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Family Information Session April 24, 2013

Family Information Session April 24, 2013. Introductions/Session Overview Family Sports and Recreation Family Benefits Cultural Opportunities: DeBartolo Center Family Programming Snite Family Activities Childcare Committee Opportunities for Faculty and Staff Comments/Questions. Agenda.

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Family Information Session April 24, 2013

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  1. Family Information SessionApril 24, 2013

  2. Introductions/SessionOverview • Family Sports and Recreation • Family Benefits • Cultural Opportunities: • DeBartolo Center Family Programming • Snite Family Activities • Childcare • Committee Opportunities for Faculty and Staff • Comments/Questions Agenda

  3. Family Sports and Recreation

  4. Even Fridays is a program designed to meet the recreational needs of faculty, staff, graduate students, and their families. This program focuses more on leisure recreation. Family swimming, bowling, skating, and beach days are typical programs. Even Fridays!

  5. Family FIRST Family FIRST (Fitness Instruction & Recreational Sports Training) is another RecSports family program. Like all of our Family Programs, Family FIRST seeks to improve the mind, body, and spirit of Notre Dame’s families. However, this program focuses more directly on the fitness needs of families and is specifically designed for parents and children to attend together.

  6. Although we do not currently program any trips for families, we do offer equipment rental year round. Tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and sleep pads are all available to rent through our registration page. We even carry junior sized sleeping bags. Find out more information about our program on our website. Outdoor Adventures

  7. Informal family recreation is a continuous part of our family programming. Family hours occur weekly at all of our facilities, and are adjusted accordingly for student breaks. This is a great time for you to come and enjoy some great activity with your children. Informal Family Recreation RSRC Saturday: 9:00 AM – Noon Sunday: Noon – 2:00 PM Rockne Memorial Saturday & Sunday: 2:00 – 5:00 PM (Pool closed on Sunday) Rolfs Aquatic Center Sunday: 2:00 – 5:00 PM

  8. Registration Registration is required for almost all of our programs. We appreciate registration even for programs that do not require it. It is simple: Log on to www.recsports.nd.edu and click on the RecRegister link next to the search bar. Put in your NDID and Password and follow the prompts.

  9. Camp season:  June 10 – Aug 4 • 18 varsity sports – 60 camp sessions • Camps run by ND Coaching staffs and current ND student athletes • Youth day camps and residential overnight camps • Faculty and Staff children get a 20% discount on camps • Contact information: •        Email:             ndcamps@nd.edu •        Phone:           574-631-8788 •        Register:        http://youthsports.nd.edu/camps Athletic Summer Camps

  10. Register at:   http://youthsports.nd.edu/camps Summer Camps Registration

  11. The Compton Family Ice Arena offers several opportunities for families. Programs include open skate, drop-in hockey, learn to skate, adult development hockey, and curling. For more information and schedule of events see the website:http://www.und.com/sports/comptonarena/nd-comptonarena-body.html Compton Family Ice Arena

  12. Family Benefits

  13. Wellness Center • Primary Care and Urgent Care • Referrals to the community medical providers • Preventive health and wellness programs, including a wellness coach • Chronic condition management program • Physical Therapy • Pharmacy • Laboratory • Occupational Health, including travel • Patient portal - WellnessCenter.nd.edu

  14. Wellness Center – Occupational Health • Faculty and staff travel program • Workers compensation • Surveillance exams

  15. Wellness Center - Wellness • “The art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which a person can move forward toward a desired goal in a fulfilling manner”- Timothy Galloway • Deals specifically with areas of health, fitness and wellness • Teaches new life skill-developing a personal blueprint for well-being and being confident enough to implement it • Be Well Series

  16. Wellness Center - Chronic Condition • Type II Diabetes • High Blood Pressure • Heart Disease • Childhood and Adult Asthma • Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis (COPD) • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) • Back Pain • Depression

  17. Wellness Center - Pharmacy • Full service Walgreens Pharmacy • Services include: • 90-day prescription fill and refill without penalty (alternative to mail order) • Discount on over-the-counter medications • Free medication well checks • Convenient drive thru!

