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Population Pt.2

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Population Pt.2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AP Human Geography. Population Pt.2. Population Pyramids. What is a population pyramid? A bar graph that shows \% of population in different age groups in a country.

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population pyramids
Population Pyramids
  • What is a population pyramid?
  • A bar graph that shows % of population in different age groups in a country.
  • The shape of a country’s population pyramid can tell as a lot about a country, including it’s place in the Demographic Transition
thomas malthus
Thomas Malthus
  • Who was Thomas Malthus?
  • English Economist (1766-1834)
  • Argued that population was growing too fast…food supply would not keep up!
  • Starvation, war, chaos!
was malthus right
Was Malthus right?

Yea boi!

Hecky no!

Humans are able to adapt (possibilism) and create new sources of food

GMO’s, commercial farming

Larger population = more workers/ ideas (Ester Boserup)

We have the resources, but they aren’t equally shared (Marx/Engels)

  • Neo (new)- Malthusians
  • Rapid pop. growth in LDC’s (due to medicine and tech)puts a strain on these countries.
  • Population is outstripping a variety of resources, not just food
    • ie- oil, fresh water, arable land
lowering the nir
Lowering the NIR
  • How do we get NIR down?
  • Two options
    • 1. Lower Birth Rates
    • 2. Raise Death Rates
  • Let’s go with option #1, because nobody likes dying.
how do we lower birth rates
How do we lower birth rates?

Empower Women


Economic development/ education is a long term solution….what about the short term?

Distribute contraceptives widely and cheaply.

Less than 25% in SS Africa

Over 65% in Asia/LA

Some oppose birth control methods, primarily due to religious reasons.

  • More $$$ spent on education
  • Women attend school/ college
  • Become employed, work more, make fewer babies
  • Better education about reproductive health