finding the right fit what s the best way to manage a 4 h club n.
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Finding the Right Fit: What’s the Best Way to Manage a 4-H Club? PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding the Right Fit: What’s the Best Way to Manage a 4-H Club?

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Finding the Right Fit: What’s the Best Way to Manage a 4-H Club? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding the Right Fit: What’s the Best Way to Manage a 4-H Club? . There's a Project For You!. Guadalupe Co. 4-H. County 4-H Club Manager Training Wednesday, July 3 1, 2013. Meeting Agenda. Responsibilities of the Club Managers & County Agent Participation Fees and 4-H Enrollment

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finding the right fit what s the best way to manage a 4 h club

Finding the Right Fit: What’s the Best Way to Manage a 4-H Club?

There's a Project For You!

Guadalupe Co. 4-H

County 4-H Club Manager Training

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

meeting agenda
Meeting Agenda
  • Responsibilities of the Club Managers & County Agent
  • Participation Fees and 4-H Enrollment
  • 4-H Enrollment, Re-charter and By Law Changes
  • Taxes
  • Fundraising
  • Quality Counts
  • Club Reporting
  • Risk Management & Dispute Resolution
  • Agent Programs
  • Misc
  • Depart
welcome and club roll call
Welcome and Club Roll Call
  • 4-H Horse Club
  • Navarro 4-H and Clover Kids Club
  • New Berlin 4-H and Clover Kids Club
  • Seguin 4-H Club
  • St. James 4-H Club
  • SCUC 4-H CLub
  • 4-H Shooting Sports Club
  • Clemons 4-H Club
  • Kingsbury 4-H and Clover Kids Club
  • Marion 4-H Club
  • McQueeney 4-H and Clover Kids Club
  • Rockin U 4-H Club
responsibilities of the club manager
Responsibilities of the Club Manager
  • The Club Manager is the Adult Leader in charge of making sure the club runs smoothly
    • They are assisted by the assistant managers, project leaders and committees
  • The main responsibility of the Club Manager is to organize and coordinate the functions of a 4-H club
    • It’s important that a commitment is made for at least one year
possible duties of the club manager
Possible duties of the Club Manager

Some of the duties of the club manager include

  • To assist 4-H members in registering on 4-H Connect for membership or events
  • To serve as a liaison between the County Extension office and the 4-H club they serve
    • Through e-mail, club manager council, etc…
  • To keep informed and up to date on changes in the 4-H Program by reading the extension newsletter, 4-H Gazette and the Facebook page, attend Adult Leaders & Parents Association meetings and attend any leader trainings
  • To recruit project leaders and community resource people to help with club programs
  • Keep club leaders, parents and members informed of ALL countywide activities, programs and events offered; It may not be pertinent to you but someone in the club could be interested
possible duties of the club manager1
Possible duties of the Club Manager
  • Assist members in setting their goals and selecting projects and activities to reach those goals
    • However, the manager does not choose the goals
  • Assist club officers in planning worthwhile club meetings by helping them with their agenda and parliamentary procedure
    • However, the manager does not run the meeting or make any of the decisions, its up to the club members!!! The manager can make suggestions!
  • Assist with planning and facilitating good club programs
  • Offer advice for the completion of the Recordbook or awards application.
  • Fill out necessary reports on time and return to Extension Office
    • This helps tell us what the club is doing along with the reporter
  • Provide support and encouragement to project and activity leaders.
more about managing the club
More About Managing the Club
  • Remember, the club belongs to the kids…we as adult leaders and agents can make suggestions, but it is up to the club members to vote and make the decisions
  • The bylaws must be enforce at all times, this prevents disagreements and arguments and makes sure everything done is by the rules
  • Be sure to have the treasurer and finance committee sit down before every meeting and create a Treasurers’ Report; it should contain:
    • How much money was in account at 1st of month
    • How money was spent
    • What it was spent on
    • If every check cleared for the month
    • Final balance at the end of the month
    • The finance committee should also oversee the writing of grants or the creation of the budget before the club votes on it
more about managing the club1
More About Managing the Club
  • It is up to you as the manager to send out all information you see to the club!
    • Doesn’t matter if you feel its not applicable to you or the club, it may matter to a member
  • Be sure to encourage your council delegates to attend all council meetings, it is important for updates and for them to come back and report to the club
  • Also, encourage all of your adult leaders to attend the ALPA Meetings, its where they will get their voice on things happening in the county
    • If you don’t go, then you don’t have a voice in the county when it comes to making decisions for 4-H!
    • Just because your not a delegate doesn’t mean you can’t go!
more about managing the club2
More About Managing the Club
  • Communication!!!
    • Communication between members, adults, club managers and committees is KEY in the smooth operation of a club.
    • It cuts down on disagreements and leads to better teamwork
  • Committees
    • These are very important in the day to day business of the club
    • They include financial, membership/welcoming, program, recreation, leadership, 4-H business, project & fundraiser committees
  • Problem Solving
    • If a problem arises in the club between members or adults, the club managers are usually the ones to take care of it. If it continues to grow or the manager feels like help is needed, contact the county 4-H agent for help
duties of the county 4 h agent
Duties of the County 4-H Agent

