The civil war
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The Civil War. Chapter 15. Lincoln’s Election, Cabinet, and Early Tests. Balanced cabinet with different opinions! (Seward!) Politics as Usual… Radical Republicans (Stevens) Peace Democrats/Copperheads Lincoln suspends liberties: martial law, writs of habeas corpus

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The civil war

The Civil War

Chapter 15

Lincoln s election cabinet and early tests
Lincoln’s Election, Cabinet, and Early Tests

  • Balanced cabinet with different opinions! (Seward!)

  • Politics as Usual…

    • Radical Republicans (Stevens)

    • Peace Democrats/Copperheads

    • Lincoln suspends liberties: martial law, writs of habeas corpus

    • Ex parte Merryman, Ex Parte Milligan

    • ClemantVallandingham?

How did each side finance the war
How did each side FINANCE the war?

  • North: 3% tax on incomes over $800, direct tax on states, $140 million of loans, excise taxes on products and services, 1863 overhaul banking system. Borrowed $2.2 Billion! $431 million in “greenbacks” issued

  • End of war cost of living DOUBLED in North!

  • South: Loans and bonds, inflated currency. States’ rights philosophy HURT here, too. BLOCKADE hurt ability to raise money through tariffs. Only covered 2% of needs with taxation! Borrowed heavily. HOPING for help from BRITAIN.

Trent affair causes and effects
Trent Affair: Causes and Effects?

  • November 1861: USS San Jacinto stops a British vessel, the Trent, on its way to negotiations with CSA in London (Mason and Slidell arrested!)

  • Lincoln’s response?

War strategies and major campaigns
War Strategies and Major Campaigns

  • Fort Sumter: Causes and effects

  • “Anaconda Plan:” Whose idea was it? How specifically did it work?

  • First Battle of Bull Run

  • Shiloh: Causes, effects, and leaders

  • McClellan’s Peninsula Campaign and early attempts to take Richmond

  • Antietam :Causes, effects, and leaders

  • Emancipation Proclamation: what did it do? What did it NOT do? Why was it also a MILITARY move?

  • NYC Draft Riots: causes and effects

  • African American Soldiers: How and why were they used in the war?

  • Gettysburg: Causes, effects, and leaders

  • Vicksburg: Causes, effects, and leaders

  • Women in Wartime

  • Medicine during wartime

  • Prisoners of War: Spotlight on the Andersonville Prison

  • Grant’s Wilderness Campaign: Causes, effects, and leaders

  • Sherman’s March to the Sea: Causes, effects, and leaders

  • Surrender at Appomattox Court House, VA and the RESULTS of the war for all sides

The civil war

  • Fort Henry and Ft. Donelson, Feb. 1862

  • Merrimac vs. Monitor, March 1862, VA

  • Shiloh, Tennessee

  • New Orleans, 1862, General Farragut

  • Peninsular Campaign: March –July 1862, Southern VA

  • 2nd Battle of Bull Run (VA) August 1862

  • Emancipation Proclamation: Sept. 23, 1862 (went into effect on January 1, 1863)

Remaining info
Remaining Info!

  • Fredericksburg: Central VA, General Burnside

  • Chancellorsville, General Hooker, Jackson is mistakenly killed!

  • Vicksburg: July 1863, Mississippi, all of Mississippi River in UNION control

  • Gettysburg; July 1863, Lee retreats

  • Chattanooga, Nov. 1863

  • Grant promoted in March 1864, assault on Richmond

  • Wilderness, Central VA, GRANT states, “I propose…”

  • Petersburg, South of Richmond (VA), siege of Petersburg

  • Atlanta to Savannah Sept-Dec 1864, Sherman destroys Atlanta, marches to SEA

  • Lee surrenders, April 9, 1865, Appomattox Court House, VA, surrenders to GRANT