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Corporate Recovery. General Motors. Clive’s Comments An Excellent presentation with good research. Interestingly presented. All gained from this. Well Done…. Magda Kruszewska Alex García- Mussons Nitai Anidjar. Index. History of GM Why General Motors went bankrupt

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General motors


General Motors

Magda kruszewska alex garc a mussons nitai anidjar

Clive’s Comments

An Excellent presentation with good research.

Interestingly presented.

All gained from this.

Well Done…

Magda KruszewskaAlex García-MussonsNitaiAnidjar

General motors


  • History of GM

  • WhyGeneral Motors wentbankrupt

  • Lessonslearnedfromthemistakes of General Motors

General motors

General Motors

  • Mission

  • Philosophy

  • Employees

  • Countries

  • Headquarter

  • CEO

  • Culture: diversity, inclusion, mutual respect, responsibility and understanding – welcomes fresh perspectives and varied experiences.

General motors
























History of general motors

History of General Motors

General motors


Creation: 1897-1909

Acceleration: 1910-1929

Emotion: 1930-1959

Revolution: 1960-1979

Globalization: 1980-1999

Innovation & Challenges: 2000-2008

Rebirth: 2009-Until today's General Motors

General motors

1. Creation: 1897 - 1909

  • The world’s love of automobiles started at the New York Auto Show in 1900.

  • General Motors was founded in 1908 by William “Billy” Durant

  • At its inception GM held only the Buick Motor Company.

  • In a matter of years would acquire more than 20 companies.

General motors

2. Acceleration: 1910-1929

  • New technologies inventions marked a new era of possibilities.

  • 1920s, General Motors set the way of production, design, and marketing innovation.

  • GM purchased Chevrolet, Cadillac and Opel in this period.

General motors

3. Emotion: 1930-1959

  • Hard times with Crisis after 20 happiness years and World War II, so uncertainty until finish war.

  • During the war GM supplied the Allies with more goods than any other company.

  • The return of peace brought a new optimism to consumers

General motors

4. Revolution: 1960-1979

  • The 60s and 70s were a time of new challenges and great change.

  • Increase of environmental concerns.

  • GM pioneered in engines with unleaded gasoline: the first in offer air bag and reduced emissions.

  • Foreign competition: Germany and Japan

General motors

5. Globalization: 1980 - 1999

  • GM began to operate as a single global company.

  • Expansion of production outside of North America in 1982.

  • Global growth thanks to the agreement with China.

  • The company benefitted from a truck boom.

General motors

6.Innovation & Challenges2000-2008

  • GM had built a strong presence in emerging markets.

  • Creation of Daewoo.

  • It was also a period of tremendous innovation at GM (electric vehicle technology).

  • In 2008,the global credit crisis made decrease sales and dried up private sources of capital. 

General motors

7. Rebirth: 2009 – Untiltoday’s

  • General Motors Corporation filed for bankruptcy on June 2009

  • Rebirth of the company (smaller than before) with the U.S. Treasury and Canadian governments.

  • Re-emerging at the new GM is the competitive spirit that, drove GM to leadership in all.

General motors

7. Rebirth: 2009 – Untiltoday’s

Why general motors went bankrupt

Why General Motors wentbankrupt

General motors



Bad financial policies


Very high labour costs


Rising competition from foreigner car makers


Failure to innovate


The collapse of the American economy & Freezing credit


Rising fuel prices

General motors

Bad financial policies

In 2006, liabilities have exceeded its assets at its balance sheet.

The financial situation started to get worse every year

General motors

Very high labour costs

Unmanageable proportion of the costs of contracts that provide lifetime benefits to the members.

Inability to keep the company afloat.

General motors

Rising competition from foreigner car makers

Toyota takes away part ot GM’s market share.

Toyota was able to built cars faster and at lower cost

Drop of sales

General motors

Failure to innovate

General Motors focused too much on finance and forgot about building better vehicles.Didn’t innovate

in quality and value

Competition beat them

General motors

The collapse of the American economy & Freezing of credit

No more confidence from banks to customers

Companies like GM found it almost impossible to raise funds or borrow from the market to keep going belly up.

General motors

Rising fuel prices

Oil prices rise

In 2008 gasoline prices doubled

Less consumers are prone to buy cars

General motors

Lessonslearnedfromthemistakes of General Motors

General motors

Laws and Government regulations

▪ Lobby for less regulations

▪ Always consider the cost of petrol to

the consumer(price petrol)

▪Environmental standards (Corporate

Average Fuel Economy -CAFÉ)

General motors

Companies should produce fuel-effective vehicles and focuson the needs and wants of said company’s customers

Customer Satisfaction

General motors

Cost disadvantage

Companies shoulddevelop more cost effective pensionand health careplans for retired former employees in order to reduce and maintain legacy cost

General motors

Companies should target a specific

market and produce goods that meet the needs of said market

Culture War

General motors

Unions must develop better

relationships with the company

and it’s management


General motors

Comparison of companies in the sector

General motors

Table shows the change in auto sales by manufacturer in terms of year-over-year sales for 2008 to 2009 and for 2007 to 2009