  18. Wellness Center-Physical Therapy • Physical Therapy Services* • Acute Injury Care • Chronic Pain Treatment • Pre-Surgical Conditioning • Post-Op Recovery • RecSports • After initial physical therapy acute phase is completed, transition patient to continue treatment at Rec Sports • Rec Sports staff work with them on individualized exercise plan * Requires prescription dated within 30 days

  19. Wellness Programs • Weight management • Weight Watchers • Nutrition • Dietitianservices • Irish Health • Screenings on Campus

  20. Lactation Rooms • Available to faculty, staff & graduate students at Hesburgh Library, DeBartolo Hall, Grace Hall & the Main Building • Support of women balancing work/study commitments with their needs as mothers of young children • Rooms provide private, clean, comfortable areas with electrical access • Secure access requested through Human Resources • The University is monitoring utilization for future considerations • Breastfeeding Encouragement Support Team (BEST) on campus

  21. Adoption Benefit • Full-time Regular Faculty & Full-time Staff • One year of service • Reimbursement for up to $3,000 per adoption • Maximum of two adoptions per year • Covered adoption expenses include: • Legal fees (including court fees); • Medical expenses of birth mother; • Agency or placement fees; • Medical expenses for child; and • Immigration fees

  22. Health Advocate Program • Highly personalized service helping members navigate healthcare and insurance related issues. Core features are: • A highly trained Personal Health Advocate • Medical and clinical support • Administrative support • Healthcare assistance • Information resource and referral • Personal health advocate is typically a registered nurse supported by physicians and specialists in claims management, behavioral health, social work, pharmacy, nutrition, wellness, life-style change counselors and more. • The program helps members to understand their options. Health Advocate Phone Number: 866-695-8622 Health Advocate Website: HealthAdvocate.com

  23. Insurance Programs • Medical • Meritain PPO Plan • Meritain CHA HMO Plan • Meritain Select HMO Plan • ESI Prescription Drug • Dental • Delta Dental Plans • Vision • EyeMed • Flexible Spending Accounts

  24. Employee Assistance Program • LifeWorks – 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, free confidential assistance on work and life issues with a master’s level counselor • A real person to talk to when you need an answer to a question • Support on a wide range of issues: parenting, stress, depression, work, retirement planning, financial and legal issues along with any other everyday issue • LifeWorks online – Immediate access to articles, newsletters, LifeWorkshops and much more • Free booklets, audio recordings and other resources to help you get the answers in the format you want • Referrals to resources, services and support groups in the community • Up to three visits per issue with a master’s-level counselor • Call 1-888-267-8126 to speak with a consultant • Or visit www.lifeworks.com • User ID: notredame • Password: gond

  25. Benefits - WorkLife • http://hr.nd.edu/work-life-balance/ • Caring for Children • Caring for Yourself • Your Campus Services • LifeWorks – www.lifeworks.com • Login: notredame • Password: gond • Healthy Campus

  26. Cultural Opportunities

  27. DeBartolo Center Family Programming

  28. Family Day @ the Snite Snite Museum of Art Gallery Activities Art Making Activities Performances & Demonstrations Happy Families! (we also serve refreshments!)

  29. Family Resources @ the Snite Snite Museum of Art Sculpture to Go (ages 8+) A Look & A Book (ages 4+)

  30. Childcare

  31. Committee objectives: • Provide an overview of ECDC operations to foster a greater understanding within the Committee, allowing members to share information with their constituent groups. • Provide an avenue for Committee members to express needs from various constituent groups represented. • Serve as a conduit to bring additional considerations (shorter and longer term) to University leadership. Current ECDC Committee

  32. ECDC – ND Background • Early Childhood Development Center is located on east side of campus next to library parking lot • Non-profit organization that is independent of Notre Dame • Daycare for children age 2 through Kindergarten • Licensed by State of Indiana • Accredited by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) • Notre Dame location established in 1993 • - Agreement with Notre Dame governs operation • - Spirit of original agreement was that the Center be operated in such a way that it would be “…afford{able} to all Notre Dame employees” – resulted in sliding scale tuition structure • (Note there is also Day Care at St Mary’s – established in 1971)

