supply Check Monday 30 pts

  • Textbook (5 pts)

  • Language Arts Notebook / Journal (100 pg minimum/college ruled) (5pts)

  • Binder, pen, pencils, erasers, and notebook paper. (5pts)

  • Highlighter (5 pts)

  • 1-2 Dry erase markers with dry erase eraser (5pts)

  • Dictionary, electronic dictionary, or dictionary app. (5pts)

Whale of a Tale!!! Icebreaker.

  • I am a vegetarian.

  • I do yoga 3 times a week.

  • My husband is in a punk rock band.

  • I worked for The Simpsons television show


Ms. Jackson


    LANGUAGE ARTS 3!!!!!


Course Texts

Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes

The Crucible

Of Mice and Men

Various non-fiction articles

Outside Reading / Silent Reading / Book Reports / Book TalksSee F.A.Q. handout!

300 pages / quarter

1 book report / semester

Book talks (aka outside reading each quarter)

Complete Reading log sheets-due each Friday. Aim for 100-120 minutes of reading each week. (20pts / week)

Silent Reading in class Tuesday and Thursday

Bring SSR book daily!

First book due Tuesday August 20th!

Language Arts Notebook / Journals

  • Must bring Language Arts Notebook Everyday!

  • Obtain a spiral bound notebook with 100 or more pages.

  • Worth 200 pts

  • Journals are Monday / Wednesdays / Fridays!

  • Assigned Topics

  • 5 pts/day

  • Lose points when you do not bring to class or do not write ½ pg or more

  • You must makeup missing agendas and journal entries.

Weekly Grammar hmwk

Write Agenda Daily in your Language arts notebook!

Daily Grammar Review

Roots / Prefixes / Suffixes

Approx 10 roots / week

Flash cards due Wed.-20 pts

Quiz on Friday-20 pts

Test every 3-4 weeks-100pts

  • These worksheets are how you will earn a portion of your participation points for the quarter. These 5 wkshts total 100 points/quarter.

  • Throughout the quarter, you will complete 5 participation wkshts (aka 10 questions.) You will ask a question or make a comment and then you will have a follow up question or a comment to earn your 20 points.

  • Finally, provide a summary of the responses you received. You will turn this sheet in the day you ask your question or contribute to the discussion.

Participation Sheets

Be a responsible gum chewer

  • Throw it in the waste basket-NOT UNDER YOUR DESK OR ON THE FLOOR-Keep Centennial Clean Please 

  • Refrain from smacking or bubbles

Cell Phone / Electronic Device Policy

  • 1st offence-Warning and confiscate the item.

  • Consider this your warning.

  • The teacher will check in the phone into the front office where you will not be able to pick up the item until after school.

  • Only use your phones when granted permission by Ms. Jackson! We will use them for learning!

  • It’s always a good idea to let Ms. Jackson know if you need to use your phone for class purposes or for an emergency.

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity.

  • Students need to cite all information that is not one’s own idea. Please use MLA format to give other’s ideas credit in your own writing.

  • Students must complete all work individually, unless noted otherwise by the instructor.

  • All written work is expected to be one’s own work. Do not copy and paste words and ideas from other students, the Internet, etc.

  • No electronic devices are allowed during a testing period.

  • Students who are academically dishonest will not receive credit for the assignment and will be reported to the appropriate administrator.

  • See Ms. Jackson for further information.

“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.” -Sophocles


Be where you are expected to be.

Maintain a safe environment

Observe school rules

Attendance counts

No food, drink, p.d.a

No personal grooming

Be a responsible gum chewer

Be respectful

Classroom Expectations

Allow Ms. Jackson to teach!



Grading Policy

Grading Policy

Papers / Projects:

  • 1 Day Late= Minus 1 letter grades

  • 2 Days late=-2 letter grades

  • 3 Days Late=o%

All other work and homework is -2 points a day!

"My dog deleted it."

Check Your Grades…


It’s your responsibility to check your missing assignments and grades online!!!

Class website

  • Go to Centennial’s Website

  • Click Teacher pages

  • Click class homepage and 2013/2014 LA3 Assignments.

  • Check it often!!!

Positive Consequences

  • Praise (Verbal, written, or call home)

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • You Choose your destiny

  • Good Grades

  • A Happy Teacher= A Happy Class!

Negative Consequences

  • A Verbal Warning

  • A Write-up / parent note or phone call

  • Detention

  • Referral to office

  • * Serious offenses will result in immediate detention or referral.

Bring Friday -20pts

  • Bring your own address

  • Bring a forever stamp

  • Bring an envelope

Concerns, Questions, comments?

I am here to help you!!!

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Course Outline Quiz Friday!!!

See this PowerPoint on our class website!

  • Have your parents sign your course outline, video permission slip, and photo release

    DUE no later than Friday 20pts each

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