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Veteran Improvement Project

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Veteran Improvement Project. Megan Campbell. The Job Market. Many veterans struggle to find employment in today’s tough job market. TAP Classes assist Veterans in learning how to succeed in finding employment.

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the job market
The Job Market
  • Many veterans struggle to find employment in today’s tough job market.
  • TAP Classes assist Veterans in learning how to succeed in finding employment.
  • TAP Classes teach Veterans how to write resumes, interview, and many other skills.
  • What options does TAP provide?
    • Pursuit of education after the military
    • Job Search / Direct transition into the job market
    • Or start their own business
job search
Job Search
  • What types of jobs do the “Job Search” classes focus on?
  • While interviewing Veterans who have participated in TAP classes they felt the curriculum was focused on business and office jobs.
  • Not everybody wants an office job.
what else
What Else?
  • There are many different types of jobs that Veterans can apply for that are not office focused jobs.
    • Manual Labor; River Boat Pilot/Deckhand; Mechanic, Engineer; Construction; etc.
  • The “Job Search” TAP does not prepare Veterans to apply for these other job markets.
  • Veterans in the class feel that they are pushed towards these jobs they do not want to apply for.
what can we do
What Can We Do?
  • By only focusing on a certain set of jobs, Veterans are not getting a personalized class that allows them to choose a career they want to pursue.
  • I suggest that another section is added to the TAP program.
  • This section would still be for “Job Search”, but would address the necessities for jobs that the original section does not.
  • This addition to TAP would require only the one extra teacher/facilitator. The resources that have been available for the previous classes would be the same needed for the addition.
  • The facilitator for the addition class would still teach how to write a resume and how to interview, but would instead provide key words and possible interview questions that would be found in the different types of jobs.
  • With the addition to TAP classes:
    • Veterans can feel that they have more choice in what career they will pursue after the military.
    • By splitting the “Job Search” curriculum each facilitator can give more individual attention to the Veterans in the classes.
    • When the Veteran chooses the section of “Job Search” they want they will know that the other students will have the same goals as them and will feel more comfortable asking questions.
    • The additional class does not require any further resources other than an extra facilitator.
thank you for your time
Thank You For Your Time
  • Are there any questions?!