Artistic medium analysis
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Artistic Medium Analysis. Slavery and Emancipation. Title: “The Kneeling Slave” Artist: Unknown Year: 18 th Century Medium: Oil on canvas.

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Artistic medium analysis
Artistic Medium Analysis

Slavery and Emancipation

Title the kneeling slave artist unknown year 18 th century medium oil on canvas
Title: “The Kneeling Slave”Artist: UnknownYear:18th CenturyMedium: Oil on canvas

Artistic medium analysis

Key images:--shackled man--little clothing--tropical location?--palm trees--”Am I Not a Man and a Brother” --light from sky shining on his face?--mountains or water in background--praying?

Attitude toward subject matter men brothers should be equal some are at the mercy of others
Attitude toward subject matter:--men/brothers should be equal--some are at the mercy of others

What is missing who is enslaving the man the man s words ideas
What is missing?--Who is enslaving the man?--The man’s words/ideas

Title the emancipation proclamation author abraham lincoln year 1863 medium legal document
Title: The Emancipation ProclamationAuthor: Abraham LincolnYear:1863Medium: Legal Document

Artistic medium analysis

Key images:--”forever free”--”maintain the freedom of such persons”--”I invoke the considerate judgment of mankind and the gracious favor of Almighty Lord.”

Artistic medium analysis
Attitude toward subject matter:--federal government has authority to secure freedom for all--all people are protected as free people

Artistic medium analysis

What is missing?--Who will ensure the freedom of all?--What is the penalty for not allowing others freedom that has been legally granted?

Artistic medium analysis

Conclusions: Artwork was a powerful medium to send the message about the importance of equality.Executive orders can be an important tool in human/civil rights.

Artistic medium analysis

Slavery was a contentious issue. Artwork was a powerful medium in illustrating the struggle for freedom.

Executive order was needed to ensure freedom for all. Legal documents can help us learn about the struggles of a time period.