environmental ethics
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Environmental Ethics

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Environmental Ethics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Ethics. Understanding environmental morality and ethics. Unique Earth. As far as we know, Earth is unique because it has had the right conditions to sustain LIFE for 3.5 billion years. Your Ecological Footprint. Is your global footprint sustainable?.

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environmental ethics
Environmental Ethics
  • Understanding environmental morality and ethics
unique earth
Unique Earth
  • As far as we know, Earth is unique because it has had the right conditions to sustain LIFE for 3.5 billion years
your ecological footprint
Your Ecological Footprint
  • Is your global footprint sustainable?

How many Earths does does it take to support your lifestyle?

How many hectares of land does it take to support your


  • Affluenza = A social condition arising from the desire to be more wealthy, successful or to "keep up with the Joneses". Affluenza is symptomatic of a culture that holds up financial success as one of the highest achievements. People said to be affected by affluenza typically find that the very economic success they have been so vigorously chasing ends up leaving them feeling unfulfilled, and wishing for yet more wealth.

Needs verses Wants


Teenage Affluenza URL:http://youtu.be/ijST6jWGMiM

over consumption and over population
Over Consumption and Over Population
  • Population Growth URL: http://youtu.be/b98JmQ0Cc3k
the loss of biodiversity
The loss of Biodiversity
  • Facing The Sixth Extinction URL:http://youtu.be/eY-ltUIsnrQ
global community
Global Community
  • We have become a force capable of changing the conditions on Earth that sustain LIFE.
destruction of our air water land and wildlife
Destruction of Our Air, Water, Land and Wildlife
  • Slash and Burn agriculture Loss of Biodiversity

Mountain Top Removal Mining Land Pollution

Waste Disposal Water Pollution

Photochemical Smog Air Pollution

the lorax fable
The Lorax Fable
  • A fable is a succinct fictional story that illustrates a MORAL lesson
  • A MORAL = what is right verses wrong
an ethic
An Ethic
  • Ethics = are actions taken you take based on your morals

Students preparing raised bed gardens to grow some of their own food

value taking the long look
Value - Taking The Long Look
  • What you VALUE = something that has worth to you.

What you value based on on respect, responsibility, honest, and caring.

  • An OPINION = an idea or a belief
environmental ethic
Environmental Ethic
  • An ENVIRONMENTAL ETHIC = a body of moral principles or values following by a person in regards to their total surroundings. (your actions)