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The Navigation Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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The Navigation Revolution

The Navigation Revolution

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The Navigation Revolution

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  1. The Navigation Revolution First time in Romania: the fully functional, car transferable, navigation system

  2. Current situation • Although trendy in West, well – known GPS navigation systems (Tom-tom, Magellan, Teletype) do not plan to expand into Eastern Europe in the next 5 years • Until now, in Romania are available, only GPS maps, without accurate navigation, or voice navigation • Most imported cars, featuring their own computers and navigation, do not work in Romania

  3. Opportunity • I-Go is a highly-sophisticated, 3 months - just launched - navigation system • Delivering the same level of quality and detail in navigation services as any other well known competitor, but in more territories than others • Smashing success in Israel (over 15,000 pcs. sold to date, this year) • Just launched in Hungary, Croatia, Poland, Czech Rep. • Fully operational in Western Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Spain • Capable to cover most East European countries, including Romania – commercial operations will start Dec. 05 • …more on

  4. Technical features • Works on any type of PDA on an SD-card memory • Multilingual menu, including English & Romanian • Multipoint route planning – if needed • Door-to-door navigation - with automatic re-routing • Automatic day/night mode switching

  5. Technical features • Portrait and landscape screen modeRegardless of the operating system, both portrait and landscape screen modes work on all iGO compatible devices, (including for car manufacturers screens) • Personal track log and POI dataThe path you are driving may be saved, viewed, or played back any time. Favorite destinations may be grouped and stored on your own lists, each identified with a unique icon. • Palm devices can work with • Asus MyPal A620, 716 • Fujitsu Siemens PocketLoox 610 • HP iPaq 38xx, 37xx, 36xx • Dell Axim x3, x5 • Heading to Europe: as we speak, we are already working on unified Central and Western European maps, ready 1 Jan 2006

  6. User features • The built-in intelligent search feature allows you to enter specific addresses or to select any of a number of destinations saved to the memory card. • While driving, you may use 2D and 3D map views or may rely on the easy-to-understand verbal instructions in Romanian or English-speaking navigator. • The database gives you the option to search by name or by distance. • If you take a detour from the route you originally specified, iGO will automatically re-route it for you. • "Bypass" feature to exclude roadblocks or traffic jams from the originally planned route. • Save the path you are driving and view it on the map or play it back using the program at any time later. • Create groups of your favorite destinations and store them on your own lists, each identified with a unique icon.

  7. For Romania • The best currently available map of Romania: • Whole Romanian map available as orientation destination • 8 regions fully covered in detail by street names and house numbers using a truly detailed map (among them Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Suceava, Timisoara Constanta) • Even more useful with 12,000 points of interest (POI) (include the addresses of filling and service stations, ATM's, shopping malls, railway station, institutions, hotels and restaurants) • I-Go maintains and expands the map database for Romania as we speak • In Romania, the GPS navigation software product iGO is solely distributed by GPS&More H&C Ltd

  8. Our proposal: Let’s work together • Install the I-Go ont the PDAs you’re selling • Advertise it: use the IGo as an unique advantage to attract buyers • Next steps:

  9. Price list • Prices from 223 Euro, incl. VAT • Final consumer most expensive price for the whole system: 394 Euro, VAT incl.+ the price of the PDA • Discounts for quantities available

  10. HIT! The ‘Black Box’ • Transfers information and images on the original car manufacturer screen • Allows most car manufacturer functions to be used through the original dashboard and switchers • Works also for any mobile - video device • 1 year fully covered warranty