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Artistic Rebellion

Artistic Rebellion

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Artistic Rebellion

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  1. Artistic Rebellion Defend your ART. Go Beyond Art. Music.Mayhem Define yourself

  2. The Revolution will be Digitized • Artistic Rebellion is a digital print hybrid magazine specializing in the presentation of art to the mainstream and covers every aspect in the world of art. The primary purpose of the magazine is to tap into the areas of the art world that no longer have an outlet by focusing on three facets (art, music and mayhem) across the country, but primarily in the following cities: Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Los Angeles, D.C., Houston, Dallas, and New York.

  3. Introduction continued • AR celebrates the belief in the power of want, dedication, hard work and a sheer determination that anything wanted in life can be attained by simply reaching for it. We understand the artists’ lifestyle is about much more than concerts, restaurants, and music. The artist lifestyle is about what comes before and what happens after; the hours between hunger and success stemmed from the connection that comes from sharing passion in pursuit of the dream. Our hope is to be the new facilitator of the artistic rebellion that calls for artists and their fans to come to arms. Define yourself. Defend your art. Go beyond.

  4. What we’re about • We’re about Art – and not your Granddaddy’s art collection, either. We want the Nuevo, the things no one is talking about because it’s so out there and so creative that the world just isn’t ready for it. • We’re about music – the real music that hits your soul and inspires you to greatness. We’re not looking for the next anybody, but the first some body. • We’re about Mayhem – the kind you read about and shake your head at. The club everyone whispers about but can’t talk about; the party you were at last night (or, your friend was at but couldn’t tell you because it was members only).

  5. We want your poetry and your passion. We want to go on the journey with you. This site isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not for those who have a passing attraction to the world of art. It’s for those who live and breathe art as though it is a part of their bodies.

  6. ART • Art (n): the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. • this will cover the groundbreaking realms of the cultivation of talent from up and coming painters, poets, sculpture and installation art. Urban development and new age artists as they take their journey from underground to mainstream. Prominent displays of art in the community, articles on the combination of graffiti and light installations are just a sample of the types of things that will be covered in this section.

  7. Music : Music (n): an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. The main point of the music section will be the ability to showcase underground talent by featuring a monthly (weekly?) spotlight which provides an interview, groundbreaking photography, and a larger platform for the artist. The music section will be broken down into two sections: Mainstream and Not Quite. Music profiles will be reviewed by AR staff prior to uploading onto web interface. The best user submitted profiles will be voted on by the community, the highest rated will receive award and be featured on the main page for a full month. We will also feature the interview, photography in the monthly/quarterly digital magazine.

  8. Mayhem • Mayhem (n): the art or culmination of artistic pursuits in a chaotic manner. The mayhem section will focus on areas of the community not ideally covered: i.e. restaurants, clubs, spots that the average tourist would not know about. This will display a running calendar of events taking place in the city; have featured blogs dedicated to the coverage of these events and favorite hotspots in the artists’ community. This will also incorporate a fashion section, entertainment blog, multi-media and sponsorships associated with the website.

  9. AR will take the best aspects of every social networking site (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Foursquare) to create a hybrid social networking site that allows for the integration of artists to the mainstream and the ability for fans to stay connected to their favorite talent. Each profile section can/will be broken down into 3 main categories: Art, Music and Mayhem. Individual artists will have the opportunity to establish online profiles to showcase their work, and interlink into their network. Fans of the artists will have the opportunity to comment, vote, and stay connected with their favorite mainstream or underground artist by way of viewing their social network, in the same vein as Facebook.