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On Behalf of the Agency for Graduate Concerns and the Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies Office we Warmly Welcome all New Graduate Students to Florida Atlantic University This Event is Co-Sponsored by AGC and Graduate Admissions/Studies Located in University Center Room 221

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On Behalf of the

Agency for Graduate Concerns

and the Graduate Admissions

and Graduate Studies Office we Warmly Welcome all New Graduate Students to Florida Atlantic University

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This Event is Co-Sponsored by AGC and Graduate Admissions/Studies

Located in University Center

Room 221

[email protected]


(This is where you would apply for grants to attending conferences or presenting papers!)

Graduate Admissions and

Graduate Studies

Dr. Gary Perry, Dean

Suzette Vandeburg, Director

Located in SU-80 Room 101



Fau services visit fau edu for more info l.jpg
FAU Services Admissions/StudiesVisit FAU.EDU for more info.

  • Graduate Admissions graduate.fau.edu

  • Financial Aid www.fau.edu/student/fin_aid.htm

  • Student Employment http://www.fau.edu/finaid/finaid_stdemp.htm

  • Library www.fau.edu/library

  • Multicultural Affairs http://www.fau.edu/student/ma/

  • International students services


  • Food Services (561) 297-3548 (Two cafeterias)

  • University Police http://www.fau.edu/student/police/police.htm

  • Traffic and Parking http://parking.fau.edu/map.asp

  • Student Health Services http://www.shs.fau.edu/

  • Counseling Center www.fau.edu/student/counsel

  • Students with Disabilities http://www.osd.fau.edu/

Academic policies and procedures l.jpg


An Overview of Important Information for Graduate Students

(Graduate Catalog and Graduate Policy and Procedures Manual is currently being updated- visit the web for the most up-to-date version)

Continuous enrollment l.jpg

  • At least one credit during at least two semesters (fall, spring, or summer) of every academic year in order to remain eligible for the degree.

  • If continuous enrollment is not maintained, catalog requirements for degree are no longer binding.

  • If not enrolled continuously, requirements will be based on the catalog in effect when the student re-enters.

Registration l.jpg
REGISTRATION Admissions/Studies

  • Web registration is preferred method of registering. https://oasis1.fau.edu/ia-bin/ahomepg.htm

  • The on-line schedule of courses shows course availability.

  • Early registration = greater course availability

  • Administrative holds - cleared prior to registering.

  • Pay tuition by 1/18/200 to avoid any late fees ($125).

  • Late drop/add period runs through January 17; all courses are fee liable after this date.

Grade point averages gpas l.jpg
GRADE POINT AVERAGES (GPAs) Admissions/Studies

  • Computation of GPA:

    • Computed by dividing the sum of all grade points earned by the total number of credits in all courses for which grades of A through D- or F have been received.

Plus/Minus Grading System

S/U grading for thesis/dissertation

Satisfactory academic performance l.jpg

  • To remain in good standing, graduate students must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA on all work attempted by the end of the second term of enrollment and all subsequent terms.

  • Minimum GPA required for a degree is 3.0 (some programs require higher GPAs for continuation and graduation).

Unsatisfactory academic performance l.jpg


    • A student who ceases to be in good academic standing must attain a 3.0 cumulative average within the next two in which enrolled, including summer semesters. Further registration as a degree-seeking graduate student will not be permitted unless cumulative average is above a 3.0.

Academic petition process l.jpg

  • Students may appeal academic requirements or regulations that they believe are causing them particular hardship.

    • Hardship usually considered a situation over which the student has no control.

    • Does not include grievances against instructors or financial matters.

    • Initiate petition with academic department of your major.

Honor code academic irregularities and student s academic grievances l.jpg
Honor Code, Academic Irregularities, and Student’s Academic Grievances:

  • To assure academic integrity, the Honor Code requires a faculty member, student, or staff member to notify an instructor when there is reason to believe an academic irregularity is occurring in a course.

Honor code academic irregularities and student s academic grievances continued l.jpg
Honor Code, Academic Irregularities, and Student’s Academic Grievances(continued):

  • Irregularities include improper assistance on an examination or assignment and plagiarism.

  • Instructors required to investigate charges of academic irregularities and take appropriate action.

  • Student appeals Instructor’s actions to the Department Chair, Dean, college faculty-student council, and to Provost on grounds specified in the Student Handbook.

Research compliance intellectual property l.jpg

Requires official protocol approval of the IRB Academic Grievances

before collection of data (file form with Sponsored Research (561) 297-2310). http://www.fau.edu/dsr/irb_faq5.htm

Consult with your academic advisor.

Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, Boating/Diving,

Hazardous Chemicals, Infectious Agents, Recombinant DNA, Radioactive Material, X-Rays, or Lasers.

Intellectual Property – creation of works and inventions

Research Compliance& Intellectual Property

Change of address l.jpg
CHANGE OF ADDRESS Academic Grievances

  • Please submit all address changes to the Office of the Registrar

  • Address changes can be sent via e-mail to: http://www.fau.edu/academic/admissions/AddressChange.htm

  • As 8/1/2004, all students are required to maintain an FAU e-mail account. Visithttp://www.fau.edu/aboutfau/email_policy.htmlfor more information

Questions l.jpg
QUESTIONS??? Academic Grievances

  • What courses to take?

    • Ask academic advisor.

  • Problems with a course, policy?

    • See Professor, then Graduate Director or Chair, then Dean.

  • Other questions, contact Graduate Admissions and Graduate Studies at 561-297-3624.

Get involved l.jpg
GET INVOLVED Academic Grievances

  • Student Development & Activities (clubs and organizations)

  • Student Government

  • University Press (newspaper); WOWL (radio)

  • Campus Recreation

  • FAU Athletics (Owl Card = admission to FAU athletic events!)

  • Other Student Organizations include:

    • Agency for Graduate Concerns

    • Graduate Grant Committees

    • Graduate Student Association

  • Campus Volunteer Center

  • Student Alumni Association

Thank you for your time we wish you an enjoyable graduate experience at florida atlantic university l.jpg
Thank you for your time. Academic Grievances We wish you an enjoyable graduate experience at Florida Atlantic University.