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City of Newcastle Upon Tyne ASC PowerPoint Presentation
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City of Newcastle Upon Tyne ASC

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City of Newcastle Upon Tyne ASC
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City of Newcastle Upon Tyne ASC

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  1. City of Newcastle Upon Tyne ASC Chief Coach Report 2008-09

  2. 2008-2009 • Over 30 years of success yet the Club is in the midst of change • It can do so from a position of strength • The Club is Internationally recognised • The only Club in the country to have a swimmer at the last 5 Olympic Games • International swimmers every year for last 24 years • The Club continues to be one of the leading clubs in the country • Top in the North East • Dominant at Northumberland and Durham.

  3. WHY • The swimmers in this area are genetically superior to elsewhere? • The facilities are superior to anywhere in the region? • Coaching • The coaching is consistent committed passionate experienced and educated

  4. International • INTERNATIONAL • Olympic Games Beijing • Chris Cook Semi Final 100m breaststroke 6th in 400m Medley Team • World Youth Championships Mexico • Rachel Haigh Semi Final 100 BF FINAL 400m Medley Team • Tri Nations Montreal Canada • Andrew Mayor 100m Butterfly 1st • European Open Meet Paris • Chris Cook • Seven Hills Meet Rome • Chris Cook • Mare Nostrum Canet Monaco • Andrew Mayor • Open Water International France • Jessica Thielmann • Scotland Youth Team • Laura Dawson Vienna • WISE Inter Schools International • Laura Dawson Joshua Crowther Lucy Gordon James Garland

  5. Representative Honours • Inter Regional Schools • North Team • Josh Crowther: Jessica Thielmann: Laura Dawson: Kayleigh Dawson • Inter District Champs N&D Team • Joshua Hobbs Jamie Magee Oliver Bratley Chris Dixon Joshua Crowther Jessica Thielmann • ESSA National Championships Div 1 Team • Laura Dawson gold 100m butterfly Joshua Crowther gold 400 FS • Lucy Gordon 3rd 200 IM James Garland 3rd 100 BS • Kayleigh Dawson Chris Dixon • GB 2012 Squad • Kayleigh Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Jessica Thielmann, Joshua Crowther,Chris Knight, Valentin Kokorin, Oliver Schmid • England Level 2 Squad • Kayleigh Dawson Jessica Thielmann Becky Wilde • England Level 1 • Joshua Hobbs Zak Dawson Phoebe Lenderyou • Scotland Development Squad • Laura Dawson , Lucy Gordon

  6. National Championships • British Championships Olympic Trials 2008 • Chris Cook – Gold 100m Breaststroke Commonwealth Record 59.88 • Finalists – Rachel Haigh Andrew Mayor • B Finalists – Jessica Thielmann Andrew Mayor • British Championships World Trials 2009 • Paul Robinson – Bronze 50m Freestyle • Finalists – Jessica Thielmann Rachel Haigh Laura Dawson • Semi Finalists – Phoebe Lenderyou Rachel Haigh Paul Robinson • ASA Senior Championships 2008 • 1 Gold Chris Cook • 2 Silver Chris Cook Andrew Mayor • 1 Bronze Andrew Mayor • Finalists Kayleigh Dawson Andrew Mayor

  7. ASA Youth and Age Group National Champs • ASA Youth Championships • 2rd Top Club Female Club in GB • 4 Silver Rachel Haigh Jessica Thielmann Joshua Crowther • 4 Bronze Kayleigh Dawson Laura Dawson Lucy Gordon Girls 400m Freestyle Team – Rachel Haigh Kayleigh Dawson Jessica Thielmann Laura Dawson • 14 Finals Kayleigh Dawson Lucy Gordon Jessica Thielmann Laura Dawson Rachel Haigh Joshua Crowther Oliver Schmid Girls 800m Freestyle Team – Rachel Haigh Laura Dawson Kayleigh Dawson Lucy Gordon. Girls 400m Medley Team- Eve Mackey Kayleigh Dawson Rachel Haigh Laura Dawson. Boys 400m and 800m Freestyle Team – Joshua Crowther Valentin Kokorin Chris Knight Oliver Schmid • ASA Age Group Championships • Finalists Joshua Hobbs Jamie Magee Catherine Shafto. • National Junior League Final • The Club finished 7th in the National final after being 4th in the Northern Final and winning the N&D League. Joshua Hobbs set a new record for 50m BF

  8. NER Championships Senior and Youth 3-4 May LC 2008 • 10 Gold - Paul Robinson Andrew Mayor Chris Knight Rachel Haigh Jessica Thielman • 8 Silver - Andrew Mayor Andrew Smith Joshua Crowther Paul Robinson Kayleigh Dawson Rachel Haigh Danielle Robinson Jessica Thielmann • 8 Bronze – Oliver Schmid Jessica Thielmann Laura Dawson • 34 Finalsists – Alex Rea Lewis Wiseman-Ord Paul Robinson Chris Dixon James Welford Oliver Schmid Chris Knight Andrew Smith Kayleigh Dawson Jessica Thielmann Lucy Gordon Sarah Murray Danielle Robinson Laura dawson Eve Mackey Amy Jessett • Youth • 7 Gold – Joshua Crowther Chris Knight Oliver Schmid Rachel Haigh Jessica Thielmann • 8 Silver - Valentin Kokorin Andrerw Smith Oliver Schmid Kayleigh Dawson Laura Dawson Danielle Robinson Jessica Thielmann Rachel Haigh • 8 Bronze – Alex Rea Joshua Crowther Jessica Thielmann Lucy Gordon Laura Dawson • Teams - 2 Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze

