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Introduction to biology
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Introduction to biology. Biology – The Study of Life. BIO – life; living OLOGY – the study of. A. Main Idea of Biology – living things interact with their environment . Living things do not exist in isolation. B. Why study Biology?

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Introduction to biology

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Introduction to biology

Introduction to biology

Biology the study of life

Biology – The Study of Life

BIO – life; living

OLOGY – the study of

Introduction to biology

  • A. Main Idea of Biology – living things interact with their environment. Living things do not exist in isolation.

Introduction to biology

  • B. Why study Biology?

    As humans, we need to understand our relationship to and how we impact other living organisms in our environment.

Introduction to biology

C. Two biological factors: Abiotic – Nonliving

Biotic – Living

D characteristics of living things

D. Characteristics of Living Things

Characteristics of life

Characteristics of Life

What characteristics must something have in order to be considered living?

1 reproduction all living things reproduce

1. Reproduction – all living things reproduce

Introduction to biology

  • Asexual Reproduction: offspring are identical to parent

Introduction to biology

  • Sexual Reproduction: offspring are different from parent

Introduction to biology

  • Species—a group of similar looking organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.

Introduction to biology

2. Adaptation – when an organism changes & the change allows for better survival, the organism has adapted.

Introduction to biology

  • Evolution: change over time

3 response stimulus and response

3. Response (Stimulus and Response)

  • *Stimulus – the thing that causes a change in an environment

  • *Response – reaction to the change/stimulus

  • Ex. Stimulus – It’s raining outside

    Response – You ???

4 energy

4. Energy

all living organisms use energy (ATP)

Ex. Metabolism:sum of chemical energy that an organism uses

Energy is the ability to do work

Work is force times distance (W=fxd)

Introduction to biology

5. Homeostasis organisms strive to reach equilibrium or balance

Ex. Body temperature, blood sugar, pH concentration, etc.

6 organization


all living things are organized

  • Show an orderly structure

  • Are unicellular (one-celled) or

  • multicellular (many-celled)

  • cells->tissue->organ->organ system


7 growth development

7.Growth & Development

Introduction to biology

  • Growth – an increase in the amount of living material & formation of new structures

Introduction to biology

  • Development – bodily changes an organism undergoes.

    Ex. Puberty

Your way to remember

Your Way to Remember:

Rare Hog


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