Independence denied
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Independence Denied: PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Independence Denied: . Sykes -Picot Agreement of 1916 Balfour Declaration Creation of Iraq. Creation of Iraq. 1915-1932, British Mandate 1932 British install Hashemite Monarchy

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Independence Denied:

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Independence denied l.jpg

Independence Denied:

  • Sykes -Picot Agreement of 1916

  • Balfour Declaration

  • Creation of Iraq

Creation of iraq l.jpg

Creation of Iraq

  • 1915-1932, British Mandate

  • 1932 British install Hashemite Monarchy

  • 1958 Revolutionary Coup overthrows Monarchy and establishes a republic, new government moves to nationalize oil, legalizes Communist party and establishes friendly relations with the Soviet Union

Creation of iraq3 l.jpg

Creation of Iraq

  • 1963 US backed coup overthrows new government and installs pro-US government

  • 1968 Pan-Arab Socialist Baath Party takes power with possible backing of US government

  • 1979 Saddam Hussein consolidates power and becomes Iraqi President

Creation of israel l.jpg

Creation of Israel

  • Ancient Kingdom, Conquered by Rome. Jerusalem Sacked by Romans AD 63.

  • AD 150 Jews driven from Palestine/Israel

  • 1880’s Zionism some return to buy land and settle

  • 1920 Post-WWI Palestine is British Mandate area

  • Balfour Declaration

  • 1920’s Arab opposition

  • 1947 British Planned Withdrawal

  • 1948 UN Partition Plan for Jewish State

  • 1948 State of Israel created

  • War, Israel triumphs about one million Arabs are dislocated

  • 1956 Suez War Israeli, French and British Joint Attack

  • 1967 Six Day War

Slide5 l.jpg

1967 War and the Israeli Occupation

Slide6 l.jpg

Israeli Military Checkpoint, West Bank

Slide15 l.jpg

Mohammed Al Durrah 12 years old





Cycle of Violence

State Terrorism

War Crime




Iconic images for the arab world l.jpg

Iconic Images for the Arab World


Post ww ii l.jpg

Post WW-II

  • Rise of the Baathist Party

  • Pan-Arabism

Major conflicts post wwii l.jpg

Major Conflicts Post-WWII

Iran and the islamic revolution l.jpg

Iran and the Islamic Revolution

  • US role in Iran

  • Shah Rezi

Iranian revolution l.jpg


  • 1941 Shah takes power

  • 1944 Shah ousted from power by elected Prime Minister, Mossadegh. Mossadegh, nationalizes oil and sets about social reforms

  • 1953 In a joint covert operation by the British and US Intelligence Agencies Code named Ajax, Mossadegh is overthrown and the Shah is returned to power. British and American control of Oil resources is restored.

  • 1960’s and 70’s Increasing westernization of Iran. Extreme corruption of government. Increased national wealth but with extreme income gap between rich and poor. Extreme repression, death squads against left wing, socialist, communists, Islamic leaders. One major Islamic opposition leader, Khomeini 1970’s 2,500 party 120 USD million with one ton of caviar.

Slide21 l.jpg

  • 1978 libelous article against Khomeini excites street protests. Brutally put down and leads to revolution.

  • 1980 Failed Nojeh Coup coordinated by US National Security Advisor, Jordan’s King Hussein to be carried out by Saddam Hussein

  • Following failure of coup, Iraq, with support of United States invades Iran planning to crush the newly formed Islamic Revolutionary State.

Iran iraq war 1980 1988 l.jpg

Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988

  • Oil

  • Culture

  • Military

  • Costs

  • (Iran Air 655)

Iraqi invasion of kuwait l.jpg

Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait

  • Oil Price

    • OPEC Pro-west Kuwait Saudi Arabia

  • Territory

  • Historic Claims

  • Oil Field/Exploitation Disputes

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