To organize and direct the overall county 4-H youth program, focusing on issues affecting youth and family.

  • Identify and analyze critical issues affecting youth and the family
  • Develop and administer educational approaches to help youth and the family address and resolve the critical issues
  • Recruit, train and support 4-H leaders to lead 4-H clubs, special-interest groups and school-enrichment groups.
  • Organize 4-H units throughout the county so that all interested youth may be involved in 4-H educational programs.
  • Obtain educational resources, materials and funds to conduct the 4-H program.
  • To attend as many county events and meetings as possible, to be the face of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and help wherever needed…Basically, I live for 4-H!
expectations of 4 h clubs and club managers
Expectations of 4-H Clubs and Club Managers

It is important to know what is expected from 4-H clubs during the year on various issues!

  • All reports should be turned in on time, every month
  • All Clubs should be sending their council delegates to county council meeting AND ALPA meetings
  • All clubs should participate in the county fundraisers AND the ALPA fundraisers
    • These monies go to help OUR kids!
  • NO child should be involved in adult disagreements…EVER
  • All clubs should participate in County-Wide Community Service
  • Should a problem arise between people or ideas, bring it to my attention quickly
expectations of 4 h agent
Expectations of 4-H Agent

It is important to know what is expected from ME during the year

  • I will do my best to attend as many various projects and club meetings as possible
  • I will NOT play favorites, ever
  • I will work to make sure all info from the extension office is up to date and accurate
  • I will make sure that info on a particular project or program goes out two months early (if possible)
  • Ed.D
  • What else do you want to see
4 h club group charters
4-H Club/Group Charters
  • Simplified this year, no need to contact the IRS!!!
  • DUE on 4-H Connect by September 30
  • Must complete and attach all necessary forms
    • Texas 4-H Charter Form
    • Annual Review of Support Group Fund
    • Budget
    • You only need to resubmit your bylaws if they have changed from last year
4 h club group charters1
4-H Club/Group Charters
  • You can charter two ways:
    • Use the form you are given today, fill it out and turn it in to the County Office
    • Fill out the PDF form and e-mail it to the county office
  • Once turned in, I will upload it to 4-H Connect
how to promote your 4 h club
How to Promote your 4-H Club
  • Getting kids to join your club can always be a difficult task, but Texas 4-H is trying to make it a little easier
  • In an effort to help promote and market the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program, we have decided to provide new marketing resources to every county in Texas
  • The Items will be available toward the end of September and are FREE!
  • The marketing items include:
    • 4-H Membership Cards for every 4-H member
    • Yard Signs for Recruitment
    • Printable Post Cards
how to promote your 4 h club1
How to Promote your 4-H Club
  • You may have a large club, but notice participation is dropping off
  • Reasons
    • Programs
    • Recreation
    • Opportunities
    • Too Big?
federal tax exemption filing taxes and texas 4 h inc
Federal Tax Exemption, Filing Taxes and Texas 4-H INC.
  • We still have not filed the 2012 Form 990N or EZ
  • We are still waiting on Texas 4-H Inc
  • Texas 4-H Inc is still in the process of securing their Group Exemption Number (GEN), a timeline for receiving the number has not be provided.  
  • At this time, please just retain any documentation you received from the IRS.  
  • For those club/groups who are their own separate 501c3 organizations (only a couple across the state) you will need to continue filing with the IRS as you have been doing.
the participation fee
The Participation Fee
