Corporate support for road safety
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Corporate Support for Road Safety August ,2009 Yomi Fawehinmi The Road Safety pandemic In 2004, Road traffic injuries were the ninth leading medical cause of death in the world.

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Corporate support for road safety l.jpg

Corporate Support for Road Safety

August ,2009

Yomi Fawehinmi

The road safety pandemic l.jpg
The Road Safety pandemic

  • In 2004, Road traffic injuries were the ninth leading medical cause of death in the world.

  • However by the year 2020, if nothing is done to address the issue, road accidents would have become the third most significant cause of injury and death, surpassing war and HIV!

The road safety pandemic3 l.jpg
The Road Safety pandemic

  • Road traffic collisions

    • kill more than 1.2 million people/year around the world

      • More than the number killed by malaria or diabetes.

    • About 50 million are injured in traffic accidents each year.

Peculiarities in issues of road safety l.jpg
Peculiarities in Issues of road Safety

  • Developing countries bear a greater brunt of the weight.

    • Account for just 32 percent of the world's trucks and cars, but they suffer 75 percent of the deaths on the world's roadways.

    • Africa is worse

    • Traffic deaths in low and middle – income counties are predicted to increase by 83%, while they will decrease by 67% in high income counties.

  • Gender

    • Men account for over 70 percent of the victims of road accidents.

  • The demographic dimension

    • Over 50 % of road traffic deaths occur among people 15-44 years.

Road safety in nigeria l.jpg
Road Safety In Nigeria

“Accident rate in Nigeria is one of the highest in the world but everything is being done to reduce it. The problem is not the regulations. We have relevant rules in place but our problem is enforcement of the laws. Most of the drivers do not know the road signs and markings”-The Minister of Transport (as at then), Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke

  • Giant Steps been taken to improve the situation

  • Situation worsened as a result the state of

    • Road infrastructure

    • Institutions for education, policy development, Research and Law enforcement

    • Driving habits

    • Vehicles

    • The Okada Menace

      • Six times more likely to die in a crash then people on other types of enclosed Vehicles.

      • 8:10 Chance that a motorcycle accident will result in death or very serious injury”

Whose role l.jpg
Whose Role?

  • Traditionally, Road safety is a public service

  • However, there is a need for the private sector to get involved in road safety

The business case for private sector participation in road safety l.jpg
The business case for Private sector participation in road safety

  • Minimize/ eliminate the high cost of Accidents

    • Property damage

    • Administrative cost- Policing , etc

    • Lost output

    • Medical cost

    • Human cost of pain, grief and suffering

    • Loss of lives

      • Cause of 1:3 deaths in the Oil and Gas business

  • As a Risk Mitigation strategy

  • Road safety initiatives builds company reputation

  • Cost minimization Strategy

    • For insurers- No accidents=No claims

  • The arrive alive project l.jpg
    The Arrive Alive Project safety

    • Pioneered and launched In April 2004 by Chevron

    • The goal is to achieve zero fatalities on our roads.

    • Arrive Alive’s charter is to take action and collaborate with governments, private sector companies and international donors to improve road safety

    • The project currently, operates as non-profit coalitions in

      • El Salvador

      • Guatemala

      • Nigeria

      • South Africa

      • Uganda

    Background arrive alive vision l.jpg
    Background: safetyArrive Alive Vision

    The focus of Arrive Alive is to help key stakeholders in countries in which we operate to eliminate fatalities and injuries among Chevron employees, contractors and the public.

    To achieve the goal of Arrive Alive, Chevron seeks to proactively collaborate with key stakeholders to find and implement solutions to the root causes of road traffic incidents.

    Background business drivers why chevron is involved l.jpg
    Background: Business Drivers— safetyWhy Chevron is Involved

    • Our workforce interface with the public daily

    • Creates goodwill and a good reputation

    • Supports Company’s safety goals

    • Instigate behavior changes among children

    • Supports the values of the Company

    • Provides a platform to Show the compnay as a good stewards of her employees, contractors, and communities

    Arrive alive value drivers l.jpg
    Arrive Alive safetyValue Drivers

    To save lives.

    To move Chevron further along the pathway to zero crashes, injuries and fatalities.

    To reduce costs associated with MVCs.


    Key operating principles l.jpg
    Key Operating Principles safety

    • Collaborate

      • Coalitions are formed with stakeholders.

    • Holistic

      • Develop projects that incorporate

        • Road Safety Education

        • Support for Enforcement

        • Advocacy

        • Simple engineering

    • Protect people

    • Root – cause focus

    The arrive alive road safety initiative aarsi aarsi l.jpg
    The Arrive Alive Road Safety Initiative (AARSI) AARSI safety

    AARSI was established by a coalition of private sector companies

    • Chevron Nigeria

    • Zenith Bank Plc

    • First Bank of Nigeria Plc

    • Diamond Bank Plc

    Aarsi significant strides to date l.jpg
    AARSI Significant Strides To Date safety

    Hot Spot Remediation


    Education/ Communication



    • 2 Hot spots corrected in Lagos

      • Obsorne Bend

      • Ogudu Bridge

    Slide18 l.jpg

    OGUDU safety

    Before After

    Major traffic slow down pointReduced traffic

    Aarsi significant strides to date19 l.jpg
    AARSI Significant Strides To Date safety

    Hot Spot Remediation


    Education/ Communication



    • Supported the Federal Road Safety Commission & Lagos State Traffic Management Authority on deployment/usage of breathalyzers

      • Provided training

      • Donated breathalyzers

    • Distributed over 5000 Helmets to Okada Riders

    Aarsi significant strides to date20 l.jpg
    AARSI Significant Strides To Date safety

    Hot Spot Remediation


    Education/ Communication



    • Established Road Safety Clubs in Nine schools

    • Working with the Lagos state government to develop a curriculum on safety

    • Trained over 4000 okada riders in Lagos in

      • Use of correct safety helmets

      • Safe driving

    • Developed Several Communication on safe driving habits

      • Radio Jingles

      • Production of Flyers

      • Jingles aired on Cool FM,WAZOBIA and RHYTHM

    Aarsi significant strides to date21 l.jpg
    AARSI Significant Strides To Date safety

    Hot Spot Remediation


    Education/ Communication



    • Advocacy on Blood Alcohol Content limit

    • Advocacy on ensuring the use appropriate helmets.

    • Promoting Safety Engineering in road construction

    • Promotion of the “Safe Road Corridor “ concept

    Chevron support to arrive alive l.jpg
    Chevron support to Arrive Alive safety

    • Financial support

    • Technical support

      • COE in the U.S

      • local Support

    Lessons learnt l.jpg
    Lessons learnt safety

    • Develop a program that support your strategic fit

    • Start small and grow big

      • Choose a geographic area

      • Choose an area of intervention

    • Work with others to make this happen

      • Be on board with FRSC

      • Utilise other partners

    • Have scorecard to measure performance

    • Sustain Your interest

    • Get funding for activities in good time

    Where you can be involved l.jpg
    Where you can be involved safety

    • Be a better road user

    • Support the Road safety institutions in Nigeria

    • Start a road safety program in your organization

    • Join the AARSI

    Joining aarsi l.jpg
    Joining AARSI safety

    • Synergy opportunities

      • Funding

      • Technical Support

      • Share Cost

      • Extend Mileage

    • Joining a league of recognized partners in Road Safety

    • Sustainable support

    • Professionalism and Good Project Management Skills


    Slide26 l.jpg

    Finally, safety

    We all have a Role to promote Road Safety in Nigeria