Decision Making

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Decision Making

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1. Decision Making Chapter 11

2. Making Good Decisions – Prepare Decision making is the process of deciding among various alternatives Identifying your goals Every decision to start with your short and long-term goals in mind

3. Making Good Decisions – Organize Considering and Assessing the Alternatives Develop a list of flexible alternatives Assess your alternatives Determine the possible outcomes of each Determine the probability that those outcomes will take place Compare the alternatives, taking into account the potential outcomes of each

4. Making Good Decisions – Work Making and carrying out the decision Choosing Among Alternatives Give the decision time Make a mental movie, acting out the various alternatives Toss a coin Ask for advice Learn to view indecision as a decision Go with your gut feeling Carrying out the decision The final step of decision making is to carry it out

5. Making Good Decisions – Evaluate Considering the Outcomes Did you make the right decision? Consider the results Reevaluate and consider alternatives if you find you are not happy with your initial decision It’s not a bad thing to change your mind

6. Making Good Decisions – Rethink Reconsidering Your Goals and Options There is no single decision that is best – there are often many routes to the same goal Ask yourself: Are my decisions still producing the desired consequences? Are my decisions still appropriate Are they consistent with what I want to get out of life? Do my decisions fit with my mission statement?

7. Deciding to Change Colleges If you are considering transferring to a different college, consider: Do you meet the admissions requirements? What new requirements will you have at the next school? What courses will transfer? Is there an articulation agreement between your prior school and your new school?

8. Problem Solving The process of generating alternatives to work on What is the problem? What are the initial facts? What is it that you need to solve? What is the most critical aspect of the problem to be solved? What can be ignored?

9. Problem Solving Strategies Break down the problem into smaller parts Work backward Use a chart or graph to define the problem Use analogies Take a different perspective Forget about it

10. Problem Solving Assess potential solutions Is there a way to refine the solution? Are there alternative approaches? There is often no perfect solution

11. Avoiding Everyday Problems in Critical Thinking Don’t assume that labeling something explains the problem Don’t accept vague generalities Don’t confuse opinion with fact Avoid jumping to conclusions Be skeptical of “common sense” Don’t assume that one event causes another just because they occur one after the other

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