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Job Search 2010 – K eep Your job search hot in today’s cool economy Job Search Stategies , Networking, & InterviewinG are KEY!!. Judy Carley - [email protected] Student Employment Consultant Human Resources Administration, IUPUI

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Judy Carley - [email protected] Student Employment Consultant

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Job Search 2010 –Keep Your job search hot in today’s cool economyJob Search Stategies,Networking,&InterviewinG are KEY!!

Judy Carley - [email protected]

Student Employment Consultant

Human Resources Administration, IUPUI

Information adapted from

the workshop of

Tracie Lowe

Office of Academic and Career Development

How do I get started?

  • Know your product – Assessing Yourself

    • What type of job are you seeking?

    • What are your strengths, special skills, personal accomplishments?

    • How can you differentiate yourself from the competition?

  • Know your market

    • Do you know your target audience?

    • Have you done your research?

It is 2010 – how do I keep my job search hot?

Tailor your presentations, don’t be generic

- resume & other promotions materials

Create a target list of companies - IBJ Book

of Lists, phone book, Indianapolis internet

research, drive around

Make yourself & your skills more visible,

post your resume on online job boards and

attend job fairs, hunt for jobs all ways

Keeping It Hot…

  • Hone and utilize your 30-second ‘elevator pitch’ as often as possible

  • Make an effort daily. Every day talk to someone new or attend a networking event – move forward. Your worst enemy is inertia

  • Remember what the situation really looks like – if the IN unemployment rate is 9.9%, it means that 90.1% are still working – and all you need is a single job!

Hunt for Jobs ALL Ways

  • Applying directly to employers

  • Networking

  • Internet/online

  • JagJobs/your school’s Career office

  • Posting your resume on job boards

  • Job Fairs

  • Private Employment Agencies

  • State Employment Agencies

  • Temporary employment permanent

Upcoming Career Activities

  • For IUPUI events go to:


    3/3 – Intern Connections Spring Fair

    3/9 – Student Internship & Career Conference

    3/9 – Business Etiquette Dinner

    4/1 – IUPUI ‘Just In Time’ Career Fair

    9/2 – IUPUI Student Employment & Experience


How to Access Your Network

Information adapted from

the workshop of

Nichole Williams, NCC, MCC

Director, IU Alumni Career Services

Why Should We Put Ourselves Out There?

  • Access the “Hidden Job Market”

  • Learn important information

  • Sell Yourself

  • Get Advice

  • Receive Referrals

Did you know?

That 80 to 90% of jobs are found through networking (the “Hidden Job Market”).

Here’s why…

What does this mean for you?

  • Job boards are useful, but spend only 20% of your time using them

    • People do find jobs on them

    • Tailoring your resume and cover letter is key

    • Finding someone from within the company to ALSO turn in your resume can help

  • So what do you think you should spend the other 80% of your time doing?

What networking is…

  • Networking is creating and sustaining professional relationships over time that are:

    • Sincere

    • Mutually beneficial

    • Fun

  • Networking is paying it forward – you help me

    and I help you – that is the way the world


Start close to home

  • Call current and previous colleagues, friends, acquaintances and invite for lunch or coffee

  • Call/e-mail just to say “Hi” and see how they’re doing

  • Send articles of interest

  • Send holiday cards

  • Use your Facebook

    network and Twitter in a

    professional way

Beyond Your Personal Network

  • Join a professional association

  • Use your IU connections

  • Join LinkedIn

    • Find groups in your industry, join, and participate in discussions

    • Use in conjunction with the IU Alumni Directory

  • Volunteer

    • Learn about your field firsthand, connect with others

  • Attend a networking event

    • 15-30 second commercial

    • Get to know people on a personal level




Dentist, other















Former Professors

Past Advisor

Prospective Networking Contacts

Hidden Gem for the Hidden Job Market

  • The informational interview can be the key to an effective job search

  • Don’t ask for a job, don’t even say you’re looking for a job, ask only for information

  • Example email:

    • Hello Mr. Anderson, My name is Dave Smith. I was referred to you by my golf partner, John Price. I am have been doing some soul-searching lately about what my next career should be and I’ve found that I’m very interested in the field of public relations. Would you have a moment to share a bit about the field and your job, what you do on a daily basis, what you like and dislike about it, how you got into it, etc?

Example questions

  • How did you get into this field?

  • What is a typical day like?

  • What kind of preparation is typical to get into this field/position? Is that really required or just the typical approach?

  • Who else does this? What other companies do this?

  • What ensures continued advancement in this field? (If an advanced degree is mentioned – Ask: what is the best time to get it?) Do you need to rotate through different departments to advance?

  • What is a typical career path out of this position or field? What does this prepare you for next? What is next for you?

  • What advice would you have for someone like me?

Most important question

  • “Do you know of anyone else that might be good for me to talk to?”

