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Presented by ids@ul the department of clinical therapies
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Presented by: IDS@UL & The Department of Clinical Therapies. RAP Week 8 April 24 th 2012. Introducing RAP. Research Active Programme is a research training opportunity for people with intellectual disability. RAP is designed to:

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RAP Week 8 April 24 th 2012

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Presented by ids@ul the department of clinical therapies

Presented by:


The Department of Clinical Therapies

RAP Week 8April 24th2012

Introducing rap

Introducing RAP

Research Active Programme is a research training opportunity for people with intellectual disability. RAP is designed to:

  • Promote the awareness of individual and group rights in research under the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

  • Enable people with disabilities to become co-researchers and to eventually do independent research

  • Establish a core group of co-researchers to work alongside members of Intellectual Disability Studies @UL

  • Create an opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities to participate in the context of 3rd level education

Plan for the day

Plan for the Day

8 w eek plan

8 Week Plan

Week 1 what is research

Week 1 What is Research?

Research means:

  • Finding things you want to know about (like family trees)

  • Finding out about a topic that is close to your heart like work or laws about people with disabilities

  • Finding a job

  • Asking about boyfriends, girlfriends and relationships

  • Using a laptop to look for things; Using Google.

  • Having a meeting

  • Asking someone to help when you are stuck on something (like how to get money from the bank)

  • Checking the newspaper

  • Getting information together for a tv programme

Research example

Research Example…

1. What do we want to know:

What did you learn in RAP?

2. Agree to be in study

3. Talk to people

4. Find an answer

5. Tell people what we learned

Week 2

Week 2

Making Research Work for you

Week 3 your rights in research

Week 3Your Rights in Research

How does an idea get approved

How does an idea get approved?

Rap example

RAP Example

Weeks 4 5 being a c o researcher talking to people

Weeks 4& 5Being a Co-researcher: Talking to People

Part 1:

Warm up

Part 2:


Part 3:

Wrap up

Sample interview questions

Sample Interview Questions

Week 6 getting ready to talk about what we learned

Week 6Getting Ready to Talk About What We Learned

1. Invitations2. Certificate3. Draft slides4. Draft budget

Week 7 getting ready practicing our talk

Week 7Getting Ready: Practicing our Talk

  • Making choices together

  • Made slides about what we liked about having each person in the group

  • Practiced our talk for today

  • Did interviews about what we liked and didn’t like about RAP

Week 8 celebrate by telling people about your work

Week 8 Celebrate by…Telling people about your work

What i learned so far

What I learned so far…

  • How to use more pictures on consent forms

  • Better ways to ask questions

  • How much time it takes to take an idea and make it into a plan

  • How hard it is to fit lots of ideas into a short time

  • How important coffee break is!

Nancy Salmon

What we learned in rap


What we learned in RAP

Using computers in research

Assent / Dissent

Student names were inserted here

What we learned

What we learned…..

How Universities have to go about getting a project off the ground

Learned about Ethics

Rights and responsibilities in a project

Learned how to interview properly

Learned how to put together a questionnaire

How to work in a big group of strangers

Picked up ideas for research

Brian , Joe and Martina

What we learned in rap1

What we learned in RAP…

How to interview people

How to do research as a group

To tell people what research is

How to do parts of research by yourself

How to find a research question

Feedback what we have talked about

Good communication

talking one at a time

speaking loud enough for all to hear

listening to others

Students Names were inserted here

What we learned in rap2

What we learned in RAP

Finding research questions

Looking at research with older people

Did work on computers


Agree and disagree

Interviews –asking questions

Students Names here

Rap week 8 april 24 th 2012

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Rap what we learned up until now

RAP: What we learned up until now

Student 3

Student 2: Using pictures to ask questions


Doing interviews

Student 4

Award certificates

Award Certificates

Student name

Student Name

Photo of student placed here

  • Heis really friendly

  • He always makes sure everyone is included

  • He’s a good talker and a good listener

  • He is kind and nice man

  • He likes to be involved

  • He’s always smiling

What we did today

What we did today

Looking ahead

Looking Ahead

Summer 2012

  • AOTI presentation April 2012

  • Write paper about what trainees thought of RAP

  • Write a paper about the weekly session plans

  • Apply for funding to support RAP for next 2 years

    Autumn 2012

  • Run RAP again at UL with 3 peer mentors

    Spring 2013

  • Run RAP at community location

    Autumn 2013

  • Embed RAP in a Certificate in Clinical Therapies






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