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General Motors

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Team Global Knights 2: Dylan Bashore, Shandra Blunck, Kristy Kochan, Amy Mullin. General Motors. History. Founded by William “Billy” Duran on September 16, 1908 Leading manufacturer of horse-drawn vehicles The Buick Motor Company was the first. 1910-1929.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Founded by William “Billy” Duran on September 16, 1908
  • Leading manufacturer of horse-drawn vehicles
  • The Buick Motor Company was the first
1910 1929
  • Opened up over a dozen new plants outside the U.S.
  • “a car for every purse and purpose”
  • The Cadillac LaSalle
1930 1959
  • Developed war supplies for allies
  • People wanted goods that had been out of reach for so long
  • Buick Roadmaster, the Chevrolet Corvette and BelAir, and the Cadillac El Dorado
1960 1979
  • Increased environmental concerns and increased gas prices
  • First production car that offered an air bag in 1973
  • Guidance and navigation system for Apollo 11
  • Lunar Roving Vehicle
1980 1999
  • Focused more on growth
  • Opened new complex in Zaragoza, Spain in 1982
  • Joint ventures with China and India
  • Added Saab and Hummer
2000 present
  • Hybrid cars and engines that use biofuels
  • The Precept, AUTOnomy, Hy-wire, Sequel, and Chevrolet Volt
  • Shell Hydrogen
  • The first hydrogen pump at a Shell gas station
industry conditions
Industry Conditions
  • General Motors Top Competitors
    • Chrysler
    • Ford Motors
    • Toyota
  • Retail Niche
    • Auto Manufacturing (primary)
    • Auto Parts Manufacturing
    • Financial Services
    • Telecommunications Services Cable & Satellite Services
  • Worsening Economy
    • Potential drop in auto sales
gm overview vs toyota
GM Overview vs. Toyota
  • GM employees: 266,000
    • Toyota employees: 299,934
  • Today both companies only hold about 13.5 % of the global market share in the automotive industry.
  • GM Total Rev (Sep 08 Quarterly): $37,941 mil
    • Toyota: $62,586 mil
  • GM Gross Profit: $3,020mil
    • Toyota: $8,531 mil
  • GM Net Profit Margin: -6.98%
    • Toyota: 1.66%
in global race g m wins by a day of pickup sales
“In Global Race, G.M. Wins by a Day of Pickup Sales”
  • In 2007, G.M. and Toyota essentially tied in sales when G.M. only sold approximately 3,000 more vehicles than Toyota.
  • This was despite industry leaders beliefs that Toyota would take over as the Number 1 auto dealer.
  • Despite the increase in sales, G.M. remains unprofitable in the U.S. and Toyota’s profits in the U.S. continue to rise.
in global race g m wins by a day of pickup sales1
“In Global Race, G.M. Wins by a Day of Pickup Sales”
  • G.M. is doing everything in it’s power to regain profitability in the U.S. and is willing to forego being the Number 1 auto dealer to do so.
  • G.M. profits in global aspects however on the rise.
saturn g m s defense
Saturn- G.M.’s Defense
  • Saturn was created as an “import fighter” in the G.M. lineup
  • It was introduced in 1990 and performed very well capturing 75% of sales from outside G.M.
  • Stopped performing well due to G.M. stopping continuing funding like it should have
saturn g m s defense1
Saturn- G.M.’s Defense
  • Now G.M. is pouring major funding back into Saturn to revamp its models and use it once again as it’s “import fighter” to help capture sales
  • It’s working as Saturn is getting onto more shopping lists of potential buyer’s and converting lookers into buyer’s like never before
possible new strategy according to research
Possible New Strategy According to Research
  • Consolidate line by eliminating single retailers like Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealers and transform them all into Chevy dealers selling the same full line of cars.
  • Only the strongest dealers would survive after this consolidation.
  • It would allow G.M. to offer a car for every “purpose” and “purse” under one roof like the brand was initially intended to do.
gm global sales
GM Global Sales
  • Sales are down in U.S.
  • Sales increasing in Emerging Markets
  • BEMs are High Context Cultures
    • Incipient and Latent
      • Asian Countries
    • Rational vs. Emotional
    • Standardization vs. Adaptation
  • Translation
gm promotions in u s
GM Promotions in U.S.
  • “Our Country, Our Truck”
    • John Cougar Mellencamp
    • Ethnocentric
gm promotions in india
GM Promotions in India

Chevy Spark

Chevy India Promotion

research objectives
Research Objectives
  • More Global Research
  • Focus on Researching Incipient and Latent Markets
    • China
    • High Context Cultures
    • Qualitative
      • Ex. Personal Interviews
  • Standardization vs. Adaptation
marketing implications
Marketing Implications
  • Develop product and promotional campaign for China
    • Polycentric
    • Product and Promotion Adaptation
  • Regio-centric Approach
    • Latin America, Africa and Middle East
    • Standardization within regions

1. Who founded GM on September 16, 1908?

  • Sangwon Lee
  • William “Billy” Duran
  • John Cougar Mellencamp
  • Henry Ford

2. What approach did GM implement when moving into India?

  • Polycentric
  • Regio-centric
  • Ethnocentric
  • Geo-centric

3. GM was the first to offer this feature in their cars in 1973. What was it?

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Air bag
  • Trunks

4. GM has been the automotive industry leader for the past several decades and will most likely be the top performing company for the 2008 fiscal year.

  • True
  • False

5. What country did GM receive the largest sales increase from?

  • Pakistan
  • Egypt
  • Germany
  • India