  9. NER Bagcats LC Sheffield June 2008 • 6 Gold – Joshua Hobbs Andrew Burn Megan Riley Lucy Pages • 5 Silver – Megan Riley Lucy Pages Lyndsay Hall • 8 Bronze – Alex Wheeler Joshua Hobbs Andrew Burn Alex Kirtley Jamie Magee Megan Riley Zoe Windscheffel Lyndsay Hall • 39 Finalists – Alex Bennett Megan Riley Catherine Shafto Rebecca Rogerson Lucy Pages Victoria Hall Nicola Hastings Zoe Windscheffel Andrew Burn Oliver Bratley Tom Howley Jack Gallagher Alex Kirtley Joshua Hobbs Alex Wheeler Jamie Magee Catherine Shafto Jake Harland • Teams 1 Bronze

  10. NER Senior and Junior SC NER Bagcat 2008 • Seniors • 14 Gold – Paul Robinson Joshua Crowther Rachel Haigh • 15 Silver – Joshua Crowther Paul Robinson Laura Dawson Lucy Gordon Kayleigh Dawson • 5 Bronze – Joshua Crowther Lucy Gordon • 18 Finalists – Eve Mackey Amy Jessett James Welford Oliver Schmid • Teams - 4 Gold 2 Silver • Junior • 8 Gold – Laura Dawson • 8 Silver James Garland Lucy Gordon Kayleigh Dawson • 4 Bronze – Lewis Wiseman-Ord James Garland Kayleigh Dawson Becky Wilde • Bagcat ( Age Groups) • 11 Gold - Zak Dawson Andrew Burn Joshua Hobbs Alex Wheeler • 7 Silver - Lucy pages Andrew Burn Joshua Hobbs Zak Dawson • 8 Bronze – Alex Kirtley Jamie Magee Zoe Kirkwood Megan Riley Catherine Shafto Andrew Burn Joshua Hobbs Alex Wheeler • 25 Finalists – including Jake Harland Nicola Hastings Lyndsay Hall

  11. N&D Championships Senior 2008- 2009 • 2008 • 14 Gold – Laura Dawson Rachel Haigh Danielle Robinson Jessicca Thielmann Joshua crowther James Johnson Paul Robinson Chris Knight • 17 Silver – Rachel Haigh Eve Mackey Amy Jessett Jessica Thielmann Lucy Gordon James Welford Alex Rea Chris Dixon Paul Robinson Chris Knight • 15 Bronze – Lucy Gordon Eve Mackey Danielle Robinson Kayleigh Dawson Oliver Schmid Chris Dixon Chris Knight Joshua Crowther • 37 Finalists – Laura Dawson Sarah Murray Steph Redfern Kayleigh Dawson Jessica Thielmann Lucy Gordon Sally Reid Danielle Robinson Amy Jessett James Welford Chris Knight Oliver Schmid Alex Rea Mathew Snowdon Joshua Crowther Lewis Wiseman-Ord • 2009 • 10 Gold – Paul Robinson James Welford Rachel Haigh Jessica Thielmann • 7 Silver – Lewis Wiseman-Ord James Welford Lucy Gordon Jessica Thielmann Kayleigh Dawson • 8 Bronze – Valentin Kokorin Paul Robinson Lewis Wiseman-Ord Jessica Thielmann Phoebe Lenderyou Lucy Gordon. Youth 2009 • 12 Gold – Valentin Kokorin James Welford Lewis Wiseman-Ord Rachel Haigh Jessica Thhielmann Lucy Gordon • 11 Silver – Lewis Wiseman-Ord Valentin Kokorin Oliver Schmid James Welford Jessica Thielmann Lucy Gordon Kayleigh Dawson Becky Wilde • 7 Bronze – Lewis Wiseman-Ord Valentin Kokorin Lucy Gordon Jessica Thielmann Phoebe Lenderyou • 30 Finalists - Alex Wheeler James Garland Lewis Wiseman-Ord Oliver Schmid Elizabeth Hierons Kayleigh Dawson Becky Wilde Lucy Gordon Catherine Shafto.

