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  1. Regions East of the Mississippi Regions West of the Mississippi Native American Houses Where did They Live? Potpourri 1pt 1 pt 1 pt 1pt 1 pt 2 pt 2 pt 2pt 2pt 2 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 4 pt 4 pt 4pt 4 pt 4pt 5pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt

  2. This is the region where you could find the oldest mountains in North America.

  3. What is the Appalachian Highlands?

  4. A region characterized by Low lying coastal areas along the Atlantic Ocean.

  5. What is the Coastal Plain

  6. Horseshoe shaped region containing lakes carved by glaciers, and some of oldest rock.

  7. What is the Canadian Shield?

  8. This region is characterized by low land and many rivers.

  9. What is the Interior Lowlands?

  10. This picture shows the eroded and weathered mountains of this region.

  11. What is the Appalachian Highlands?

  12. Death valley is found in this region.

  13. What is Basin and Range?

  14. This is a large area of relatively flat land that gradually increases in elevation towards the west.

  15. What is the Great Plains?

  16. The beaches of this region are very different from the beaches of the Coastal Plain.

  17. What is the Coastal Range?

  18. Lewis and Clark primarily explored the Great plains and this other region containing the continental divide.

  19. What is the Rocky Mountain Region?

  20. Two of the three regions that border The Great lakes.

  21. What are The Canadian Shield, the Interior Lowlands, and The Appalachian Highlands.

  22. These Native Americans lived in moveable houses called teepees.

  23. Who are the Sioux?

  24. Famous for large wooden buildings called longhouses and for carvings called totem poles, these native Americans excelled at using what nature provided to increase their ability to live.

  25. Who were the Kwakiutl?

  26. These Native Americans could not depend on wood because of the limited trees found in their climate and therefore were forced to use snow and ice for building homes.

  27. Who were the Inuit?

  28. These advanced native Americans adapted to living conditions by building multi-leveled or terraced homes.

  29. Who are the Pueblo?

  30. These Native Americans used the trees and materials that the forests provided them with to build longhouses, and wigwams.

  31. Who were the Iroquois?

  32. These Native Americans lived in the areas of present day Alaska and Northern Canada.

  33. Who were the Inuit?

  34. These Native Americans lived in the region of North America known as the great plains.

  35. Who were the Lakota

  36. These Native Americans lived in the areas of the United States that are now Arizona and New Mexico.

  37. Who were the Pueblo?

  38. These Native Americans occupied both the coastal plain and the Appalachian highlands.

  39. Who were the Iroquois?

  40. These Native Americans lived in the mild and rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest.

  41. Who were the Kwakiutl?

  42. This is the longest river in North America.

  43. What is the Mississippi?

  44. Herds of this wild Plains animal used to roam the United states from coast to coast. Now, wild herds are limited to Northern areas of the interior regions of North America.

  45. What are Buffalo or Bison

  46. Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior. Inland port cities grew along these.

  47. What are the Great Lakes?

  48. It is the gateway to the west.

  49. What is the Ohio River

  50. This “Big River” is the river that is the furthest south in the continental United States. Forms the border with the U.S. and Mexico.