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Division of Florida Colleges Update

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Division of Florida Colleges Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division of Florida Colleges Update. Julie Alexander. House Bill 1255 (2011 Session). Spring 2012, high schools began administering the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.)

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house bill 1255 2011 session
House Bill 1255 (2011 Session)
  • Spring 2012, high schools began administering the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.)
  • Summer 2012, course descriptions for Success, Readiness and College Prep courses will be presented to the State Board of Education
  • Fall 2012, students who did not meet the college ready cut score will enroll in postsecondary preparatory instruction encompassing the Postsecondary Readiness Competencies
house bill 1255 2011 session cont
House Bill 1255 (2011 Session), cont.
  • Revision to Rule 6A-10.0315, College Preparatory Testing, Placement and Instruction, was approved by the State Board of Education (Board) in December 2011
    • Includes interim P.E.R.T. and FCAT 2.0 Reading scores
    • Establishes retest policies
    • Allows use of SAT, ACT, Accuplacer/CPT or FCAT 2.0 Reading in addition to P.E.R.T
  • New Rule 6A-10.0318, Postsecondary Preparatory Instruction Curriculum and Postsecondary Readiness Competencies, was approved by the Board in March 2012
  • New Rule 6A-10.0319, Developmental Education Competencies, was approved by the Board in March 2012
house bill 7059 acceleration options
House Bill 7059: Acceleration Options
  • Advanced Placement eligibility requirements did not pass
  • Creates s. 1003.4281, F.S., early high school graduation and eligibility for Bright Futures in spring term
  • Repeals s. 1007.235, F.S., district interinstitutional articulation agreements
  • Revises s. 1007.263, F.S., Florida College System institution; admission of students, to clarify that to be eligible for dual enrollment and early admission, students do not have to meet admission requirements
house bill 7059 acceleration options cont
House Bill 7059: Acceleration Options, cont.
  • Revises s. 1007.271, F.S., dual enrollment programs
    • Clarifies that a student who graduates high school prior to the completion of the postsecondary course, may not register for the postsecondary course through dual enrollment
    • Adds continued eligibility requirements, including high school and postsecondary GPA
    • Adds stipulation that a Florida College System institution may limit dual enrollment participation based upon capacity
    • Adds requirement that school districts and local Florida College System institution enter into a dual enrollment articulation agreement, similar requirements to s. 1007.235, F.S.
house bill 7059 acceleration options cont1
House Bill 7059: Acceleration Options, cont.
  • Establishes requirements for faculty providing dual enrollment instruction, including qualifications, expectations and observation regardless of the location of instruction
  • Establishes curriculum standards for dual enrollment, including assessments, instructional materials and grades regardless of the location of instruction
  • Eliminates the ability to combine dual enrollment with non-college credit high school courses
  • Requires minimum of 12 college credits and maximum of 15 college credits for early admission
  • Requires postsecondary institution to enter into a home education articulation agreement with each home education student
end of course assessments and dual enrollment
End-of-Course Assessments and Dual Enrollment
  • Students satisfying 0.5 high school credit towards Social Studies: American History through dual enrollment shall be exempt from the U.S. History EOC requirement
  • 2011-12 high school freshman cohort must complete Geometry & Biology EOCs that is calculated as 30% of final course grade
  • High school freshman cohorts 2012-13 forward will be required to pass the Geometry & Biology EOCs but it will not be factored in final course grade
  • Students must be advised accordingly when considering dual enrollment options
house bill 7129 state universities of academic and research excellence and national preeminence
House Bill 7129: State Universities of Academic and Research Excellence and National Preeminence
  • Creates s. 1001.765, F.S., state universities of academic and research excellence and national preeminence, and includes a provision to allow eligible state universities to require first-time students to take 9-12 credits to be determined by the state university and require students to complete those hours only at the state university
  • Provides an allowance for acceleration credit to be applied towards graduation at the request of the student.
house bill 7135 postsecondary education
House Bill 7135: Postsecondary Education
  • The State Board of Education shall adopt a K20 plan for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and STEM-Related fields
  • A summary of the Department of Economic Opportunity’s Economic Security Report of employment and earning outcomes shall be provided electronic access to each middle and high school student/parent
  • Revises s. 1007.23, F.S., statewide articulation agreement, to require Florida College System institution associate in arts seeking students to identify a transfer institution and program of interest by the time they accumulate 30 credit hours
house bill 7135 postsecondary education cont
House Bill 7135: Postsecondary Education, cont.
  • Revises s. 1007.25, general education courses; common prerequisites and other degree requirements, to:
    • The chairs of State Board of Education and the Board of Governors shall appoint faculty committees to identify statewide General Education core course options
    • Core course options shall consist of no more than 5 courses per General Education subject area – communications, mathematics, social sciences, natural sciences and humanities
    • Core course options must be offered and accepted by all public postsecondary institutions
    • The core course options shall be adopted in rule/regulation
house bill 7135 postsecondary education cont1
House Bill 7135: Postsecondary Education, cont.
  • S. 1007.25 cont.
    • Beginning with students initially entering a Florida College System or State University System institution in 2014-15, General Education requirements for the associate in arts and baccalaureate degree seeking students shall be 30 credit hours
    • Associate in arts degree seeking students must also demonstrate competency in a foreign language, if not completed in high school
    • Students must compete at least one identified General Education core course option in each subject area for a minimum of 15 credit hours
    • The remaining General Education courses shall be identified by each institution and reported to the Department
developmental education modularization
Developmental Education Modularization
  • The Developmental Education Initiative Pilot success has generated momentum for statewide implementation
  • 1 and 2 credit developmental education courses will be established in the Statewide Course Numbering System
  • Course content will be based on the Developmental Education Competencies
  • A diagnostic assessment will identify the need for additional preparation by Developmental Education Competency
  • Student will enroll in 1 or 2 credit course based on the number of Developmental Education Competencies identified
  • Course content will be variable based on the student need identified