the land in the time of jesus n.
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The land in the time of Jesus PowerPoint Presentation
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The land in the time of Jesus

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The land in the time of Jesus

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The land in the time of Jesus

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  1. The land in the time of Jesus

  2. Click on the picture below to have a look at Bible Maps online

  3. Features of the land in the time of Jesus

  4. Water The places in which Jesus grew up are very dry areas. There was not much rain and so water was very important to the people. As there wasn’t very much rain, people used springs and wells to get water for their families.

  5. Water was used to show welcome and hospitality to people. When someone visited a home they would be welcomed by having their feet washed and dried. Water was also used for sacred times. Jewish people washed their hands before and after meals, and also had ritual baths, called mikvehs.

  6. Land formation

  7. The land around the area of Palestine and Israel is very rocky and has many hills.

  8. Sea of Galilee The sea of Galilee is really a large lake. The lake is not very deep and the water in the lake comes from the Jordan River.

  9. Regions, towns and cities

  10. Jerusalem Jerusalem was the most important city in the first century world that Jesus lived in. The city was built on top of mountains long before the time of Jesus, when David was King. In Jerusalem was the Temple that was built by Solomon.

  11. Galilee Galilee was in the north of the country and was a place where many people farmed and grew crops.

  12. Capernaum Capernaum, and the small villages around there, was the place where Jesus taught and healed people. There was a synagogue in the middle of the town where Jesus would have prayed and shared his message. Capernaum was also the home town of the apostles Peter, James, Andrew and John, and the tax collector Matthew.

  13. Jericho is one of the oldest towns in the area. It is not far from the Dead Sea. In the time of Jesus people travelling from Galilee to Jerusalem would go through Jericho. The roads around Jericho were winding and the terrain was very rough. The area was dangerous to travel through. Jericho

  14. Sepphoris was a city that was built on the side of a valley. The city was close to Nazareth. There were large market places and an ampitheatre for entertainment. Sepphoris