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  1. Obesity Kimberly N. Allred Soc 1010-043

  2. Table of Contents • Reflection Page on Obesity • Obesity Articles (2 slides) • Obesity Charts (2 slides) • Reflection Page Final

  3. Reflection Page on Obesity Obesity in American is very real. A good portion of the people that live here are either overweight or obese. I can’t remember exactly what the statistic is but it’s something like more than half of American’s are overweight or obese. It really doesn’t surprise me with all the fast food joints and processed food that is readily available. To many people it is more convenient to go and grab a bite to eat than to make something at home. I know to me something that is made by someone else tastes much better than if I were to cook it myself. I’ve heard obesity often called a disease because so many people resort to eating habits that literally kill them or put them into a situation where they are placed on prescription medications to keep them from having strokes, heart attacks, or dying. I know that many people are put on apnea monitors while they sleep because they could possibly stop breathing at night and die. All because of the added weight and pressure put on their heart and arteries while sleeping. It seems to me that enough people here in American just don’t care about their weight or self-esteem to really do anything about it. Also the thought of exercising is an excuse and many don’t like doing it. Especially if that person is overweight. Also the percentage of obesity among children has gone up over the years and is steadily getting worse. With all the gizmo’s and gadgets now days to keep children entertained, it’s replacing the pleasure of outside activities and the much needed physical activity for children. Between computer games, game systems, television, i pods/pads, and many other things to keep children entertained; it seems to me that it has replaced the wholesome brain development of one’s imagination as well. It just blows my mind to see a five year old child waking down the road or in the store that is obese and wonder how in the world they got this way. Rumor has it that people are saying that obesity in children is a form of child abuse.

  4. Obesity Articles • Studies link pesticide and chemical additives (MSG) in processed foods to obesity • Millions of youth and adults have literally become addicted to chemically enhanced junk food • Everyday 75 million American’s “super size themselves at McDonald’s restaurants Natural; Americas obesity and diabetic epidemic: Junk food kills, by Ronnie Cummins • High fat diet will most likely cause the liver to malfunction over time • Malfunctioning or fatty livers will in time cause weight gain and make weight loss unlikely Natural The Hidden Cause of Unexplained Weight Gain May be Poor Liver Function, March 21, 2012 by Derrell Jones • Being obese is not that bad and being “fat and fit” is “normal” Heart Health Center; The Demonization of Obesity, The Top 10 Most Overblown Health Stories of the Past Decade December 23, 2009 by Richard N. Fogoros, M.D

  5. Obesity Articles Continued • Many would say that obesity is a disease, but this institution would say otherwise • Treatment of obesity is the key instead of labeling it as a disease • Obesity is defined as body fat >25% men and >32% for women International Journal for Obesity; Is Obesity a Disease? By S Heshka and D B Allison, October 2001, Volume 25, Number 10, Pages 1401-1404 • Nearly two thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese • Larger portions are to blame • Sedentary Americans eat between 500-800 more calories per day than needed American Diabetes Association; Obesity in America: It’s Getting Worse, by Jennifer B. Marks, MD, FACP, FACE, CDE, Editor

  6. Obesity Charts 75 million Americans super size at McDonalds “Fat and Fit” = “Normal”

  7. Obesity Charts Continued Obese Body Mass Index: Women >32% Men >25% 2/3 of Americans are Obese

  8. Reflection Page Final After doing my research on the obesity problem in America I have found that there is more to the problem than I thought. I found that about two thirds of adult Americans are either overweight or obese. That’s more than I thought before when I said it was half. Many Americans eat more than the recommended 2000 calories base for the day. They eat about 500-800 more calories than needed. This definitely adds the obesity problem in America. I understand that if we can make healthier food choices and choose to be more active, the obesity rate will decrease. In one article it stated that when physicians recommend to their patients go on a diet or exercise, many times they don’t do it because they feel that a goal like that is unobtainable. But when they can make healthier food choices and add physical activity to their day it will allow them to lose the weight. Obesity is defined as so that the Body Mass Index (BMI) is >25% for men and >32% for women. Many reasons for obesity is that there are so many preservatives in the food we eat today. Like MSG and chemical preservatives. This would be why McDonalds kid meal apples can last for months without spoiling. It was said that about 75 million Americans will “super size” their McDonalds meal. Again one way we are adding the calories to our meals. Making it a larger portion when our body doesn’t need the added calories and fat. This makes it harder for our bodies to digest the food and fat from our diets. I know that if we can make better food choices and add some sort of physical activity to our day the obesity problem would greatly decrease. We just simply can’t either because we choose not to or don’t feel like the added weight is a problem when in reality it is.