Blood spatter patterns murder or self defense
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Blood Spatter Patterns Murder or Self Defense? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blood Spatter Patterns Murder or Self Defense?. Chris Schaefer, OMS II Priya Nileshwar , OMS I Nnaemeka Diribe , OMSI. Types of Patterns. High Velocity. Medium Velocity. Low Velocity. How can we find out where the blood came from?. Pattern Analysis.

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Blood spatter patterns murder or self defense

Blood Spatter PatternsMurder or Self Defense?

Chris Schaefer, OMS II

PriyaNileshwar, OMS I

NnaemekaDiribe, OMSI

Pattern analysis
Pattern Analysis

Select drops of blood with an easily identifiable shape

Measure length and width of droplet

Pattern analysis1
Pattern Analysis

Divide width by length

This gives you the sine of the angle at which the blood impacted the wall

Pattern analysis2
Pattern Analysis

Measure angle with protractor and attach a string next to the droplet at angle of impact

Where all the strings come together gives location of source of blood

Determining angle
Determining Angle

This will give you a decimal number

The actual formula (for those of you with a little bit of Trigonometry) is arcsin(number)=angle

Determining angle1
Determining Angle

We can just estimate with this table

.1 = 6 degree angle.2 = 11 degree angle.3 = 17 degree angle.4 = 24 degree angle.5 = 30 degree angle.6 = 37 degree angle.7 = 45 degree angle.8 = 53 degree angle.9 = 64 degree angle1 = 90 degree angle

Blood spatter patterns murder or self defense

How can we know if a killing was due to self defense or murder?


Stewie states that he was defending himself against Brian who was coming after him with a knife. Both of them were standing when this happened. Stewie says he struck Brian in the head while he was still standing.