  • To raise a portion of the money needed, the state office has implemented the Participation Fee for 4-H
  • This system is a way to offset the burden that has been placed on extension due to budget cuts
  • Without these fees, extension would not be able to continue with its programming in the counties
the participation fee continued
The Participation Fee Continued
  • The participation fee is for all 4-H age youth
    • Adult leaders and Clover Kids/buds are exempt from paying the fee
    • They are not 4-Hers
  • The cost will be $20 per child from August 1 to October 31.
    • After October 31, the fee will go up to $25
  • Ways to cope with the fee
    • County Wide Fundraisers, sponsors, donations, Scholarship System, etc
4 h enrollment
4-H Enrollment
  • On August 15th , all profiles on 4-H Connect will go “inactive” in order to begin enrollment for the `13-`144-H year
  • To enroll/re-enroll in 4-H:
    • Go on 4-H Connect and update your profile
    • If anyone forgets/misplaces their password, contact our office and we can reset it
    • 4-Hers will not be enrolled until the participation fee is paid
  • 4-H Club Managers and Adult Leaders can have access to their club/group’s enrollment on 4-H Connect
  • You will be able to pay the participation fee by credit/debit card or by a county check
    • Personal e-check no longer allowed
4 h enrollment1
4-H Enrollment
  • Youth Protection Standards (adult volunteer screening process) will continue with volunteers being screened every 3 years
  • It is STRONGLY encouraged that each 4-H family have at least ONE screened and cleared volunteer per year
  • Volunteers will also be able to enroll
    • Go to 4-H Connect and update your profile
    • Complete 4-H volunteer form and our office will update your profile
    • Adult leaders do NOT have to pay the participation fee.
  • Fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your club, to reduce the cost of the participation fee for the members or other club business
  • Currently, clubs are allowed two (2) fundraisers per year. More than that are allowed but you will then need to report the proceeds to the IRS when doing taxes
  • It is highly advisable to stick to 2 per year and find other ways to raise money, like grants and sponsorships
quality counts
Quality Counts
  • Quality County Verification will be required for ALL youth exhibiting livestock at major stock shows
  • This includes San Antonio, Houston, Ft. Worth, Star of Texas, San Angelo, and more
club reports managers update and club manager council
Club Reports, Managers’ Update and Club Manager Council
  • Your club reports let us know what your club is up to every month!
  • This information is used in the 4-H Gazette, Facebook and reports to the district
  • It is VERY important that your club turns in your reports on time (15th of the month) so we can get it ready for the newsletter
  • Without the reports, I do not know what the clubs are doing if they are entering contests, going to be in the paper, sending kids to something special
  • Club Manager Memo
  • What is a Club Manager Council???
club reports
Club Reports
  • It is the job of the club reporter to turn in areport for the club
  • If for whatever reason the reporter does not turn in the report on time, I need you as the club manager to get everything turned in
  • If you don’t tell me what you are doing, I can’t know what is going on
  • This year, there is an Online Form again! It Includes
    • Number of kids, adults, demographics, what you did, what you plan for next month, boys, girls, program, etc
risk management
Risk Management
  • The act of planning for the possibility that some future event will cause harm
  • Provides strategies, techniques, and an approach to recognizing and confronting any threat
  • Risk Management Process
    • 1 – Look for risks to people, property, etc.
    • 2 – Evaluate the risks to determine which ones need to be addressed and which ones can be tolerated
    • 3 – Decide how to manage the risks


