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Automotive Shop Safety Roger Bortignon

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Automotive Shop Safety Roger Bortignon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automotive Shop Safety Roger Bortignon. Shop Safety & You. BCIT Student BCIT & Roger dictate safety policy Tech Ed teacher think of your own safety as well as your students what will your approach to safety look like?. Personal Protective Equipment.

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shop safety you
Shop Safety & You
  • BCIT Student
    • BCIT & Roger dictate safety policy
  • Tech Ed teacher
    • think of your own safety as well as your students
    • what will your approach to safety look like?
personal protective equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
  • eye protectionmustbe worn in the shop at all times!
two types of eye protection you can use
Two types of eye protection you can use…
  • safety glasses: must be worn at all times
  • face shield
protecting your lungs
Protecting Your Lungs…

If you are replacing brake friction material or a clutch, you need to

wear aparticle mask…

Brake linings & clutch discs may containasbestos!

protecting your lungs1
Protecting Your Lungs

Exhaust “donuts” & some cylinder head

gaskets contain asbestos!

do s and don ts
Do’s and Don'ts
  • No open-toed shoes
  • CSA approved footwear only!
  • Remove any rings, watches, bracelets or long necklaces before working in the shop
  • Coveralls or a shop coat should be worn
exhaust gases
Exhaust Gases

Carbon Monoxide is…

  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • When we run a vehicle in our shop, we have to protect ourselves by using theexhaust retraction system
  • How do you turn it on?

(under tire rack)

air guns sockets
Air Guns & Sockets
  • When using the air gun, use theblack impact sockets…
  • Not the chrome sockets!
dangers under the hood
Dangers Under the Hood…
  • radiator fans (2 types)…
    • electric
    • belt driven
burn hazards
Burn Hazards!

The following items can cause burns to your hands or face…

  • radiator cap
    • coolant is >100°C
    • coolant is pressurized
    • don’t remove it unless it’s cold to the touch!
  • exhaust manifold
    • exhaust gases are >1000°C
  • catalytic converter
    • very hot
fire hazards
Fire Hazards

Flammable or combustible items…

  • fuel
  • oil/lubricants
  • cleaning solvent
  • WD40, paint etc.

must be stored in aflammable materials cabinet

not like this…

fuel vapors fires
Fuel Vapors & Fires
  • Anytime the fuel system is disconnected (fuel tank, carburetor, fuel pump, fuel injectors etc.),fuel vaporsare present

prevent fires by…

  • disconnecting the negative battery terminal
  • keep sparks away from the fuel vapors
  • watch those working around you
  • have a fire extinguisher nearby
other fire hazards
Other Fire Hazards…
  • Oily, greasy or fuel soaked items must be placed in the fire-proof rag container when you are finished using them!
tripping slipping hazards
Tripping & Slipping Hazards
  • sweep & mop shop floor as you work & at the end of the lab!
  • floor dry or Flubber Dust is to be used for large oil spills only
  • keep shop floor free of tripping hazards
    • storage of parts?
compressed air
Compressed Air
  • do notuse compressed air to clean off clothes & skin
    • at 4”, 40 PSI can rupture an eardrum, cause a brain hemorrhage or death
    • 12psi can pop an eyeball from its socket
    • 4psi in the mouth can rupture a lung or intestine
    • compressed air entering a small wound on the hand has been known to inflate the arm to the size of a grapefruit
    • air entering the belly button through a layer of clothing can rupture the intestines

Never look into the “business” end!

Never point it towards your body!

eye wash station
Eye Wash Station

Do your students know where it is & how to use it?

parking vehicles in automotive shops
Parking Vehicles in Automotive Shops
  • automatic transmission: in park
  • manual transmission: in neutral
moving vehicles in around the shop
Moving Vehicles in & Around the Shop
  • Who will move vehicles?
    • L?
    • N?
    • both?
    • neither?
  • Procedures for starting engines & moving cars in/around shop?
  • Lock-out procedures for cars with inoperative brakes, steering etc.?
  • grey binder in the autoshop office