Measure monitor minimise energising travel plans for climate change
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Measure, Monitor, Minimise: Energising Travel Plans for Climate Change PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Measure, Monitor, Minimise: Energising Travel Plans for Climate Change. Dr Debbie Walker JMP Consultants. Our Atmosphere. The GHGs. IPCC. 200+ scientists worldwide Most comprehensive review of all published works

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Measure, Monitor, Minimise: Energising Travel Plans for Climate Change

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Measure, Monitor, Minimise: Energising Travel Plans for Climate Change

Dr Debbie Walker

JMP Consultants

Our Atmosphere

The GHGs


  • 200+ scientists worldwide

  • Most comprehensive review of all published works

  • ‘Very likely’ – 90% certainty – increase in temperature is due to manmade CO2

  • >1oC locked in since Industrial Revolution

  • IPCC work defines all international frameworks

    • Kyoto Protocol

    • UN agreement to prevent ‘dangerous’ climate change

      • Below 2oC, includes China and the US

At 2oC…

  • Kilimanjaro loses all snow, rendering Africa snow free for first time in 11,000 years

  • Most of Great Barrier Reef will be dead

  • Every summer will be like 2003 – when 30,000 died of heatstroke – what about extremes?

  • Greenland’s ice sheet will melt completely, a 1m rise in sea level for UK

  • Arctic sea ice will be negligible, polar bears facing extinction

  • Catastrophic collapse of agriculture in China, India, N. America

  • Non-linear feedback mechanisms…?

0.5OC, Gloucestershire, Summer 2007

Stern Warnings

  • Climate Change is the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever seen.

  • Our actions over the coming few decades could create risks of major disruption to economic and social activity, later in this century and in the next, on a scale similar to those associated with the great wars and the economic depression of the first half of the 20th century.

  • ‘The Economics of Climate Change’

  • Sir Nicolas Stern (October 2006)

And Transport?

  • Deep emissions cuts will be required in the transport sector. Large-scale uptake of a range of clean transport technologies is likely to be more difficult in the shorter term, but will ultimately be needed.

  • ‘The Economics of Climate Change’

  • Sir Nicolas Stern (October 2006)

Transport’s Share

  • 28% of total CO2e in 2006 (22% from road transport)

Not just CO2…

  • >200 LAs have declared AQMAs

  • 95% due to NO2, PM10, i.e. road traffic

  • Most of TRN within AQMA

  • 40,000 premature deaths a year

  • Increases in childhood asthma

  • Pollution worst in deprived areas, poor Quality of Life

  • UK will not meet EU targets for NO2 set for 2010

  • Legal ramifications? Judicial review?

Transport Policy

  • DfT has four key policy areas:

    • Reduce fossil carbon content of fuel

    • Increase fuel efficiency

    • Encourage a move towards more environmentally sustainable forms of transport

    • Work towards inclusion of transport in the Emissions Trading Scheme

  • The Transport Scotland Travel Plan

What is an organisation’s Carbon Footprint?

  • The WBCSD / WRI GHG Accounting Protocol:

    • a ‘basket’ of greenhouse gases

    • both direct and indirect scopes for reporting

Travel – An Important Source!

  • Replacing a 60W bulb for energy efficient:

    • saves ~ 80 kgCO2 a year

  • Single flight EDI – LHR:

    • releases ~ 80 kgCO2 per passenger


Transport Scotland Travel Plan

  • First carbon-focussed Travel Plan

  • Aspiration:

  • ‘To measure, monitor and minimise the greenhouse gas emissions arising from travel of TS employees’

  • Ethos:

  • ‘The greenest mile is the mile not travelled’

  • ‘Travel Carbon Footprint’ used to set targets and actions

  • Targets are purely carbon savings

  • Actions are defined to achieve the biggest carbon savings

    • 35,000 kgCO2 reduction over two years

Footprinting Example: The Commute

  • Undertook staff travel survey November 2006

  • Established journey details for each staff member

  • Established the carbon emission arising

  • Multiplied journeys to reflect annual impact

Mode Split

CO2 Split

The Future

  • Monitoring Strategy: annual surveys and footprint

  • Evolution of Actions and Targets

  • Annual Reporting

  • Business unit carbon challenge?

  • Individual carbon challenge?

  • TS influence over TPs requested through development planning

Yearly Emissions from Travel Information

A new carbon footprinting tool for Travel Plans


  • Yearly Emissions from Travel Information

  • Freely available for anyone to use

  • Simple registration, with online toolkit or JMP support

  • Fully automates the carbon footprinting process

  • For commute, travel surveys are completed online

  • For business travel, data files uploaded

  • Reports show breakdown of CO2 (or £!) by:

    • Mode

    • Common journey

    • Individual

    • …?

Each employee enters their commute…

Business travel data is uploaded…

…and YETI works out the total travel carbon footprint.

The commute emissions are apportioned by mode.

As are emissions from business travel.

YETI also identifies common business journeys within each mode.

  • Tailored actions can then be set to achieve the biggest carbon savings.

  • Measure. Monitor. Minimise.

  • The new approach to Travel Plans.

  • Questions?

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