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NDS Update April 2010 Western Region PowerPoint Presentation
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NDS Update April 2010 Western Region

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NDS Update April 2010 Western Region

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NDS Update April 2010 Western Region

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  1. NDS Update April 2010 Western Region

  2. AGENDA • Accomodation Update • Day Programs Update • Respite Update • Sector Development • HACC Update • ATSI Consultations

  3. Accomodation Update Tender for Cowra OSS Group Home awarded to HWNS Recommendations for Mudgee YPLC have been finalisation and before the DDG for approval Tender Panel for Albury OSS completed recommendations will progress to DDG. Albury YPLC RFP to be released soon 2 YPIRAC,group homes planned for Cowra and Wagga will be Capital Grants. Bathurst OSS GH Tender 2010/2011

  4. Day Programs Update • 12 New places allocated to WR. Currently working through recommendations for placements • Regions continue to work with service providers to resolve any ongoing implementation issues for 2008/09 service users commencing in the programs • Additional Resources have been allocated to support implementation and case management of the new day programs

  5. Respite Programs Update • New directions in respite paper delivers findings • 30 workshops and 58 submissions • Key issues include, • growing demand, aging population of cares, streamlining access, clear information about services, broader range of respite types, transport to and from respite and individualised packaging. • More support for young carers, aging parent carers, working carers and improved Aboriginal respite services. • Better services for high support and complex health, challenging behaviours • Capacity building and training • Project within WR to enhance coordination and equity of access to services will commence in May 2010.

  6. Red Tape Reduction Report • On 8 March 2010, the Hon Linda Burney MP released the DPC NGO Red Tape Reduction report outlining how the NSW Government will reduce red tape. The recommendations in this report will be jointly implemented by the agencies that make up the Department of Human Services, particularly Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC), and Community Services who together provide more than 80% of this Government’s total funding to the sector.

  7. Red Tape Reduction Report • To achieve further red tape reductions, additional areas will be examined for opportunities for reform during 2010, including: implementing mutual recognition of other agencies monitoring activities; introducing more quantitative performance monitoring; considering a single consolidated financial audit to be shared between funding agencies; and developing a standard funding agreement for the Department.

  8. Sector Development • New sector development directorate created. • Samantha Taylor Executive Director • Sector Development KPMG report received by ADHC. Some workshops planned to review outcomes • New planning framework and relationship management frameworks under consideration.

  9. NSW HACC Triennial Plans • Work is commencing on the 2011-2014 Triennial plan • Approval for 2009/2010 recurrent $748,000 • Proposed 2009/2010 non-recurrent is $1,049 million for WR or $350,000 per LPA • ADHC considering purchasing moving to match the three year cycle

  10. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Consultations • Further to the 23 Community Consultations run across the Western Region late last year • ATSI Consultations will be run to in May and June in WR • 8 locations including Deniliquin, Albury, Dubbo, Lightning Ridge, Cowra, Broken Hill and Wilcannia. • Details on the ADHC portal and will be advertised in local newspapers