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IDS@UL Presents. RAP Week 7 April 8 TH 2013. RAP Module. Plan for Today. What have we learned so far?. Our list:. Big Research Questions Are…. Important Something we can answer About a new idea Clear and simple Interesting. How do we answer big research questions?.

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RAP Week 7 April 8 TH 2013

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Ids@ul presents

IDS@UL Presents

RAP Week 7April 8TH 2013

Rap module

RAP Module

Plan for today

Plan for Today

What have we learned so far

What have we learned so far?

Our list:

Big research questions are

Big Research Questions Are…

  • Important

  • Something we can answer

  • About a new idea

  • Clear and simple

  • Interesting

How do we answer big research questions

How do we answer big research questions?

What is a survey

What is a Survey?

  • A set of questions that help us learn more about a topic of interest

  • A way to have lots of people answer exactly the same questions

  • Can be paper and pencil or online

  • A way of collecting information that represents the views of the community or group in we are interested in.

Survey vs interview

Survey vs Interview

Why might you choose to do a survey instead of an interview in research?

Large numbers can participate

People can respond in their own time

Provides a written record

Low cost

No training needed as with interviewing

Avoids interviewer bias

3 surveys in research process

3. Surveys in Research Process

  • Ethics Approval then Recruit People

  • Decide on Research Question

  • Gather Stories by Interviews, Focus Groups or Surveys

  • Tell People What We Learned

  • Find Answers

Data analysis means

Data analysis means…

  • Recording each answer

  • Finding out which answers were the same for the group

  • Finding out which answers were different for the group

  • For our survey it means taking answers from 136 pages and cutting this to one page to tell the story.

Telling the research story with numbers

Telling the Research Story with Numbers

Steps to telling the research story from a survey

Steps to Telling the Research Story from a Survey

Step 1 organising numbers

Step 1: Organising Numbers

  • Filling in a table

    • Paper

    • Computer

Rap week 7 april 8 th 2013

Step 2: Counting

Making a Floor Map…

Step 3 making a chart

Step 3: Making a Chart

  • Bar Chart

  • Pie Chart

Step 4 explaining charts

Step 4: Explaining Charts

  • Write down one sentence to tell people what the chart means…

Make a chart compare rap and tilda

Make a Chart:Compare RAP and TILDA

Our survey

Our Survey

Our survey men and women

Our Survey: Men and Women

1: Organise

2: Count

3: Make a Chart



4: Explain: More women than men filled out our survey.

Link to survey slides

Link to Survey Slides…

Group work after break

Group Work After Break

Our research question for today…

How do people with intellectual disabilities in Ireland spend their time?

Each group will come up with answers to all of our survey questions about one of these topics:

Group 1: what activities people do alone; what activities people enjoy doing with others

Group 2: where people go to do the activities they enjoy most; how people get where they want to go

Group 3: what role technology plays in coordinating activities.

Coffee break

Coffee Break

What we did today

What we did today

Plan for week 10

Plan for Week 10

  • Finishing our Celebration Slides

  • Practicing our talk

  • Doing interviews to tell us what it was like to be a RAP student (for anyone who agrees)



Your feedback on the session

Your feedback on the session

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