Unit introduction and overview
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Unit Introduction and Overview. Unit objectives: Determine order of succession. Identify and discuss the steps in order of succession planning. What is an order of succession?. Order of Succession. Orders of Succession .

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Unit Introduction and Overview

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Unit introduction and overview l.jpg

Unit Introduction and Overview

Unit objectives:

  • Determine order of succession.

  • Identify and discuss the steps in order of succession planning.

Order of succession l.jpg

What is an order of succession?

Order of Succession

Orders of succession l.jpg

Orders of Succession

  • Provisions for the assumption of senior agency offices during an emergency, in the event that any of those officials are unavailable to execute their legal duties.

Orders of succession4 l.jpg

Orders of Succession

  • Orders of succession are implemented when department/agency leadership is debilitated or incapacitated.

  • Departments/agencies must establish, promulgate, and maintain orders of succession to key positions, including successor location(s) and contact information.

Order of succession5 l.jpg

Why do we need orders of succession?

Order of Succession

Steps for establishing orders of succession l.jpg

Steps for Establishing Orders of Succession

  • Establish an order of succession to the position of department/agency head.

  • Establish orders of succession for all other key positions.

  • Identify limitations on delegation of authority.

  • Consider legislatively mandated orders of succession.

  • Have General Counsel or Attorney General review the orders of succession.

Orders of succession7 l.jpg

What are some circumstances that might require implementation of orders of succession?

Orders of Succession

Activity determining orders of succession l.jpg

Activity: Determining Orders of Succession

  • Select a key position at your organizational level.

  • Develop an order of succession for that position. Make the order at least three deep.

    You will have 10 minutes to complete this activity.

Training successors l.jpg

Training Successors

  • Train successors for their emergency duties.

  • Exercise the order of succession.

  • Communicate orders of succession to the entire organization.

Summary and transition l.jpg

Summary and Transition

  • This unit:

    • Introduced orders of succession

      Next unit:

    • Delegations of authority (Unit 5)

Summary and transition11 l.jpg

Summary and Transition

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