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Type of front located in the eastern US. cold. Type of front over central Canada. warm. Type of weather front off the northwest coast of the US and Canada. stationary. What type of front forms when a warm air mass runs into and overtakes a cold air mass?. warm.

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What type of front forms when a cold air mass and warm air mass battle each other and neither is moving?


What is the name of the red air mass ground?

Continental polar

Name the purple air mass ground?

Maritime tropical

Name the blue air mass. ground?

Continental tropical

Which type of weather alert is more severe: a watch or warning?

Warning: means weather severe weather is expected within 24 hours

Lines on a weather map that connect areas with similar air temperatures are called _____________.


An _____________is a large body of air with similar temperature and humidity.

Air mass

What does this symbol represent? called

Occluded front

Thunderstorm clouds called


Where is the best place to seek protection (inside and outside) during a tornado?

Basement or away from window and a ditch

What do you want to avoid (both inside and outside) during a thunderstorm?

Electrical appliances, water, tall objects

When cold, dry air moves across one of the Great Lakes picking up moisture, what forms?

Lake effect snow

The cold, dry air that comes from Canada that affects Michigan is what type of air mass?

Continental polar

What type of front brings the most violent weather? the following symbol?

Cold front

Once a warm front has passed, what will the weather be like? the following symbol?

Warm, humid with clear skies/cumulus clouds

Once a cold front has passed, what will the weather be like? the following symbol?

Cooler, drier with clearing skies

What is one difference between mid latitude cyclones and anticyclones?

The direction the wind blows, the pressure