Customer board meeting november 3 2009
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Customer Board Meeting November 3, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United States Department of Agriculture Office of the Chief Financial Officer National Finance Center. Customer Board Meeting November 3, 2009. Schedule Release Summary. As of 10/30/2009 PPSS Projects scheduled 199 Projects Scheduled PPSS Projects Under Review 63 Projects Under Review

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Customer Board Meeting November 3, 2009

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Presentation Transcript

United States Department of Agriculture

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

National Finance Center

Customer Board MeetingNovember 3, 2009

Schedule Release Summary

As of 10/30/2009

  • PPSS Projects scheduled

    • 199 Projects Scheduled

  • PPSS Projects Under Review

    • 63 Projects Under Review

  • PPSS Projects on Hold

    • 19 Projects on hold

Schedule Release (SR) Status

Primary Releases as of 10/30/2009

  • PP20 2009 Release

    • 82 Projects Scheduled

  • 2009/2010 Annual Release

    • 51 Projects Scheduled

  • PP04/PP05 2010 Release

    • 28 Projects Scheduled

Scheduled Releases

  • 2010 Scheduled Releases

    • Four Scheduled Releases for 2010

      • PP04, PP10, PP20, Annual Release (PP25, PP26, PP01)

  • 2011 Scheduled Releases

    • Four Scheduled Releases for 2011

      • PP04, PP12, PP20, Annual Release (PP25, PP26, PP01)

Schedule Release Improvements

  • New FRD (Pilot)

    • NFC to assign Resource/Project Owner to be Primary POC

    • Collaboration between PPSPS (Policy), SRB, ADD, PPOD, PAD, and User Groups

    • Agency FRD Checklist

      • Participation in UATS

      • Testing Requirements

      • Agency Signoff Prior to Work Beginning

    • Sent in Conjunction with Inter-agency Agreement (IA)

Software Problem Report Summary

SPR Received Summary

SPR Closed Summary

SPR - Average Age at Closure

SPR - Analysis

Age of SPRs Open at End of Month

Who To Call Help Desk Assistant

On October 9, 2009, NFC revamped the Who to Call for Assistance Web page making it easier for you to reach the appropriate NFC personnel for your specific inquiry.

  • Features of this new Who to Call Assistant include:

  • A topics-oriented landing page that guides you to the appropriate help desk.

  • New Help Desk pages that contain all contact information for that particular help desk, including:

    • All phone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses.

    • A short description of the help desk.

    • The top 5-10 questions answered by the help desk to help orient you and ensure you are where you need to be for answers.

    • A Resources section on most pages that provides you with additional resources related to that topic such as Processing Tips, Bulletins, Procedure Manuals.

  • NEXT PHASE: The top 5-10 questions on each Help Desk page will be linked to answers. Our goal is to put as much information as possible at your finger tips.

E-mail Subscription Management System

The latest phase of our communications plan is a

comprehensive e-mail subscription management service that allows YOU to choose what information you wish to receive from NFC and customize how often you receive it.

  • This system will allow you to:

  • Create a Customized User Profile of information you wish to receive from NFC (e.g., product offerings, payroll updates, procedure manuals, newsletters, publications, customer notifications, etc.)

  • Manage a single profile for e-mail subscriptions instead of requiring you to join disparate lists.

  • Control Your Profile with the freedom to change or update e-mail addresses, sign up for new items, or unsubscribe at any time.

  • Receive Timely Communication through this automated service.

  • Trust the Communication Source because this service employs a certified e-mail capability which provides a special “trusted e-mail” marker in e-mails sent to major ISPs such as Yahoo! and AOL. This means we can ensure reliable delivery of messages to your e-mail inbox in a proven, secure manner.

NFC User Group Restructuring Plan 2010

NFC User Group Restructuring Plan 2010

NFC User Group Restructuring Plan 2010

User Acceptance Test (UAT) Environment

  • Purpose-testing of agency specific requests or community-wide projects prior to scheduled implementation.

  • Multi-phased implementation with Phase 1 being core Payroll/Personnel applications (e.g., PINE, PEPL, PMSO, TIME, ADJP, PAYE, PACS, EPIC).

  • Customers will receive notification by the end of the calendar year regarding the following:

    • Instructions on how to request access to the UAT environment

    • Instructions on accessing the UAT environment

    • User project requests included in the PP02 UAT

  • Scheduled to be implemented for PP02/2010.

Employee Personal Page (EPP) Initiatives

  • Future Enhancements

    • ERI/RNO

      Adding Employee Self Service to EPP for ERI, Gender, and Handicap. Implementation Target PP 10/2010

    • EPP.NET project

      Technology Upgrade. Implementation Target

      PP 10/2010

2010 Annual Pay Raise

  • Critical dates:

    • Deadline for submission of test participation forms and security access forms is Wednesday, 12/9/09

    • Deadline for submission of agency specific requirements and TMGT table update requests is Thursday, 12/31/09

    • Testing to take place on Wednesday and Thursday, 1/6/10 and 1/7/10

  • The Pay Raise Mailbox is  Please use this mailbox for all Pay Raise related emails, requests, updates, etc.

  • The Customer Notification with the Annual Pay Raise procedures and forms is expected to be released the week of 11/9/09.  Should you require additional information, please submit your requests to the Pay Raise Mailbox. 

Systems Requirements Branch (SRB)

  • SRB established in PP21/2009.

  • responsible for Functional Requirements Documents and Systems Requirements Documents as they relate to Software Change Requests

  • Alignment of SRB staff to agencies.

    • Department of Agriculture - Department of Homeland Security

    • Department of Justice - Department of Labor & All Other Agencies

    • Department of Treasury

    • FDIC/HUD/Smithsonian/Department of Commerce

    • OPM Payroll Initiatives/Mandated

    • OPM Personnel Initiatives/Mandated

  • provide a team that will meet customer expectations managing requests as projects ensuring timeliness, quality and completion to targets. 

Reporting Center MD 715 Reports

  • Reporting Center data verified as accurate

  • EEOC MD-715 Workforce Data Tables Reports

    • Report formats based on EEOC requirements and will contain RNO and ERI data currently available in the Payroll/Personnel Database

    • Workforce Data Tables requiring information not available in the Payroll/Personnel Database will be provided as blank formatted reports, that can be printed as forms and/or downloaded as EXCEL spreadsheets

  • Implementation Target PP 22/2009

Managing Employee Debts

Debts (receivables)established for collection of:

  • salary overpayments, erroneous payments, or duplicate payments

  • Notice of Intent to Recover Past Due Health Benefits from Salary

  • FEHB for Separated Employees

    Reports sent to Agencies 

  • Bi-weekly – Outstanding Salary Offset Debts-Suspended by Agency

  • Monthly -Status of Debtor Accounts

Managing Employee Debts

  • Employee in pay status, and has enough disposable pay, automatically processes deductions unless Agency authorizes suspension of deductions.

  • Employee is separated and the debt becomes 60-days delinquent:

    - Debt sent to Claims unless Agency authorizes suspension of this action.

    - New debt notice issued, providing “due process”

    60 days after due process, account sent to Treasury Offset Program

    - Report sent to agencies on a monthly basis.

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