  12. N&D Bagcats 2008 - 2009 • 2008 • 20 Gold – Andrew Burn Alex Kirtley Oliver Bratley Jamie Magee Victoria Hall Lyndsay Hall Lucy Pages • 17 Silver – Lewis Wiseman-Ord Oliver Bratley Jamie Magee Nicola Hastings Victoria Hall Lucy Pages Lyndsay Hall Livvi Place • 30 Bronze Joshua Hobbs Oliver Bratley Jack Gallagher Andrew Burn Jamie Magee Damon Jones Livvi Place Lyndsay Hall Lucy Pages Catherine Shafto Victoria Hall Steph Redfern Steph Dollimore Zoe Kirkwood Megan Riley Zoe Windscheffel • 91 Finalists – Tom Howley Alex Gallagher Jack Gallagher Lewis Welford Oliver Bratley Jamie Magee Alex Kirtley Jake Hartland Lewis Wiseman-Ord Damon Jones Ryan Hall Zach Place Robert Pallister Joshua Hobbs Steph Redfern Steph Dollimore Megan Riley Zoe Kirkwood Nicola Hastings Livvi Place Lyndsay Hall Victoria Hall Rose Bell Imogen Bishop Zoe Windscheffel Lucy Pages Amy Larsen Hannah Larsen • 2009 • 62 Gold – Andrew Burn Joshua Hobbs Tom Sproston James Sproston Alex Kirtley Zak Dawson Jamie Magee Alasdair Wright Joe Taylor Lyndsay Hall Chloe Tunnel Mirriam Jessett Lucy Pages Charlotte Morris Phoebe Lenderyou Victoria Hall • 35 Silver – Alasdair Wright Tom Sproston Jamie Magee Robert Pallister James Sproston Andrew Burn Zak Dawson Joe Taylor Zak Logue Oliver Bratley Jack Gallagher Joshua Hobbs Phoebe Lenderyou Charlotte Morris Mirriam Jessett Zoe Windsheffel Chloe Tunnel Lyndsay Hall Megan Riley Lucy Pages • 39 Bronze – Jack Gallagher James Sproston Andrew Burn Alex Kirtley Tom Howley Jamie Magee Zak Dawson Oliver Bratley Joe Taylor Robert Pallister Joshua Hobbs Zoe Windsheffel Mirriam Jessett Charlotte Morris Megan Riley Lucy Pages Victoria Hall Lyndsay Hall Zoe Kirkwood Phoebe Lenderyou. • 104 Finalists – Alasdair Wright Tom Sproston Zak Dawson Jamie Magee Alex Kertley Lewis Welford Jake harland Robert Pallister Joe taylor Zak Logue Jonathan Hobbs Jack Gallagher Oliver Bratley Leon Mills Damon Jones Tom Howley Joshua Hobbs Alex Gallagher Megan Riley Alex Bennett Nicola Hastings Mirriam Jessett Chloe Tunnel Steph Dollimore Lyndsay Hall Mary Davidson Zoe Kirkwood Victoria hall Livvi Place Charlotte Morris Chloe To Emily Cheung Imogen Bishop Amy Larsen.

  13. N& D Teams 2008 – 2009 • 2008 – 24 Events • 13 Gold • 7 Silver • 1 Bronze • 2009 – 24 Events • 21 Gold • 8 Silver • 1 Bronze • TOP CLUB AWARDS WINNERS • Mark Latimer – Seniors • Guy North – Youths • Tom Randall – Age Groups

  14. OTHER EVENTS • Scottish Open Long Course, Short Course and Age Group Nationals • Open Meets • Performed Successfully at Burns Open, Sheffield Premier and No frills Meets. Middlesbrough Open : Darlington and South Tyneside Chester-le- St • Graded Meets • Blyth N&D Series Newburn • Masters Swimming • Inter Dolphin Contests • March July December – Winners Jesmond Dolphins

  15. Sponsors • British Swimming • One of 5 Development Clubs in Great Britain £10000 for 1 year to be reviewed from British Championships – Review May • Sport Newcastle. • Sports Scholarship Programme –Club via Eldon Square Associates • Extra £1000 • Rising Stars Rachel Haigh Laura Dawson • Ness Sport • Kit at all National Championships including Junior League Final since Brit Championships 2007

  16. Special Notes • Dawn Peart – has taken up the appointment of Senior Team Manager with Great Britain • Dawn was GB Team Manager at the Beijing Olympics • Dawn leaves the City of Newcastle Club after starting as a Dolphin Coach in 1979 and after a spell at Washington returned in 1986 as A Squad Coach and started work full time with the council in 1989 as Swimming Development Officer and Coach. She coached AA from 1998 -2001 until she moved on to be Swimming Development Officer ( Development ) and stopped direct squad coaching. • Chris Cook • Retired from swimming after twice competing a Olympic Games • His last swim was in the final of the Mens 400m Medley Team at the Beijing Olympics where the team finished 6th in a British Record • Chris will stay involved supporting the Club

  17. This year has seen the start of a new committee which is breathing new life and enthusiasm into the Club • The Squad Reps have had a big impact on assisting communication and ensuring the event entries go smoothly • Events have started to be organised again at City Pool by the Club. This started with the successful Shrimp Meet and continues with the Open Age Group Meet in April • The next 12 months will be exciting • Ian Oliver • 23-03-09