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Documentary Vs Artistic

Documentary Vs Artistic. Camera as extension of vision. Photo as canvas. Point of Interest or Focal Point. Lines as Subject. Vertical. Horizontal. Lines as Subject. Curvy. Diagonal. Shapes as Subject. Rectangular/square. Circle/oval. Shapes as Subject. Triangular. Multi-sided.

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Documentary Vs Artistic

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Documentary Vs Artistic Camera as extension of vision Photo as canvas

  2. Point of Interest or Focal Point

  3. Lines as Subject Vertical Horizontal

  4. Lines as Subject Curvy Diagonal

  5. Shapes as Subject Rectangular/square Circle/oval

  6. Shapes as Subject Triangular Multi-sided

  7. The Perception of Depth Foreground, Middle Ground, Background

  8. The Perception of Depth Leading lines moving from foreground to background

  9. The Perception of Depth Overlapping objects

  10. The Perception of Depth Foreshortening: Appearance of decrease in size

  11. Symmetry vs Asymmetry

  12. Rule of Thirds

  13. Unusual Point of View

  14. Sillohette

  15. Framing

  16. “S” Curve

  17. Isolating the subject

  18. Diagonals

  19. All-over Pattern vs Texture

  20. Introducing Rhythm Repetition + visual tempo or beat = Rhythm

  21. Contrast In Value

  22. Contrast in Value The Difference between lights and darks

  23. Contrast in Scale Strong difference in size of elements

  24. Contrast in Feeling

  25. Contrast in Expectation

  26. Landscape Photography Tip #1 Include some Foreground

  27. Landscape Photography Tip #2 Include Leading Lines

  28. Landscape Photography Tip #3 Shoot during the golden hour

  29. Landscape Photography Tip #4 Change your point of view

  30. Landscape Photography Tip #5 Use framing

  31. Landscape Photography Tip #6 Dominant sky OR dominant ground

  32. Landscape Photography Tip #7 Find a focal point

  33. Landscape Photography Tip #9 Don’t forget the city

  34. Landscape Photography Tip #9 Don’t forget the city

  35. Landscape Photography Tip #10 Shoot A LOT of pictures!

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