  33. ECDC – ND Cost of Attendance • Operations are cost effective • Largest expense (salaries and benefits) is driven by licensing and accreditation • ND subsidies offset tiered income structure • Tuition rates were compared to other local Centers of similar quality and ECDC – ND tuition rates are comparable for hours of care provided • Nationally, ECDC – ND tuition rates are reasonable compared to other campus-based, accredited programs

  34. Access to ECDC-ND • ECDC - ND open to all Notre Dame faculty, staff and students, alumni, CSC families • Equality of access: • By lottery system - Lottery conducted by Dir. of ECDC • Top priority given equally to Notre Dame faculty, staff and students • Sliding tuition scale • 168 children total with a waitlist that varies from 69-84 in recent years (Currently 113) • Wait lists have been relatively stable; higher this year, but continue, especially for two year old room • (Note: No preferential access for recruiting)

  35. ECDC – ND ECDC Notre Dame Enrollment vs. Waitlisted History

  36. ECDC – ND Future Demand Trends

  37. ECDC – ND Future Expansion Considerations • No current plans underway for expansion; was explored in response to growing demand • Licensing and accreditation requirements • Limit the size of classes • Determine student/teacher ratios • Determine qualifications of staff for facility • Current ages served: • Demand is high at 2-year old level • Demand decreases with age • Demand for kindergarten mostly met with current space due to local kindergarten availability

  38. ECDC – ND Infant vs. Preschool Care • Infant care prohibitively expensive for few spaces: • New facility would not meet projected demand • With facility the size of current ECDC footprint: • Could serve approx. 56 children age infant to 2 • 16 total infants (max of 8 per room) • More need met with facility for ages 2 to pre-K: • With facility the size of current ECDC footprint: • Could serve approx. 100 children age 2 to pre-K • 34 additional slots for 2 and 2/3 groups combined

  39. Family Website Under Development • Lifeworks.com • Notre Dame Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • Worksheets, articles, information on regulations by state • IN.gov • General Child Care and Family Support • http://www.in.gov/fssa/2552.htm • Child Care Finder • https://secure.in.gov/apps/fssa/carefinder/index.html • K-12 Schools • http://mustang.doe.state.in.us/dg/schools/welcome.html • Michiana Moms • https://www.facebook.com/MichianaMoms Resources for Locating Childcare

  40. Opportunities for Involvement

  41. Membership: • Linda Kroll – Office of Budget and Financial Planning (Chair) • Jennifer Addis – Human Resources • Jade Avelis – Univ. Committee on Women Faculty & Students • Matthew Blazejewski – Office of the Executive Vice President • Elizabeth Clark – Office of Budget and Financial Planning • John Lubker – Graduate School • Kimberly Miller – Staff Advisory Council/Student Activities • Susan Ohmer – Provost Office/Univ. Comm. on Women Faculty & Students • Catherine Rastovski – Univ. Committee on Women Faculty & Students • Tamara Springer – Staff Advisory Council/Mendoza College of Business • TBD– Faculty Senate Current ECDC Committee

  42. Committee Opportunities for Staff • Notre Dame Committee for Women • Mission Statement: The purpose of the Notre Dame Committee for Women is to be a visible and effective advocate to provide opportunities for recreational, motivational and instructive idea sessions for women staff employed by the University of Notre Dame • Current chair is Maureen Lakin • Membership approximately 12 women meeting monthly to plan programs

  43. Committee Opportunities for Faculty Women and Students • University Committee on Women Faculty and Students • A standing committee included in the Academic Articles that “considers policies, practices, and general environment of the University as they relate to women faculty and students.” The committee serves in an advisory capacity reporting to the President through the Provost and makes recommendations for action to the President, or, as he directs, for action by the other officers of the University and the Academic Council. • Current chair is Susan Ohmer • Membership is 22 faculty, students and invited guests. • Website: http://provost.nd.edu/committees/university-committee-on-women-faculty-and-students/

  44. Family Information Session http://provost.nd.edu/committees/university-committee-on-women-faculty-and-students/ Comments/Questions Feel free to contact us: Linda Kroll – kroll.4@nd.edu Tim Novak – tnovak@nd.edu Denise Murphy– dmurphy1@nd.edu Please be sure to get the handouts on table outside of auditorium.

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