tamanend middle school relay for life 2014 n.
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Tamanend Middle School Relay for Life 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Tamanend Middle School Relay for Life 2014

Tamanend Middle School Relay for Life 2014

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Tamanend Middle School Relay for Life 2014

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  1. Tamanend Middle SchoolRelay for Life 2014 *Please sit in a row with your team. *Have the captain sit on the end!

  2. Congratulations! • Cancer Survivors (captain Gianna Jenis) • Cancer Busters (captain Ryan O’Connor) • Time Lords (captain Anthony Connors) • Captains, please be sure to get your parking pass at the end of today’s assembly. You will also get a free dinner at 5:30 on Saturday for your team, courtesy of Moe’s.

  3. Morning Drop Off • CARPOOL---Drop off is at Groveland Elementary at 10:30 am! • Shuttles will bring you and your gear to Tohickon and will run ALL DAY! • Do not walk to Tohickon, even if the shuttle is taking a while. • The Tohickon parking lot is CLOSED to the public for the whole event…parking is at Groveland, Gayman, or Penn Engineering.

  4. Morning Registration • When you get to Tohickon, you will check in at the Registration Table. (Don’t wait for your whole team…just register and wait inside the fence.) Bringing your student ID is not mandatory, but highly suggested. • If you leave or come back at any time during the day, you MUST check in/out at the Registration Table with your parent/guardian present.

  5. Morning Registration • Students who are bringing medication… CB Nurses will collect the medication near registration and take it to the first aid tent. Go to the first aid tent during the event for your medication– The nurses will NOT track you down to take it.

  6. Morning Registration • Each school has a designated area on the field. This will be clearly marked on the day of the event. • Each team needs to bring some type of tarp or blanket on which to set up their area. You may not set up your canopy or chairs directly on the grass.

  7. Team Sign and Picture! • Bring a decorated sign with your team name on it to put on your area so we can easily identify who is set up where. • Gather your team around your sign and have someone take a picture!

  8. Teams may bring canopies- not tents. The canopy may not have sides that in any way block a view of the occupants. • You get a 10’x10’ area for your team. Any fundraising that you do must be conducted in that area. • Make your area safe by bringing bright fabric ties or plastic cones to put on stakes in the ground.

  9. When will the event begin? • The event will begin as soon as all students have been through the registration area- as close to noon as possible. • Our ceremony will begin with the national anthem, opening remarks, and the survivor/caregiver lap.

  10. I’m Hungry… • We provide WATER, you provide the WATER BOTTLE. • Meals: Either pack food for the day, or bring money to buy food! • Taco Wagon • Nina’s Waffles & • Ice Cream • Chickie and Pete’s • Rita’s Water Ice • ** a portion of all sales goes back to the Cancer Society.

  11. What if it rains? • It will not rain!  • If a thunderstorm enters the area, we will move everyone inside the building until the weather improves. (Tamanend will be moved into the Main Gym.) Relay will not be cancelled or rescheduled due to rain. *NO STUFF--ONLY PEOPLE IN THE GYM

  12. What about luminaries? • Luminaries will be put around the track in the afternoon. They will be lit at nightfall at which time a PowerPoint presentation will begin on a large screen with all luminaria names.

  13. What should we wear? • All participants should wear their provided Relay shirts. Appropriate school dress is expected at all times. • Students may not alter their t-shirts in any way that makes them inappropriate school attire. This includes cutting shirts.

  14. What should we bring? • A positive attitude! • Check the weather and be prepared with sunscreen and/or an umbrella! • Many teams will be running fundraisers at the event. We recommend bringing spending money for this.

  15. What does my chaperone need? • THEIR ID!!! • To have registered previously on-line • To check-in at the registration tent

  16. Gum is gross!

  17. What can be left at home? • Glass bottles/containers • Frisbees/Footballs/Soccer balls, etc. • Gum! • Family pets • Younger or older siblings • Sleeping bags • Energy Drinks • Squirt Guns, Water balloons, etc. • Valuables are brought at your own risk (no need for iPods…we have a DJ)

  18. What can be left at home? • Basically, if it’s not appropriate for school, it’s not appropriate for Relay! (examples: bathing suits, weapons, PDA!)

  19. What about donations? • Teams should turn in any additional donations when they register in the morning. • If you have a fundraiser during the day, turn this money in at the information tent on even hours… 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm. All fundraisers need to be wrapped up by 8pm at the very latest. • Don’t count your money in the dark!

  20. Other Considerations • Bathroom facilities (portapotties) are located within the track fence. NO ONE is allowed to go into the school for ANY REASON.

  21. Walk this Way • “Dance on the grass, not on the track” • Everyone must walk counter-clockwise on the track • People who “go against the flow” create dangerous situations very quickly, because trash and recycling collection with a tractor is done non‐stop throughout the day.

  22. 7th Inning Stretch • At 7pm we will have our 7th Inning Stretch. At this time all canopies must be taken down. Teams are responsible for cleaning the area in and around their tent, as well as anything else that may need to be straightened up. Garbage bags will be available at the information tent and we are excited to have them filled.

  23. Shhh….. Quiet hours begin at 8pm and remain in effect until the event ends. Behavior of students should reflect an appropriate tone and does not include running, shouting, or screaming. Nightfall is an important time of reflection for many people at Relay and respect for this is mandatory.

  24. Going Home • Remember, if you are being picked up early, you must meet your parent/guardian at the Registration Tent. You will NOT be allowed to meet them in the parking lot, and won’t be allowed on a shuttle bus alone.

  25. Evening Dismissal • The event officially ends at 9:15pm. • The ENTIRE team MUST leave with the last set of chaperones. Make sure your team has a meeting place (Sally’s house, K-mart, etc) for parent pick-up. • You CANNOT get picked up at Tohickon.

  26. Patiently Waiting for a Bus • There will be 3 lines – see signs for where you parked in AM: Groveland– line up near Library Gayman – line up near track Penn Engineering – line up in front by flag pole

  27. Odds and Ends • All school rules are in effect for the duration of the event. Please be respectful of all in attendance. • At least one team member from each team must be walking the track at all times. • Luminaria sales will end at 5pm.

  28. Odds and Ends • Returning the grounds of Tohickon to their pre-Relay levels of cleanliness is a huge and miserable job. Please, please, please clean up any trash that you see, right down to lollipop sticks. • The property will be pristine when you get there, and it needs to be pristine when you leave.

  29. Lost and Found Lost and found will be at the information tent. If you leave something on the field at the end of the night, it will be put on the bleachers on Sunday. Nothing will be taken inside the school. If you leave something at Relay, it is more likely to be “lost” than “found.”

  30. Questions?