Protecting infrastructure from hurricanes
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Protecting infrastructure from hurricanes: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protecting infrastructure from hurricanes:. Lessons learned about the importance and effectiveness of adopting and following modern building codes Tim Reinhold Institute for Business & Home Safety. Design Standards for Manufactured Housing. Pre- 1976 No standards, lots of singlewides

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Protecting infrastructure from hurricanes:

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Protecting infrastructure from hurricanes l.jpg

Protecting infrastructure from hurricanes:

Lessons learned about the importance and effectiveness of adopting and following modern building codes

Tim Reinhold

Institute for Business & Home Safety

Design standards for manufactured housing l.jpg

Design Standards for Manufactured Housing

  • Pre- 1976

    • No standards, lots of singlewides

    • Generally very poor performance

  • 1976-1994

    • HUD Code, more doublewides

    • Two design levels – not tied to modern wind std.

    • Better performance but lots of damage

  • Post 1994

    • Wind zones 1-3

    • ASCE 7-88 loads and wind map

    • Clearly superior performance

Slide5 l.jpg

Strengthening Codes Works

Attached structures l.jpg

Attached Structures

Slide7 l.jpg

New Commercial Structure in Punta Gorda

Slide8 l.jpg

Older Commercial Structure across street in Punta Gorda

Windborne debris l.jpg

Windborne Debris

Primary Sources:

  • Roofing Materials

  • Siding Materials

  • Vegetative Debris

  • Structural Components

  • Unsecured Items (Patio Furniture, Potted Plants, lawn ornaments, etc.)

Elimination of gravel ballast l.jpg

Elimination of Gravel Ballast

Debris and internal pressures l.jpg

Debris and Internal Pressures

Punta gorda city hall annex l.jpg

Punta Gorda City Hall & Annex

  • Mitigation Success

    • Annex in use

    • City Hall gutted

Aggregate losses for charlotte county and punta gorda l.jpg

Aggregate Losses for Charlotte County and Punta Gorda

  • All Building Permits: $1.8 Billion

  • Residential Garage Doors: $2.6 Million

  • Shingle Roofs: $114 Million

  • Tile Roofs: $87 Million

  • Residential Cages: $16 Million

Roof covering and soffit failures lead to interior damage l.jpg

Roof covering and soffit failures lead to interior damage

Roof covering failures tile l.jpg

Roof Covering Failures - Tile

Tile Roof Damage

  • Tile insufficiently attached to roof deck:

Continuing problems garage door failures l.jpg

Continuing Problems: Garage Door Failures

  • Failed primarily due to lack of reinforcement and track bracing for design pressures

  • Some were also damaged by windborne debris

Continuing problems double entry doors l.jpg

Continuing Problems:Double Entry Doors

Continuing problems gable ends l.jpg

Continuing Problems:Gable Ends

  • Gable End Failures

    • Sheathing loss

    • Un-braced gables

Reducing hurricane risks losses l.jpg

Reducing Hurricane Risks & Losses

Conclusions l.jpg


  • Buildings built under the latest codes where enforcement was good – generally performed well structurally (some exceptions)

  • Keys are:

    • Good up to date code

    • Uniform and thorough enforcement

    • Builders and subs who understand and appreciate the risks

    • Special inspections for key functions

Benefit cost studies for building codes l.jpg

Benefit-Cost Studies for Building Codes

  • Texas A&M Study for TDI Code

    • For individual provisions large variability

    • For system of provisions B-C ~ 4 to 7

  • Seismic Code Study for Utah and LA

    • B-C of 4.3 for Utah

    • B-C of 6 to 16 for LA

Recommendations l.jpg


  • Appropriate funds for National Windstorm Loss Reduction Program authorized last year

  • Increase support for NOAA / FEMA in wind field modeling

  • Increase support for NOAA in hardening and backing up ASOS stations

  • Add incentives for code adoption and enforcement

  • Add incentives for mitigation

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