steps for risk management
Steps For Risk Management
  • Make meetings welcoming to everyone
  • Ensure that only screened and cleared volunteers are working directly with youth
  • Both members and leaders agree to “codes” of behavior and conduct during enrollment process
    • Failure to adhere to these codes by adult or child WILL result in a consequence as laid out in the code of conduct
  • Your club can buy insurance for a particular event or for each member for a year from American Income Life Insurance
    • This is a good idea with events that can be dangerous
      • It comes out to around $1 per child per year and the benefits can greatly outweigh the cost of it is needed
risk management1
Risk Management
  • Texas A&M AgriLifeExtension Service is dedicated to providing information and resources to all citizens of the state of Texas regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability or national origin
  • Be aware and abide by ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Act
    • Consider locations of activities and accessibility
risk management2
Risk Management
  • Weapons
    • No firearms, handguns, mace, pocket knives, tasers or any other weapons will be allowed at ANY 4-H event.
    • Firearms WILL be allowed at some events for shooting sports
    • Outside of shooting sports events, if a firearm is present, it must be broken down, open and free of ammo
      • This includes adults
    • If there are any questions, just ask!
  • Issues
    • If you find there is a problem, issue or rule question that comes up, call me immediately!
    • It will do you, the offender and the affected NO GOOD if the issue is not brought up quickly
dispute resolution
Dispute Resolution
  • Once in a while, disagreements spring up between youth or adult leaders; While most work themselves out, some require extra steps to resolve
  • Disagreements can lead to constructive criticism and better cooperation in the end; however, if handled improperly it can lead to arguments and fights
  • When this occurs, it can spill over from kids to adults or adults to kids
  • If you need a dispute to be resolved, contact the county office
  • If You have an issue with something I or another agent is doing, PLEASE let me know!!!

Lighting the way for 4-H!

agent programs
Agent Programs
  • "Quality Counts"- Jeff Hanselka or Travis Franke
    • This program will discuss the importance of raising quality livestock projects; provide methods to raising quality livestock projects, and share resources that are available to them for project meetings. Quality Counts certification is required for 2011-2012
  • "Writing your 4-H Story- Matthew Miranda
    • This program talks how to work on your recordbook. at the start of the 4-H year instead of waiting until the deadline! Covers the types of record books available, what you can consider a project and anything else you can think of related to record books!
  • “4-H Food Challenge” – Charla Bading
    • Invite your fellow 4-Hers to learn about "4-H Food Challenge“. Set up similar to the TV Show, Iron Chef, you and your team members can make a recipe, calculate the cost per serving, explore food safety challenges, and Learn nutrition Facts!!
  • “That’s a 4-H Project?” - Matt Miranda
    • Think only livestock and food can be 4-H projects? Think again!! Consider all the possibilities and learn about the basics of a 4-H project.
  • "Raising Show Poultry" - Jeff Hanselka
    • This program will cover what is involved in raising show broilers and turkeys, management tips, and resources available to them.
  • “Show Pig Health Care and Management” - Travis Franke
    • Travis will provide some instructions and tips that will help you with swine projects.
agent programs1
Agent Programs
  • “What is Consumer Decision making????” – Charla Bading
    • Test your club's knowledge on savvy shopping skills. What is the best product for you, How do you get the most for your money, Learn these skills and more in contest held at your Club meeting.
  • “Texas 4-H Outdoor Challenge” - Matthew Miranda
    • Learn about this contest that will bring out the “outdoorsmen” in all of us. Matt will provide an overview of the contest and let you know how you can get involved. We are looking to build our team for next year!
  • “Livestock Project Update” - Travis Franke
    • Livestock Project Update- Travis will discuss equipment available through the Extension Office, explain the project visit procedure and give an update on county and major show changes for this year.
  • “Livestock Safety for Kids” – Jeff Hanselka
    • The purpose of this program is to review basic livestock behavior, safety precautions, and provide injury prevention tips. Raising livestock projects is an excellent learning experience. To ensure that the learning experience is positive and safe, youth should learn how to behave around animals.
  • “Parli/Pro Made Easy!” - Matthew Miranda
    • To help meetings run efficiently, all groups–including 4-H--utilize parliamentary procedure. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Matt will help provide, through some hands-on activities, some quick tips to make you’re a “parli pro!”
  • "Camps, Camps and More Camps"- Matthew Miranda
    • There are tons of camps, leadership labs and trainings around the state at different times of the year that are great opportunities. Let Matt tell you about them and how YOU can get involved!!!
4 h club resource packet and cd
4-H Club Resource Packet and CD
  • In the past, we have done a club manager resource packet
  • This year, it will be a webpage!
  • Easier to change and update
any questions

Any Questions??

Thank You!!!!