  • The power of networking isn’t necessarily who you know, but can be the people they know and can help get you there!

  • And do not forget to send a THANK YOU –

    they took time from their busy schedule to meet with you and a thank you is a bridge…

The Art of InterviewinG

Information adapted from the workshop of Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Director of Career & Professional Development

IU Maurer School of Law - Bloomington

What are employers looking for?

  • Can you do the job?

    • Provide concrete examples of this during interview

  • Will you fit into our workplace?

    • Reliability, work ethic, flexibility, personality

  • Are you enthusiastic about working for us?

    • Express a sincere interest in THIS position

Do You Have These Qualities/Skills?

Qualities Employers Seek:

  • Communication Skills

  • Honesty/Integrity

  • Teamwork Skills (Works Well with Others)

  • Strong Work Ethic

  • Analytical Skills

  • Flexibility/Adaptability

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Motivation/Initiative

    2008 Job Outlook Report:

    National Association of Colleges & Employers

Be Prepared

  • Know yourself & your resume

    • Know your skills, knowledge, and experiences

      • How do they match the job description?

    • Consider your major accomplishments

    • Be prepared to talk about anything on your resume

  • Know the organization & industry

    • Research the website and recruiting materials

    • Contact people in your network

  • Practice, practice, practice

    • Review commonly asked questions

    • Conduct a role play or mock interview

Know Your Market!

  • What are the needs of your potential employer?

  • Research the business. Be able to communicate your knowledge about the company to your potential employer

  • Know the field and understand trends. If you haven’t done your homework, someone ELSE who is interviewing for this job will have

  • Visit for trends specific to IN and our region

Get the Job with Great Interview Skills

  • Know yourself (skills, experience, future goals)

  • Research the organization

  • Know your resume

    - Be prepared to answer questions about your

    experience. Review commonly asked questions

    - Demonstrate accomplishments with EXAMPLES

    Use the C-A-R method: Circumstance-Action-Result

  • Develop a rough script and PRACTICE!!!

  • Prepare questions YOU will ask the interviewer

  • Send thank-you notes and follow up!

Commonly Asked Questions

  • “So, tell me about yourself…”

    • Focus on professional, not personal

    • Explain who you are and your interests as connected to employer

  • “What are your strengths?”

    • Relate to job description and give examples

  • “What about a weakness?”

    • Be honest, we all have one!

    • Put a positive spin on it

What to Wear


  • Suit, darker color preferred

  • Pressed shirt

  • Conservative tie

  • Polished shoes

  • No wallet bulge

  • NO cologne


  • Suit with pants or skirt, neutral color

  • Neutral hosiery

  • No dangling jewelry

  • Conservative shoes

  • No purse

  • NO Perfume

Getting There

  • Know where you are going, how to get there

  • Arrive about 10 minutes early, don’t be late!

  • Leave “baggage” in the car

  • Consider using a portfolio

  • Remember to BREATHE!

  • First impressions are key!

The Interview

  • Show your enthusiasm

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Be aware of body language

  • Control nervousness

  • Embrace your inner confidence

    • Avoid speaking softly, trailing off, continued talking

  • Be ready to PROVE anything you say!

  • Ask thoughtful questions

  • Get interviewer’s business card

Thank You Notes

  • Could be a letter, handwritten card, or an email

  • All require the same level of professionalism and attention to detail

    • Can hurt you just as it can help you

  • A chance to reemphasize your strongest qualifications and interest in position

  • Restate your appreciation

Interviewing Tips

  • You are interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you!

  • Preparation overcomes most obstacles, including nerves

  • Be an engaged listener

  • Remember to BREATHE!

Reasons People Don’t get Hired

  • Poor personal appearance

  • Overly aggressive

  • Inability to express information clearly

  • Lack of interest or enthusiasm

  • Lack of practice for interview

  • Nervous, lack of confidence

  • Over emphasis on money

  • Lack of courtesy and tact

  • Unwilling to start at the bottom

  • Lack of eye contact

Keys to effective job searching:

  • Know yourself– Strengths, accomplishments, achievements, values, interests, personality, & skills

  • Know the market/organization– Where are the jobs? What does it take to get one? What skills and qualities are employers looking for in YOU? Do you have them?

  • Networking- are you making contacts with the right people? Are you following up on referrals?

  • Resume– does it sell you? Do you stand out from your peers? Are you talking about accomplishments? Is it tailored to individual positions?

  • Interviewing– can you ARTICULATE your skills and abilities? Do you give examples of your achievements?

Thanks for coming!

  • Know yourself and what you have to offer

  • Know the market; trends, skills needed, etc.

  • Make connections with people who can help

  • Create a powerful resume

  • Practice interviewing to build confidence, polish

  • Stay organizedand FOLLOW UP!

    Take these steps for a more productive, successful job search!

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